How Bad Doctors Exploit Medical Complications!!!

Kirkland Lake, ON  

Doctors Exposed!
Doctors Exposed!

How unscrupulous Canadian doctors exploit medical complications!

Doctors Exposed!!!

Be aware of Canada's unscrupulous health care system and its illicit trade in body parts and how and why Canadian doctors may murder you to get them....

Guillain Barre Syndrome can "mimic" almost any neurological disease process, including meningitis, and the West Nile Virus...effectively allowing doctors to'cover-up' their medical mistakes and unsuspecting patients to proceed to organ harvest while in a total state of awareness,  under guise of having met with "brain death" criteria.

How unscrupulous doctors exploit medical complications!

My wife was murdered May 24th of 2000 on the order of Dr. Edward Henry Jordan to cover-up medical stupidity. He treated her over the telephone, unseen, while sitting at home watching TV. He ordered a brain damaging neuroleptic drug following administration of morphine sulphate in the face of an undiagnosed and untreated hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), hypokalemia (low potassium), and hyponatremia (IV overload), all of them treatable conditions,  resulting in endocrine crisis and/or metabolic derangement. The combination of morphine sulphate, ie. MS Contin, and virtually any seemingly inoffensive  neuroleptic such as prochlorperazine (Stemetil) can be used to prepare a patient for organ harvest, as in this case. Notably, my wife  had also been given penicillin based medicines and sulfonamides such as Bactrim (Septra DS) and CIPRO (cyproflaxin) on the days before; penicillin and sulfa-based antibiotics can cause the body's immune system to react by overstimulation. Cross-reactions (for example, between penicillins and sulfa-drugs including sulfonamides) are common triggers of drug-induced GBS serum sickness, and fixed drug eruptions.

Looking over the chart it is clear that obtaining a 'no code' status in the face of  immune mediated adversities by reason of his failure to attend, diagnose and treat accordingly was the next essential step in executing her death. This is an order denying medical intervention in emergency situations. The 'no code' as evidenced in this case by a "Nature Code 0" was ordered by Dr. Jordan, without family knowledge or consent when the patient's condition began to rapidly deteriorate. With the help of Dr. Mark Arthur Spiller, a cross-covering physician working the ER who admitted my wife to the Kirkland and District Hospital on the evening of May 23rd; these two doctors were able to recruit two Sudbury doctors to complete their dirty work at arms length.

Within a few hours following her transfer from the Kirkland and District Hospital to the Sudbury Regional Hospital my wife was declared as having met with 'brain death criteria' on the basis of a paltry CT while under the care of Drs. Sauvé and Adegbite. Concerns have arisen with the retrieval of organs for transplantation due to inconsistencies with respect to clinical criteria for confirming complete cessation of brain function and therefore brain death in the ethical declaration of brain death.

Organ transplantation is premised on professional and public acceptance that the donor is dead and that the cessation of all brain function persists for an appropriate period of observation. The diagnosis of brain death allows organ donation or withdrawal of support. The diagnosis of brain death is dependent upon the exclusion of certain medical conditions without which the diagnosis of brain-death cannot be considered and influence of medications is one of them. 

GBS is an immune-mediated type of delayed allergic response (doctor caused ) secondary to certain medications which can rapidly progress to clinical state 'resembling brain death'. The majority of patients experience GBS as the frightening illness it is. Patients may be almost completely paralysed for a while. In very serious cases, the entire body can be paralysed, even including the eye muscles. GBS can, very rarely, present with coma and absent brainstem reflexes. Such patients are NOT brain dead; their brains and sense of hearing and smell work perfectly well, and the patient is alert and conscious of what is going on around him or her. But he/she may literally not be able to move a muscle in response. Some such patients are proceded to organ retrieval despite respiratory efforts (breathing spontaneously) and despite physical findings, ie bowel sounds and anatomic reflexex (tachycardia and hypertension) which support normal subcortical functions inconsistent with 'whole brain death'. GBS can mimic almost any neurological disease process, including meningitis and the West Nile Virus, effective allowing cover-up of drug induced medical error. Understanding GBS is to see it for the nightmare that it really is.


Put yourself in such a patient's position of total or near total paralysis with most of your senses blunted, unable to move, speak or even open your eyes due to a severely paralyzed motor function - you try relentlessly to free yourself until you become so overwhelmed by exhaustion, fright and panic...Understanding GBS is to see it for the nightmare that it really is. And what could be worse than awareness of being butchered alive???

This is an Alert On Ontario  MD's...

1. Dr. Sauve sought to open the way to organ donation from brain death under misleading conditions (influence of medications, and metabolic disturbances), further utilizing deception to obtain remote third party consent to harvest my wife's eyes, bypassing permission from the immediate family.

2. Interestingly, Dr. Sauvé was a "classmate" of Dr. Spiller, University of Toronto, Class of '89. Dr. Sauvé's name apprears on the Clinical Investigator Inspection List (CLIIL) for Investigational New Drug Studies, and also on the Population Health Research Institute Canada Centre Information list, suggestive of perhaps some hidden agendas, either in the nature of influencing government spending for hospital funding, or some sinister plot involving population control by medical homicide, or both.

3. Suspected of theft of organs for harvesting from a living person by misrepresentation and accessory to medical homicide are: Adegbite, Andrew Babafunso Olanrewaju - Sudbury, ON - (CPSO#54992 ) and Dr. Stephane Jean Sauvé - Sudbury (CPSO# 61381); MDs with privileges at the Sudbury Regional Hospital - Laurentian Site.

4. Suspected of medical homicide are Jordan, Edward Henry - Kirkland Lake, ON (CPSO#61732), and Spiller, Mark Arthur (CPSO#60977); cross-covering physicians working the ER at the Kirkland and District Hospital in Kirkland Lake, ON.

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This site will soon be updated to reflect the mountain of "evidence" at hand...
MashCan is warning the public about medical murder and the organ trade in Canada. "This website was created in response to compelling evidence that more and more patients are being killed in Canadian hospitals for their body parts"... "Hospitals are on constant watch for organs, and are known to provoke fatal outcomes in cases where they are likely to obtain body parts."

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of !!!

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