Barbara's Journey Toward Justice Blogger Meets Authors Dennis Fritz and Edward Winterhalder Book Expo NYC 2007


Jim Riordan, Author Edward Winterhalde and Author Dennis Fritz
Jim Riordan, Author Edward Winterhalde and Author Dennis Fritz

After reading "Journey Toward Justice" by Dennis Fritz, I decided to join his Journey. To bring Public awareness of issues. Such as : Wrongful Convictions - Death Penalty - The Exonerated - Faith - The Criminal Justice System and The Innocence Project

Jan.,2007,I read Dennis Fritz's book "Journey Toward Justice". I was so influenced by this book, I started my first blog, - titled, "Barbara's Journey Toward Justice". I decided to join Dennis Fritz's Journey to bring public awareness to issues such as:
Wrongful Convictions - Death Penalty - The Exonerated - Faith - The Criminal Justice System and The Innocence Project.

In the past 6 months I have received hundreds of emails from people all over the world. Last month I received an email from James Riordan - Seven Locks Press the Publisher of Dennis Fritz's Book. Mr. Riordan invited me to the Book Expo 2007 NYC Jacob Javits Center. I answered his email saying, yes, in a few days he sent me tickets. I must say, I was very excited to get to meet and talk with Dennis Fritz. I will post more about the show and my meeting Dennis Fritz at a later date. I had a wonderful time, Dennis Fritz is an amazing gentleman with some great stories. There is just so much to write about. I will be posting some stories and more photos.

I want to take this time to tell you about Edward Winterhalder and his book, "Out In Bad Standings".

Edward Winterhalder, author of the current best selling biker book ,"Out In Bad Standings" (distributed by American Publisher Seven Locks Press and published by Blockhead City Press) and co-executive producer of a new, nonfiction TV reality series about motorcycle clubs called "Living On The Edge". Edward Winterhalder is now represented by APA, which is one of the largest, and oldest, talent agencies in the country.

"Out In Bad Standings" is distributed by Seven Locks Press, the same Publisher as Dennis Fritz's Book ,"Journey Toward Justice". Ed and Dennis were at the same booth signing books. I really don't know who's line was the longest. I do know people from all walks of life found both men interesting and fascinating, including myself. I am amazed with the hard stories they have to tell. They are both gentleman - intelligent, great authors and are now contributing to the world in an extremely positive way.

From the Publisher
An expose of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the memoirs of Edward "Connecticut Ed" Winterhalder. This 448 page 6' x 9" hard cover book contains more than 150 color photographs and sports a dynamic dust cover jacket. Detailing the establishment and growth of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in Canada, Europe and Oklahoma, this historical look into the outlaw motorcycle club world is a must read for every Harley rider on the planet.

From The Critics
International Journal of Motorcycle Studies As a source of information about outlaw clubs, Out in Bad Standings also provides a wealth of knowledge about the organization and its dealings and politics with the outlaw world through the eyes of a well-placed ex-member. Winterhalder does not write in the traditional manner that is associated with subjects of this importance, but if one can get through the intricate first-person accounts, Out in Bad Standings is a good primary source. The book will contribute to our knowledge of the Bandidos and help fill in gaps in our knowledge of outlaw culture in general.

More About Edward Winterhalder
In the spring of 2008, Toronto publisher ECW Press will release a new book Edward Winterhalder has co-authored with famed Canadian motorcycle journalist Wil DeClercq, called "The Assimilation", which is about the assimilation of the Rock Machine into the Bandidos which he was responsible for.

"The Mammoth Book of Bikers" (September 2007) The worldwide advertising campaign for Australian motorcycle club expert Arthur Veno's "The Mammoth Book Of Bikers" has started, and the book is available all over the world. Edward Winterhalder is featured, for "The Mammoth Book of Bikers" contains 19 pages from "Out In Bad Standings" reprinted with his permission, as well as an overview of his situation since he left the Bandidos. "The Mammoth Book of Bikers" is the 150th book in the Mammoth series, and will be carried, in stock, in every Walmart store in the world.



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