United States Military doing the right thing over seas!

This will not be a long or in depth article, reason being, half of you are so one sided you won't even take the time out to read it. I am a Soldier in the United States Military, and I know what you are thinking "This guy has no clue, hes been brain washed...yadda yadda." Ya I get it, the Military doesn't always do things that you approve of, but that are neccessery in order to preserve our free way of life here in America.
I once was an activist like most of you, but the thing is I did research on both sides of the fence, not just the one sided information you recieve over web sites like I know it probubly makes you angry but the fact is when it comes to Iraq, you all have no idea what you are even protesting about. I have been there and we are doing some great things in that country that you never ever hear about through your slanted media sites.
Why when you go to protests, does everyone try to protest every single issue at once. That is your problem you can never focus on one issue, and nothing ever gets accomplished by your activism.
I am sure this article won't even make it to the indymedia web site, because it doesn't agree with your point of view, but I at least said what I had to about the Iraq war. The fact is you need to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS TILL THEY ALL COME HOME! You might say "Yeah right!" but when have you ever put your life on the line for FREEDOM, the answer is never in most cases.

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