Mr. Heimrath is a Cruel Father

I have ask some people in the town called Infanta they are dissapointed to this old man because instead he was the one to work for his family, his 2 children doing it for him... is it really fair?

In Town called Infanta, Quezon, there are strangers come out from somewhere
in Rizal, It was stated in their flyers given away to the people of Infanta.
At first they got the symphaty of the people because of their backround its because of the tragedy they had experienced. But later on people of this town found out that this old man who was the father of these two kids begging for food & etc. in the streets are not invalid & have a big huge body, so he must be the one to work for them right instead these 2 kids?

So, they accused the Captains & Mun. Mayor lots of things like they are unfair they are treted like animals which is really untrue. They are the one
who help them out when they in need. He had no right to refuse beacause all
the acusation for him is true, it is a child labor. that why DSWD has the right to get his children to give them right treatment & education , & one thing why he's not sending these children in school? well i'm leaving this to you... it's just based on my perception & i have ask some people from this town specially the business man,vendors & employee who had witness this matter.

Open your eyes before helping people .....

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Mr.Heimrath is a cruel father

The Fam.Heimrath 18.Jun.2007 04:01

With interest we take note of the news item as a matter of