Chapter Seven (8th)

I am not sure what to write to you.

What with the G8 and shifts in my 'work' I feel, at least, that Chapter Zero is at an end. It is an okay ride. Few chapters shy of my loose goal I set for ten chapters. Who knows, though. My writing has split between writing the chapters and gearing towards something new. You would think I would be tired about writing so much on tech subject for so many years now...

The awe of war is practically dead now, really for the first time since the start of staged conflicts between Kosovo and Baghdad. Crisis in Africa have not changed. It is still a lot of talk. Liberal strategy has shifted to matters of green (not money, BTW (?)). So we are sort of in that part of the phase loop when we are shown the latitude in culture of that Americanism.

Experience dictates many things now. I know that I will respond to events in culture to transpire over the coming weeks. But I would say the overall experience is in my own community, what I read Shiva calls, think global act global (likely a play on the student adage, glocal - think global act local). My very small town community, set in a fairly rural region, recently went wi-fi. This means that capitalism and community are united under a front of providing wireless access to computers in a central location. Banners are up, there is a icon to be found, indicating where one might go to give you money for this thing (I think I differ with many in that I do not see any so "capital" here as much as the equivalent of passing the basket during religion service for donations).

Honestly I do not know what this means, a bit of a matter of keeping the blinders on. I want to know, I just know to wait. Wait out the next couple of months...

The Depersonalization Of Teh Desktop Computer

The issue of frame rates came up again for me. Basically what happened is that I used the same software on the same computer, only from different operating systems, you see. So I use the native video codec, which is just a superiour plan to work from. Problem is, if I do not monitor changes in the software from clip to clip, or test thouroughly, the programming bungles production. It is, really, my own fault. But the solution is very tedious in terms of jumping thru hoops while trying to put together a clip. Chalk one up in favour of the proprietary multicorporate personal computer against zero for little ole me.

370611 2011
Just speak truth.

Economy is the mushroom clouds.

Planning around an ethic of not thinking is what advertising really is all about.

As seems par for the course here I have been writing to one chapter per week, but that my writing and creativity is affected by events as they unfold. Suffice to write, the meeting of the global government recently took place.

And so I feel an exit strategy for Chapter Zero here. My plan was to see if I could go for ten chapters, with option for seven or so. So I seem to be on my last chapter. Already, five days in and I am just filling a screen full of text. Far from being a full chapter. Also, a new direction unfold as I have logged my second in two parts of my examination of this new technology, the VMCR. All in all, everything seems pretty by the book.

I wonder about what would happen if folks actually found that computers are not the answer. I think a great deal about history, about how history is not thunk'd about. When the new computers came out over a decade ago, many friends, who should have known better, raggled me about these aMaZiNg things you could turn on and gave you access to a colourful computer and email. As though the Web was just icing on the cake. True as it was, it was just cosmetics. The Windows Operating System remains ever as dysfunctional (as an Operating System, not as a part of sOmEtHiNg ElSe) as then. The only big diff is that it is not acceptable to point this out.

This does not give me comfort in people on the ground where I live.

Of course, it was about the Web. Of course, everything I said then was proven right. Of course it does not matter that I was correct in all of my assertions against the status quo then anymore than in means a nanogram of anything today, whether for rep or to any representing. The politics of this situation has been again replaced with egotism.

So now it is so amazing that we have cells that handle email. For myself, to the shagrin of those same, new individuals in my life ATM, I am a fruitcake to suggest that it is a strange obsession that you would be so amazed by a technology that is serviced to give you all of your email spam and telemarketing in one device. That never leaves your side, none-the-less. I do not actually live in the future, but I can guess that the future is looking back and laughing at this hubris.

What was the big deal about a colourful Mac-like OS (that is how I phrased it then, and met nobody who understood this - not that they could not) when it was bogged down in a truncated view of the definition of, software? None. It was practicably useless with the Web. Conclusion: it was all about the Web.

Conclusion: it was all about whatever was >>>!NOT!<<< popular/assumed.

Thus, cell phones are not about cells. So WTF are they about, then, meester writer of los Chapter Zero?! Hmm?

I look about at my people and see they have a hand in the situation. My hand has been in the thick of it for long enough. When the bombs fell on Baghdad, I showwed my community a simple little pack on my belt. They found it was but a digital camera. That was a half decade ago, they have since followed. They saw me emerge with another, my UMPC. Years later, it was an eMPty3 player straped around my neck. Now, it is not me, my financial resources long since passed being drained as I head into debt status for the first time in a nearly a decade. They have the upper hand. And I do not want any part of it.

Sorry, but I do not want your mechanized communication. My personal friend right now is someone who reads books and does not watch TV and does not yap on phones and does not entertain movies glorifying this or that and does not read news endlessly to find out what is already known along with the latest deaths and does not use computers and email and the Web and does not have a cell phone. I am led to believe that this person must be a Neanderthal of some sort. So fuck you all. Shove your fucking cell phones up your fucking assholes. And while you are at it, take your fucking email with you.

I came across an interesting factoid about email. Well, of course, it was critical of email, so it was actually, therefuckingfore, about something else (godammit I am sick of ten years of this shit). It was what seemed to be a fairly accurate report about media and news and how folks are getting it. This at a time of corporate mergers, meaning we are leaving the amputation epoch of recent megalayoffs (I assert a reaction to the collapse of the dotcom plan (aka the privitisation of the Internet, thank you Oval Office)).

The jist of it was that news is going in the direction of this and that and newspapers need to suck more blood out of more independent locals to survive (WeverTF that version of teh word, survival, refers to...). But then they let something slip. They state that most PPL who use computers actually get their news... FROM GODDAM SONOFABITCHING MOTHERFUCKING E-MAIL!!!

Now, you reading this now might not catch this subtlety (which is not subtle, you brainwashed freak!). So I will spell it out plainly. Our news is a part of a system of propaganda. I enjoy stating this factually less because I beleive it, for I am not a fan of the concept of propaganda. I think it is the domain of socialists and the State. But I do understand it. Even my enemies know that the News is a part of this system. What this means is that YOU, lowly little ole email user, are a part of the system by your use of email. You innocent little happenstance of sharing items with others - which occurs privately - according to what YOU think is important factoid, to what YOU think is important item, has contributed to the deterioration of all the falls into the propaganda system. That is not because you are stupid, but because you are EDUCATED. The privilege of literacy has blinded you to the factoid that computers, desktop IN PARTICULAR, are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to co-exist with your habits of writing.

It is the private nature of email - which is individualistic even if and when it is mass distributed (you know, like when you send a email to more than one human???) - that has confounded the situation. Those in distress who use the Internet to get their message out do not do so via email. Individualism would be no different than making a fucking telephone call. No, it is the free publishing quality of the Internet that does this. And when Indymedia is gone, and all is accomplished via registration (a DOCTRINE of using the Internet), this democracy will leave the Internet.

Were we see this is with, what I believe is referred to as, white papering. It is a matter of registering software for use on each system, theorectically truncating the whole issue with synthetic viruses and such. But computers are not the problem here, the Internet is.

What makes cell phones so snafu is that they can get the Internet on them. So what? So they could not before, BFD (Big Fucking Deal). I did not have to buy water in bottles for a buck a piece from a machine before either. This is a good thing because I did not do it before? Fucking technocracratic system.

The Mobile of mobility is not the Internet. The Mobile of mobility is being mobile. What the Internet provides for this situation are options. The same sort of type of option that seperated desktop computers a decade ago from relying on other media machinery, like the one way street television, or the music machinery of culture corrupted by more Anglo faux sensibility and counter-ethics. You could use a desktop like a tape recorder, use one (theoretically) like a TV or VCR. You could use one to make your own CD's, instead of playing the pretend Hollywood game of forced conformity to the phonograph for purposes of copyright. And so I can have a device in my pocket - I do - that I can play movie downloads on. I can download (that is the Internet part, and it is secondary) talk shows to a music player - and, I am forced to point out through the haze of mass ignorance, actually press Play and listen to it, sans Restriction. I can decide which to download, which to install, which to play. I do not need a satelite mobile device this hardware unit, or any other device for that matter because my sheik, nouveau unit can be any device I so choose. The Unit is the Device, it need no longer conform. That is what is new, not all of this retardation concerning the getting of the Internet on some asinign system of conformity, promulgated propagandistically by adjoining (capitalist) society.

You do not need me to point these matters out. You just need to stop. You then have two choices: think or act. Which choice you make then determines the fait accomplis of you technological derivation of future actions and thoughts. If your decision is wrong, and you are not remaining self-critical (which human society drums out of you being so that human society can exist) then you are, thus, only one thing. You are corrupted. Corrupted by your own sensibilities, by your own ignorance. By a mass or a time or a trend or lifestyle. It makes little difference, although the conjecture of famous writers and thinkers and entertainers alike who are also caught up in the nexus will play on your corruptability with fanfare in book deals, TV interview, video downloads, popularity in the mechanized media, and written into, ultimate of ultimates, mass history - the myth of our time.

And there is no one gram of truth in any of it. And, again, you hardly need take a single word of it from myself.

Sigh, and so I come to the matter of creative depression. I do not know why I care to write about it. I suppose I just find that by organizing my thoughts as I go through creative processes has demonstrated to me other ways of determining these deceptions and self-delusion in myself. Why should one trust oneself with this kind of thing in our lives? Why, indeed. But then, which is the strategy to choose. Again, it is thought or action, you must choose which and when.

The conclusions that I come back to have had surprising, shoking, really, patterns. Thinking, when I stop and decide to plan through a matter, is often the problem. But action become exemplified through inaction means that the problem is in some kind of greater strategy. It is like asking more of, "what has led me here?," than simply regurgitating facts from thoughts or replaying patterns of design in physical discipline. It is neither academic nor militaristic. But I guess what I am saying is that it is painted by militarism by default. That is due to the simple fact that society, with this blinding consistency I have observed, paints all as a matter of, wrongly, "just think it all through."

It comes, then, down to wisdom. And were wisdom meets action I think I likely were I am to find myself - were you might even find me, one day.

Oh yeah. That whole matter of white papering software into the registration rubric of the digital era falls into what I have referred to for some time in my writing as the complete lockdown of the Internet.

Nuff writ.

Chapter Zero is finished at this point. I guess it is up to me to determine whether or not to publish the chapter before this one that I am writing in at present. But I do wonder what is next. I have written at length this year on the subject of technology, much to the deviation of politics.

Shit, I just cannot help but consider this matter of economy and the mushroom clouds. How prominent would globalisation really be without the Bomb, hey? Oh, but it is such a pEaCeFuL conquering of the world through this American free market capitalismo, aint it not? Fuck.

I think about a few nights ago when I was actually watching a movie, of all things, and I just thought, "I should download the torrent of the day." Well, dear reader, would you not know it that by what would have been three shakes of a stick made out of a lambs tail (something I thought of on a walk afterwards) in the time it takes to view a nice catchy million buck advertisement I had booted the computer, gotten on the Web, gotten myself to the torrent file, loaded it into my torrent client, and had connected to others on the Internet for downloading? That sort of thing does not happen in this Universe by the chance of some sort of "pirate", friends. It just does not happen that way in reality. I must tell you, it un-nerved me so much, I could barely sacrifice my mind to the Hollywood dribble I was watching. And can you fucking believe that too!? Sheesus crimi-fucking-ny.

A little advice? Push you activities hard into those areas were you see yourself going in the coming years and get your grips on the software that you are going to need then. Prepare for the future in this way and take nothing of your Internet activities for granted.

This has been the 3D1on advice collumn. Thank you for your time, and will you not please have a nice, fucking day.

Be a good time to predict when the Simpsons Movie will be available as a torrent DL.

So if folks been supporting the News Myth with societal email, what then of wi-fi? Can I really divine this as I did with that? Yes, I can. (-:

370614 2158
The Return To Palestinian Reality: The Imaginary State Divided Into Two Catonesque Open Air Prisons By The Singlular Geostate Of Israel.

Why is liberalism never discussed regarding the Middle East? Why are we perpetually led to believe it is just a religious matter of Jews V. Arabs with Christians gloating from behind a protective American wall. All of the 'signs' of civil war cannot be extinct from notions of Americanization of the region under an authority rule like America, of a Republican Democracy.

The intellectual class chooses to pose itself as apologist to the Palestinian cause based on ground of a cynical morality. Yet somehow the most vital political discussion of Western Civilization over two centuries evaporates. That is because Arab states are not very liberalized. But it is also because democracy does exist in one place, apparently, in the Middle East (the synonymous term for the Arabic Pennisula - and Iran and Turkey and Egypt). That is the uber state zionist theocratic colonial nuclear power of the State of Israel. Not a religious kingdom of Ancient Israel, precursor to Greco Republicanism and the Citystate, but a liberal democracy with leader, supreme court, and a meeting place for the representative society of the electoral process of mass social order. So Israel is a bad, but it is a democracy. How is this even intellectual on the level of thought is beyond me. How are we supposed to even think, let alone consider thinking of the situation?

We are not.

We are supposed to act on the situation. We act out by voicing opinion from our own similar positions. Either we are an Israeli-like member of a imperialistic democracy and republic or perhaps monarchy using the media in a (hourly) attempt to legitimize our position and bolster a superiour conservative militaristic element or we are Palestinian-like, somehow battling some cross-myth of Israel-as-Goliath, challenging overpowering presense with metaphorical sling and rock, thus demonstrating not the need for legitimacy but the consternation of re-enforcing the kinds of myths that have been creating so many wars, now in an all out industrial and informational phase, particularly with the Holocaust. And since we all (somehow) know that World War made State Zionism a neccessity for the survival of a people, that, like the Western Intellect and their Israeli Democracy, is basically okay by default.

Imagine criticizing organized religion during the Crusades and I think you can see were the problem really lies. It is in misperceptions, slights of hand. An Israel of Ancient equated with an Israel nothing to do with Ancient. King David being a jew does not legitimize the existance of Israel. He may have even demonstrated his own lack of faith in the continuation of the process that began with uniting the tribes. But the tribes remain still too obsessed with Moses and his books to see were the problem really lies.

If I were to have listed each point on the televised news this evening from this Western Civilization I could as easily agree with each point as Israeli-like as refute each point with Palestinian accuracy. Both are wrong, both are write. And neither address were the problem really lies. So turn to the non-Israel-Palestine, to be referred within this intellectual tunnel minded version of reality as the rest of the world - the non-Zionist goyim to these particular version of Israeli, I guess. Why should the Isreali not be correct in asserting that the rest of the (outside) world does not understand the Zionist position? After all, criticize Israel to the Western Intellect, criticize democracy. That is only shameful. As the Palestinian-likes criticize the use of economic sanctions on lesser state populations, how is it any less when sanctions against the zionists inflate this problem by simple confounding interest in it? And suddenly I am now an apologist for the zion! It is just unbelievably anti-intellectual to the point of ignorance beyond the pale. I cannot think of the word to describe this snafu fubar mind of these leftist critics and dissidents in the West except to write that their viewpoint and analysis on the situation with Palestinian land is mental retarded. Maybe it is, and I know that this is almost illegal to bring up in society here, but maybe it really comes down to a lack of emphasis on breeding. Maybe the Left of the West really is just not mentally fit. I mean, is this really impossible? Are we so vane - so full of our hubris that when we look away from the writing on the wall - spray painted or laid out nice by workbees of the bureaucracy - that we just assume that because we can rub a couple neurons together we must be right about something? What if we are just wrong about anything because we are corrupted by our own inability to possess mental intelligence anymore? What if psychology sciences are teh study of how we can legitimize our self-deception. I think that the West is on a very dangerous path if it believes that it can just think itself out of this box with yet more classical liberal thinking leading to social liberal inaction and a few humane liberal leaders to stamp "Apartheit" on Palestinian-Israeli foreheads as a sign of approval. We should act. But we should stop paying respect to academics. If we want to go further, we should just stop respecting post-secondary educational institutions. I do not mean this in the sense of reforming or abandonment but in the sense of if their shit stinks as bad as it does, do not give them the steam off of yours even once. Fuck em, IOW. Fuck em all to fucking hell. And they can take all of their motherfucking books on teh subject with them as they are sure to not let the door hit them on the way out. Who needs them? And just why do you need them, dear??? Because of government?

Which must bring me to the subject of anarchism. But since I have my own obfuscations going on here to serve my personal survival, I will not get into that here. Thank you very much, and yes, I know it does not really matter anyways. Good riddance to you too. Nope, no burning bridges. I am in the same stop I have been before I found all of these opinionated selves. But I do not need to afford them my patience if I do not feel like it. And they spent mine before I even entered the building, if you know what I mean (I mean that I would not share a building with them if they paid me - if you know what I mean (by which I mean to state that I do not follow money)).

Society makes it simple. I am doing nothing.

And look at what they have done for Palestinian land owners.

If you want to know how the West and its intellects and educated class really view the Palentinian People, I will tell you with reservation or hyperbole that the Palestinians are "crazed Indians". They are indigenous, and so a force to be reckoned with - like a relative outside of your immediate family that does not live in your home. But they are basically mentally ill.

Do the owners and proprietors of mental institutions sit down with patients and with any seriousness try and reach a settlement. What fantasy!!! So, then, my dear human with mind of your own, why on Earth would you read the press and search for opinion on the subject? You fool. You blimey fool. You know so much about the situation, just like Web operators who "know" - because they search for it on a wikipedia or somesuch. Just fuck off with this BS. Just fuck off with it.

370614 2343
Standing here doing my wash reflecting (already) on Chapter Zero and I think back to all those hours and hours and hours and hours of audio talk I did up on indymedia radio and I am seeing things are seriously coming to a head. I am not paying much attention to music or movies, press or news. But I am listening to a lot of Internet talk recordings, most of which are only a day or more old. I am of a compositional standing going into three years were for the first time ever I am completely focused on vocal work. My visual art has climaxed last fall in my first production, afters years as an animator and minor video producer of art, in intgrating audio into moving picture. Everything is pointing to audio.

And now, my mind is reaching this phase. I am confounded by this detail of divining what others are doing with their cell phones. I mean, how much can you revolve around how important your feelings are at every passing moment to you cell chums before you are spinning wheels big time? Moreover, what positivity can be accomplished with such activity?

This is what I am thinking. And the answer may be of strategic significance.

Hey. So now I am mixxing my new jar of non-hydro peanut butter and I am thinking a major local event is transpiring here too. My community is about to get its first radio station. I am sure that it will, maybe not off the bat - but soon enough to be sure - be pushing more corporate dribble. But trite aside, there is always the possibility for some space to work with. Space, as in, air time.

Still, back to spoken word. Quite the pattern emerging. So let us look at the spoken word.

Of course there is also the big satelite radio merger going through with the bureaucratic stamp of approval.

We are coming out of this long, extended party with the written word. But there is something innocuous about the written word. Something utterly non-confrontational. Not that being confrontational is somehow an automatically good thing. But there might be something here to add to the mix. That is, defining the spoken word but what it is not.

The difficulty, though, of utility in written word - using it to communicate - is uniquely characterized by certain difficulty. In steps the Internet and the World Wide Web, WWW. The environment is created, and must be ratcheted up until it gets to the point that we see today were the Web is effectively a prevaricator of the culture of the written word. We can more readily see this as conformity to the Anglo norm. But there is also a constituent to reality found in the nature of written form itself too. And it is also unmistakeable with WWW.

I once posed in one of my computer collages that democracy can be characteristically represented with the microphone. The microphone is like the Internet. We must maintain its presense with the same vigilence.

One should not escape the fact that the most anticipated mobile device in recent time is about to be unleashed to a public. I would predict a landfall of sales in the first few days as shelves are emptied as soon as is humanly possible of the items. But past all of the hype and the (arrogantly) flaunted specs is the single reality. It is ultimately a cell phone.

It really comes back to the spoken word. No, really. It does.

I suppose that if I were to interject some of my own patent patented experience it is that a better path may be found outside of language entirely. But... that is just me pushing these Latin keys...

370615 1028
I think I will be more aggressive with constructing simple solution to a mobility dilemma. It goes like this. I need a space that is not potentially near splashing water or cups and mugs filled with drink. I need a space that is elevated from prying cat paws, a challenge in areas of desktop computing too that I have been delaying some work on. I need a space that is close to a good AC power outlet for recharging. And it really needs to be convenient, away from radiation, like direct sunlight, electromagnetism, and the other.

The other in all of this is that matter of static electricity. For example, I am finding a hesitation with handling my mem cards in making contact with the wide surface and my finger digits. I am bending my arms to pull and push the cards by holding the thin sides of the cards or the back to avoid a wide contact. Back when I did some work on my only computer up until the past year, my digital musical keyboard instrument device unit (I remain so happy today that it does not need a brick AC adpater! The engineer behind the Yamaha DX7 remains absolutely genius in my mind).

Bascially what I did was I took this velcrow watchband (I never wear time pieces - only my UMPC (PDA) has put a timepiece on my person) and wrapped some strands of copper wire between the toothy and the soft velcrow layers. I cut a few centimetres out of one underlayer, allowing contact between the copper and my skin. The cable I connected to a ground.

Example number three is my archive shelf. The bottom shelf of my homemade shelf has black doors on it with aluminum foil glue across the interior surface. I connect strand cable by fan out the strands a half foot or so out, taping it to the surface of the aluminum plate. This cable I loosely connected to a (grounded, I check for the open copper wire in the box) AC outlet, taking the cover off. Carefully, of course. In this way, I was more confortable with moving guitar amp speakers about and contending with static electricity as I contained dozens of magnetic media tapes and floppy disks with my original work store.

Example three comes to mind when I was setting up to do my new thang, overdubbing audio on my video clips - which I really, really enjoyed doing A LOT. Well, I am still I little, itsy, bitsy, teeny wee bit analog in my studio. I guess it is viva la analog resistance, or something. So I connect my microphone, a durable, inexpensive Shure (Dixon made a equally good one in the same under 100 dollar price range years ago) to my ghettoblaster, which I use basically as a preamp.

Back in the days of analog vaudeville, ghettoblasters and component system tape decks came with these fictional things called "microphone inputs" - female ports to connect a mic to the unit and record from the mic. Those were weird days, to be sure. So I hook the output jacks from the tape deck on my ghettoblaster to the (ahem, analog) soundcard input port (line) on the desktop computer. A common difficulty came up. That is, desktops require a lot of individual power sources and individual connectivity. So I do not always have open AC outlet female ports to plug into so I can consume electrical power. Um, okay, so this is not really the problem here as much as the fact that the ghettoblaster is on the other side of the room of my desktop, each plugged into seperate outlets.

The rule of thumb is: never plug electronic component or units into one another for informational transfer unless they are first plugged into the same power outlet. I even prefer to keep a cleaner potential signal by plugging stuff that is plugged into each other into a single powerbar. Anyways, the result of not following this rule of thumb in audio is the creation of a characteristic audible low hum over the signal. Very irritating, tainting the overall sound production. My first solution, which worked fanstasiticaly, was to quickly grab a spare length of speaker wire and hook one end up into a loop and hang it from the microphone in its boom in such a way that it made contact with the outer (ground) metal of the cable where it connects to the microphone unit itself and the loosely connect other end of the speaker wire to the bottom back of the desktop case, away from any computer circuitry or power supply, which is well grounded.

All in all, these three examples are forms of shielding. All us ground. All are extremely effective. All are very simple. But it is kind of a pain, and it means there might be a loose little cable stung about. Because it is just a ground, it is not only harmless (as with the homemade wristband anti-static shield), it is even handy. The biggest enemy of computing, as I used to try to instill in others, is a comprehension of electromagnetic proximity. But with the opponent of static electricity damaging things like (ahem, solid state) mem cards, your biggest enemy is your own bodily self. That is, your hands are the number one source of static electricity.

As a general rule of thumb here, find, and make sure you check this - sometimes power outlets when they are installed, particularly to save money upon installation, they are not grounded (legally, a AC power box - the metallic box that you connects the plug to the frame of the wall - must be grounded with an open copper wire), have a surface at hand that is reliably ground that you can put your digits and palms to so as to reduce static charge. Realize, too, that although a true ground (officially I believe is a six foot rod of conductive metal inserted into the ground - below any frost layer in the soil where the soil freezes in winter (water is a conductor), this is imperative with things like lightning rods on barns to reduce the risk of catestrophic fire) is also a part of many electrical circuits.

The long and the short is that you do not want electrical devices, like mobility, automatically contacting ground plates and wires. Simply, ground may be electrically "neutral", unlike the consuming positive and negative leads of AC power. But ground is still a part of a electrical power circuit. Personally, I find that the theory of modulation is the single most effective theory useful in technology over the past couple of centuries of invention. But ground and ground theory I find the most fascinating and under-rated theory. Its practical use is awesome. But it is not "power".

I have even connected ground wire to my guitar to experiment with use of neutral power. I do not recommend this sort of thing, but the examples I lay out here are okay if you follow sound practical setup and use. If an animal or child touches the ground, per chance, it is very highly unlikely to harm them. More harm might come from turning on a portable light or other circuit, where mishandling wiring connectivity can create a greater likelihood of fatal conditions. Grounding is neutral: it has zero charge.

I envision a sort of shelf or bowl in which to place mobile devices, situated in the middle of a wall - in place of putting up a wall hanging or painting.

Another thing in this direction has been to find a pocket that would be weather resistant and could hang from a laniard. Of course, I originally envisioned a holster that would option for placing mobile devices either over the breast or on top of the shoulder (ideal for one-handed voice input operating). But the laniard thing has become popular. Although they are more common for holding items like ID card and convention cards or door keys, buying a good cloth laniard gives you a wide strap to sit confortably from around the neck and a couple of good clamps - mine has one clamp for lighter stuff which hangs from a bit of a jewel piece and a more durable, strong connection key ring. Of course, the thing with buying a laniard seperately from, say, your music player device unit is that you can get shmoozy design on the wide lace strap...

Have found no such pocket in stores anywhere. But am still seeking in that direction.

publishing Chapter Six (7th) with photo of "the cockpit" (my media workspace)

The problem with settling with multiple operating systems on computers is that independent software is critically harmed to the point that you have to conform to the multiple operating systems by installing multiple copies of the same piece of third party software.

Full stop

Here is the thing.

First off, I have been revolving and revolving around the subject of Web history and the matter of disseminating under-reported news item for weeks now, trying to link to the mobile thang. Fuck it. My personal take was always in a different direction. Like I say, and write, not what can be done with a technology, but what can be done unique to that technology. Not, oh gee I do not know what to do with myself so WTF do I do with this desktop-server-web thing. But, simple and straight forwardly, what can I do with computernet that I cannot do without computernet. And the answer is: to dissemiate original image and original photo. Not text. This is the Web, this is the Internet. Not backroom Newsgroup protocol chatter about some event somewhere else that the big ole bad corp media aint reporting at all evily. But the publishing image is really fucking hard on any technology, but not the computernet. It is ideal for image. It and image are uniquely bound like no other.

And so at this moment I will come back to my root cause tech and state clearly that the key to mobility is stylus and finger-digit input, not TXT messaging or cellular data IM or crackberry arthritis of the thumb digits. I have fashion and tool, and dyed, the opine that there has been a continent wide conspiracy to keep stylus input technology, which is highly portable (ahem, maybe the most portable with respect to computer technology), out of the hands of the consumer market of North Americans. I must particularly reiterate that a computer with a stylus does not mean a locked down Windows Mobile system, but something more along the lines of Palm (for which I accept bias herein, okay?).

And so at this moment I will state something new. Again, a little of the most frank history I can get to. When the Microsoft-Intel monopolistic cabal came into being as to have full spectrum dominance of the computer industry, its signature IMAGE - its _appearance_ - was foreshadowed by all of this BS hype around newsgroup reportage (journalistic opinion, really) and email email email email. But it was still unmistakable. Microsoft had copied the Apple Macintosh user interface and simply called it something else. They called it, desktop. But whatever they called it, they copied the idea. Apple, of course, did not originate the interface - which was NON-TEXTUAL and GRAPHIC (aka GUI, or Graphical User Interface - which went way over the head of Linucks-heads for a shockingly long time - years into the whole fiasco). But it was clearly the Mac interface that Windows copied. Even after several major new developmental(sic) releases of Windows OS, signs were still there. In the all important critical phase of creating IMAGE, you need an editor. And the MS Windows program to do this, which they called, Paint, was a carbon copy of the Apple Mac program, which was called, coincidentally, Macpaint. The only real difference? Paint was in colour. Signficant, seemingly. But not really. This matter of copying the work of others and calling it your own is not unique to Microsoft. Although they certainly do have it as their signature. Perhaps even their raison d'etre.

Similarly today, we have the iPhone. And as I will begin to remark now, it is very much a copy of the STYLUS, touchscreen input of a Palm computer. Its dimension and graphic interface is strikingly similar to my T3 by Palm. Mine is three years old. What is unique about the Apple iPhone is that they got the background right, and I would make an educated guess (the unit is set for approved sale now in two weeks time) that the TFT/LCD touchscreen is likely of greater sensitivity. In keeping with Apple - which is a hardware company brand - the software is locked down quite a bit, but will undoubtedly by thouroughly developed for seemless, highly intuitive interaction. So high will this level of interaction be that it is likely to be the signature of the time as Apple will need something to secure its dominance from what can only be a slew of rivals which will meet certain and various degree of success.

But it will be the cultural draw to the activity of stylus input technology that will have the greatest gravitas by far. Over time, just as empire falls, so too does even the greatest of hype die down, even from historical highs as with an iPhone. As I have pointed out over the sixteen or so years of my conspiracy theory, one reasoning behind keeping this technology out of North America (Canada and the USA) can be traced to were it meets ideal success. And that is with the People of China, who have tens of thousands of characters to the Latin standard of 26 times two (cases) in their language which are effectively drawn, not punched in via key. Stylus input is one of the most literal entities in linguistics today. It is the bridge between China and the West. Thus my conspiracy theory is a matter of maintaining seperation between these distinct historical cultures, both of which have highly developed written form languages and both whose languages are complex and often the most difficult to learn, as with Germanic English and Chinese Mandarin alike. I assert that there is a wide conspiracy in the West to ensure that these two cultures never meet outside of the familiar, rigid control of authority on both sides.

It leads me to constant speculation on just what authority is so afraid of. But China has risen. Its economy is not second to the American mammoth, was a growth rate I understand to be a historical trend setter in the history of human economy, due in no small part to the sheer mammoth size of teh Chinese population. Pro-China might as well mean Pro-West, just as Pro-American might as well mean Pro-Chinese. The trade gap the USA has with China is also likely of historical implication, but by far a likely negative slight on the face of humanity.

Westerners are now to become educated as to the power, the true power, of the illustrated and drawn form. Keyboards text entry may plummet at times from this out of kilter high between QWERTY Pascal Latin keyboards of the desk/laptop computer hemi-digital systems to the various incarnations - three different ones immediately come to mind - of text input on little mobile boxes that you stick in your pocket. What use email to doodle? Pft. Why should I even bother querying this line of thinking anymore. To hell with efuckingmail.

A third item, which I have also been predicting (though more importantly, which I have also been TRACKING) is the rise of the Euro-styled illustrated form to that of the likes of Manga (Japanese, as in non-American Manga), the fame of Hollywood now in the form of the Graphic Novel. This as the public is starting to tire after years of the juvenile, though profitable enterprise/franchise, comic book equivalent.

I feel we have reached a point I hoped would have been more available years ago. So I am turned away from illustration at large in discipline and practice now. I hardly even consider myself as the visual artist I have so atuned myself to for sixteen years, scratching out a fraction of one per cent of the product I once created with my hands. I turn to video instead. Motion meets audio. But I have a illustrated piece looming large in the background, whose character is turning out to be extremely thouroughly developed before any real release has even taken place on the Internet. In fact, I have run interference for free culture by actually developing my illustrated show in written form, my first and only fiction novel. I digress, but I foresee that when I complete this book, entitled Chapter Zero, it will be at the hour (oh eighteen hundred hours on a Friday, if I am not mistaken) of the release of the iPhone and push forward by the (illustrated) Simpsons Movie release weeks later that I will begin work on Cat, the Illustrated Slideshow (IS).

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Have you ever thought about Indymedia from my perspective?

If Indymedia acquires a policy of registration, the Internet will possess a rule of mandatory registration that will become its law.

I believe, in my naivety, that the Internet has a rule of mandatory registration. This matter is only perfectly obvious to any adult. But it is just a rule. Rules can be bent and broken. Like, no food fighting in the cafeteria. That might be the rule. It really does not mean that you or I are not allowed to fight each other by throwing food in the direction of others in the cafeteria. Why? Well, it implies the presence of a societal police authority in the room that does not exist. No rule need apply should such a state transpire. No, the rule is there, as if to state, "we, the closest thing to authority herein, know what you are up to, you evil foodfighters you." Rules are broken because people know that they are flimsy excuses for authority to not really get involved in the matter because the matter is not important enough to take their precious time.

And so when you make it a rule that MP3's are illegal MP3's are illegal MP3's are illegal MP3's are illegal then all you can do is... await pie in your face. So the proprietor of the cafeteria enter and yell at everyone and scold them for the cream dripping from the ceiling. But when he/she turns around, what is to stop a flying pie from the back of the head by nothing.

Therefore, I will inform you of the difference between my Internet, were registration is rule not law, and the trend leading to the absolute of mandatory registration. I will use a local story as metaphor. There are two cases of music celebrations in recent history where I live. One, a bluegrass festival, the other a more ethnic festival. Both summer festivals lasting a few days full of musical entertainers. The bluegrass shindig was annual. It had great music, pretty good company, large crowds (given the region is basically rural), and lots and lots of beer kegs. I write it as good because there were not a lot of fights. It was kind of a place for making peace, getting laid, getting drunk.

Every kid worth their weight in beer made plans to jump the fence during the night sessions, which ran past midnight. Most made it, often having help from the inside. Hey, money was not issue. So a few measly kids here and there was not a matter for calling in the police. But this raises a catastrophe for society. That is because society is threatened by its rule of law concerning mandtatory obedience to age of majority and the "legal drinking age". This rule, less than its law, is why so many of us had as a right of passage the jumping of the (usually pretty pathetic) fencing around the festival. It was exciting to hide from any security and sneak in a beer and a smoke, let alone a joint or some acid. It was a time to escape any violence in our lives or other insecurities of being young and without rights in society. It was fun. And it was held on the outskirts of town, where it meant that even for the legal patron, it might be a bit dangerous. A bit loud, a bit fun. There is even the chance that you could pick up and instrument one day and play it, because the stage was more or less open - irrelevant of its theme.

Fastforward to the more ethnic festival. It has fence too. AFAIK, nobody has ever tried to jump it. The festival is full of patrons and craftspeople selling their wares alike. The music is there, supposedly the theme of the festival. But it is not big and loud. So it is held in town. Families go. It does not go much past midnight. Booze is not a big deal. And is fun and innocuous and boring and is likely to become a permanent fixture. Young people are not really excited about it. They are not likely to play the stage.

This is the Internet you have before you. A mandatory web of rules and regulations enforced to enshrine nice boring information data flow or one where people can trade with each other. The registration mandate of the Internet guarantees that nobody will ever use the Internet again. It will be a vestige for what the higher society dictates to you. Your choice will be to register or to fuck off. And it has been going more and more in that direction since it became officially declared a Mass Medium about the time of the second set of bombs over Baghdad and Mission Accomplished. Perhaps your computer will fall into similar straights, making for a wonderfully perfectly superspenditiously secure computernet were can can do nothing that is of any consequence to anything on the fucking globe except yourselves and your glorious monstrous perfect Internet. So, too, the Information Age.

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