I spy with my little eye... something that is Nazi

This is an account of My seven year old's visit to London, the day English Parliament insanely voted for Trident and more genocide.

I was at Parliament Square and at Downing Street on the day of that insane vote for trident.

My Maranda is clearly pictured by rikki sitting cross-legged and engrossed in what was happening as she was watching those amazing women in front of her, being cut out from their "Bin Trident" cement blocks. She's the little one in the pink.

She next came up to Downing street with Barbara Tucker and Steve Jago and Ant and another lovely woman, I don't know the name of, to hang out Tony the Terror's dirty laundry as re-created by the amazing Barbara Tucker... a very long line of red-bloodied painted baby grows and undershirts and bibs...makes quite a stark statement of genocide and its effects on the world's children. And they are spending 76 Billion pounds to whom from who to dump our depleted uranium nuclear waste on whose children?

Next she witnessed Ant being drug off by his damaged arm, (he has more metal in that cast than the six million dollarman) along with Babs and Jago being drug off from 'their' side of the road, directly in front of the Houses of Parliament gates, on the island. I would not risk them arresting Maranda which they clearly would of. The police brutality made her cry. We very, very, very slowly walked away with a bunch of thugs that kept stepping on my heals.

They would do this to a mother and child?

They would do that in front of my child?

I am so angry I could spit nails!

These were all very large coppers. No little Hitlers to be seen... just plenty of rather large yellow backed Met police who enjoyed acting like the Nazi hooligans they are. Unfit for purpose comes to mind.

Next, in the evening, as a chosen part of Brian Haw's campaign, she saw the police physically force Brian's supporters, of which all Met police know him to be allowed 19, on and attemptto remove them from the square.

And one sad huge pathetic piece of shite laid his hands on my daughter?

Trying to move her on like the cattle they were treating everyone as? WTF? I don't f*cking think so. I am her mother and they crossed the line, in my very presence.

At that point I took the megaphone and cried out "The Met are muppets and puppets of Tony's police state!"

Many of them verbally acknowledged this statement and bragged that they were also getting paid double time to be said muppets.

"Yes I'm a paid puppet."

How many of them danced as puppets on a string as they were driving away in their vans by the dozen - literally? several stood up in moving vans, no seatbelts on, prancing around like the puppet idiots they acknowledge they are???

I think the world is pretty much fed up with Tony and his mates.

I think the English are just about ready to demand an arrest warrant from Her Majesty.

I think it's time for Elizabeth II to put her mouth where her money is... she is either for the people and will arrest that war criminal or she is with the state and is by her own inaction, guilty of treason to the English nation and the world's children.

Can we please start a petition across England to petition the Queen to issue a bench warrant and arrest Tony Blair for war crimes against humanity?

We can all sign that form. Some of us might feel inspired enoughto attempt to hand deliver said petition as I believe it would be a great offence to interfere with the deliverance of any petition to the Queen, according to English law. I would enjoin all countries belonging to the commonwealth to sign or write said petition.

People could start circulating a public petition form or write their own respectful letter, properly addressed, by recorded delivery, so as a response will be given.

I seriously believe it is time to petition the Queen for Tony's arrest.

Any further comments or ideas?

Charity Sweet XXX

e-mail:: charitysweet@hotmail.co.uk

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