Proven: European Anti-Zionists are Closet Nazi's and Jewhaters.

A hypnotist in Denmark has hypnotised a number of high ranking peace activists with strong pro-palestinian sentiments. They have revealed fantasies of killing Jews en mass and Nazi white-supremacist views.

Ana Koleda has recently publicised the fact that a number of pro-Palestinian activists that have come to her clinic for treatment for various issues have infact under hypnosis revealed extreme anti-semitic attitudes.
Some talked of "Hitler being right" others talked of fantasies involving the bizarre killing of jewish babies.
"I was shocked' said Ms Koleda of Copenhagen.
It appears that these people are infact Nazi's and racialists who feel the need to mask their beliefs with leftism and "anti-Zionism"=many seem to get a thrill out of ribbing Jews about morality-knowing infact that the Jews are in fact bothered about moral issues regarding Palestine-while they have no morality at all but merely erect a facade of morality.

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???? 17.Jun.2007 09:06

Why do activists need a hypnotist ?