Howards End?

election possibilities

by greg hoey Thursday May 31, 2007 at 05:50 PM

revised and re-written article related to electioneering by labor / liberal parties.

by greg hoey Wednesday May 30, 2007 at 11:42 PM

revised and rewritten article on the coming electioneering. Incorporating thoughts on potential infrastructure reform and for the possibility of an Australian style constitutional Republic.

Howards Last Stand ? a revised and rewritten article
by greg hoey
An outline of the current election campaigning for Australian government. Incorporating thoughts on potential infrastructure reform for an genuine Australian republic. Along the lines of Not being one is the real damaging thing to us both economically and in terms of statehood.

While admitedly only ever having voted for the liberals once [hewson 93] so bias is not my strong point here, it will be such a relieve to see the end of the howard/costello regime.

And this new rudd initiative promising broadband should be the final nail to this liberal coffin.

Such an unrelentingly backward and dull government have they been so intent on ensuring Australia is always in the hold of the mining corporations and rich overseas shareholders, forget about anything truly progressive or forward looking and inivative like wind or solar or other green technology's no we get 'sol' without the solar. Promoting the great and marvelous cause of 'nuke' technology without the clear or green.

12 yrs is so long to be without a genuine alternative opposition other than this bunch of semi-fascists making us a little more than a base for the yanks and now effectively the Japanese.

Its interesting to see the fear and trepidation upon their eyes so caught out under the glare of finally having competition for the minds of the Australian populace theyre looking like a bunch of petrified rabbits. Desperate to come up with anything in order to remain relevant til the next election.

With the likes of Downer going ga ga about how labor should let their man Santoro of the hook now he's lost his place in govt its all about humanitarianism. "leave the man be' pleads he in heart-rendering fashion. Truly.

We've seen the man himself howard like little house mouse running down an airplane shaft from all that smoke [and mirrors] accompanied by our servicemen play acting. Expect him to make a speech sometime in the near future declaring an al quieda terrorist under the bed of every man and good woman of Australia.

With Costello blaring out like a caterwaul about the sheer lunacy of the broadband initiative and how its likely to be really really good for australia but really really bad for him and his wasp mates in and round the Toorak capuccino strip as well being something his bunch are just too backward looking to see the use of because quite possibly it will result in australia becoming more and more independant and progressive as a nation and not so easily beholden to just the big mining companies and such.

Weve got jughead Brendon Nelson and all his devotedness to buying american made armaments usually 30 yrs out of date. But heh brendon knows the yanks love him for it and might even make him a national hero like they've done to the prime minister whom theyve canonised into American political celebrity. Brendon Nelson who likes to screech down at us through the tv set how the western worlds going to cave-in in if we dont re-elect john howard at the next election.

So we have old copper technology going up against new fibre broadband technology. So far so good. Lets have an election and a new modernist government that is government for all not the minority [whether theyre colored or not] like we've had with the previous two and this is something Rudd needs to be wary of. But its time for a new government definately.

Of course the opposition leader has to do more than be seen to be wearing hard hats whilst shoveling coal or fabricating his personal history in order to appeal to the average australian voter.

As well as initiating his new broadband plan the labor party should attempt to alleviate this malaise of guilt, fear, dread and self-loathing Australians have been putting themselves through over the last two decades by effecting and bringing forth vast and dynamic infrastructure projects that involve not just communications but also engineering projects that amount to bringing water from Australia's northern parts via pipelines specifically down through central western australia towards kalgoorlie in order to be pumped back downwards to perth, rather than to just continuously keep trying to use up ever more of the water reserves of the Yarrigadee basin.

This would result in opening up much of australias interior resulting in real benefits for our indigenous and many other isolated towns that may well take pressure of off australia's overuse of our coastal resources. There would be massive outcomes and benefits if projects such as this were realised in so many ways.

All the fears from the feminists and environmentalists etc., are somewhat overwrought and ultimately to the this nations detriment and their only ever seeing or valuing our great northern parts in purely touristic / wildlife purposes is somewhat self-interested & quite wrong for many others, esp the indigenous community.

We have been compelled by the strivals and sacrifices of these individuals [the environmentalists] to take seriously the natural aspect of our continent and rightfully so but neither should we begin to overvalue it to the point of never harnessing its potential for the betterment of the human condition, so as well as value the more spectacular and sacred parts of it we should be reminded to that much of it is not wilderness but could actually be seen as unrelenting wasteland were not mankind but only flies and neverending saltbush and dust coat its surface.

Probably one of the best things Australia could do for critics of environmental vandalism would be to try to develop a much vaster rail capacity esp.,for urban/city dwellers in order to lessen their need to use the vehicle something this country has been sadly lacklustre in bringing about, As well a reduction in the overall size of our urban sprawls. a generation of denser more creative inter-related urban communities interwoven with more nature reserves and a closer relationship with local agriculture.

A TVG trainline from perth to the east coast would also resolve the dread of distance travellers face by land from one side of the continent to the other. The french have just obliterated the land speed record and done it using rail some 570km per hour. You would have to doubt that the cost of doing such a thing here would not pay for itself in anytime at all. That trip is an unrelenting singularly overlong bum-wrecking boar of a trip that unless one gets absolutely sloshed on the way over its very easy to never want to undertake the experience again for many at least. But going close to 600km an hour would bring a thirty hour journey down into a heart pumping 12-16hr trip of a lifetime.

As well a trainline connecting west from the Kalgoorlie region into Alice springs and onwards into the northern parts of Queensland is long overdue.

You have to ask why do things like this rarely if ever get done in this relatively young open pristine generously advantaged & opportunity blessed nation of ours at least it was like that at the turn of the century. Somewhere somehow something else has taken over. A malaise and guilt about being australian.

Rudd must bring about a new tarrif reform and a new constitutional mandate for australia [incorporating a contemporary idea of an Australian republic into the 21st century, and hopefully a new flag] and give back to native born Australians a country to proudly call their own like every other nation on earth has the right to do and is not in any danger of giving up. Even though these [particularly the europeans japanese north americans] continuously keep countries like Australia optimistic that oneday they will fully open up and remove their own trade barriers one must doubt the seriousness of their intentions.

There simply is too much to lose. And is this not the real reason behind why this country has lost its capacity for scope and vision [a kind of totalitarian feminisation of australia meant to 'feel good' and civilized, but has it failed and resulted in other negatives?]. Risk is not the kind of outcome shareholders want esp., overseas ones and so therefore Australian industry potential must submit to unimaginative and unchallenging ideas of what the potential of this nation could possibly be if truly responsible for its own destiny.

It seems absurd to be paying high prices for produce impoted thousands of miles away when local farmers and the like cannot get their produce onto australian supermarket shelves. And so much of this produce comes in rotten and overpriced without a full acknowledgment of its source and environmental and health viability.

To many people's mind that are looking for an alternative to the Howard / liberal government it could be noted that if Rudd does not offer some better alternatives other than same old same old ie., another power engorged government of an oppossing spectrum but with the same style of easy jobs for the boys [and girls] he must not be persuaded into thinking the Australian voter will give him a go only for the sake of it.

Its now time for a state of renewal and a rethink of the scale of Australia not just in terms of vast spaces but also in ways of mind and the imagination, and this will no doubt upset many of a type that fit the wowser and fear of heights category.

Rudds promise of broadband is a great start but one would hope this is not the limit to his bravery.

I believe that my writing has been ruthlessly blacklisted by the largely right-wing intelligentsia / business community comprising a strongly pseudo-christian orthodoxy [for their own religious purposes] as well the moral puritans of a left-wing type of politic commonly referred to as the political correct lobby and this has happened and been ongoing for well near two decades and I appeal to any whom may have appreciated the above essay to please help me with monies, even a few dollars here and there would be of great service as these same people have damaged and intruded into so many other facets of my life such as employment prospects and the like [blacklisted by the arts community for many years].
Any help -to greg hoey c/o westpac bank, savings acc. innaloo, perth, western australia. Much appreciated !!

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