time for a spear therw ameria --steven sea guall the destoryer is at stanford

there is a destroyer at stanford-keys that start it brad pit helen of troy sin bad come out sid bad--pre asteriods era video games suff the laptops become sheilds leave isotoeping images of enemys in feild------------------------------------yeild to the god war hsips the bugsss---------attila

there are no d-day plans anywere-----summit your own code name it yeaaaaaaaaaaa day--------------------------------------------------opertions dragons flies--rotation of a satilight is perputal motoin measured in time one hooked up like hoover dam enough energy for conquest of space--------------------------------------road shows mankindaway out of forset--they come from mexico they are swimming in pestisides they will move the road------------------long pipe sf new yourk fill mouth of pipe water use rain tarp-----------yellow brick------------------------fill mouthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh of pipe water use rain tarp-------------move the corn out on hte road no pestiside math---------------------------------------------------------rainbow bridge closed trjectory predtour of war to open--------------------------------------------sunlight therew water creates rainbow land based child thor thundar is war hemdal some guy on ship-------------------------------------------------------

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