" The Federal Law " About Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation"

Clause 10. Consideration and the sanction in bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of applications, complaints and other references.
1. In bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor according to their powers applications, complaints and other references containing data on infringement of laws are resolved. The decision accepted by the public prosecutor, does not interfere with the reference of the person behind protection of the rights in court. The decision under the complaint to a verdict, the decision, definition and the decision of court can be appealed against only to the higher public prosecutor.
2. Offices of Public Prosecutor of the application acting in bodies and complaints, other references are considered by way of and terms which are established by the federal legislation.
3. The answer to the application, the complaint and other reference should be well-founded. If in satisfaction of the application or the complaint it is given up, the order of the appeal of the made decision, and also the right of the reference in court if those is stipulated by the law should be explained to the applicant.
4. The public prosecutor in the order established by the law takes measures on attraction to the responsibility of the persons who have made offences.
5. Transfer of the complaint to body or to the official, decisions or which actions will be appealed against Is forbidden.

Clause 17. Powers of the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation on a management of system of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
The general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation bears the responsibility for performance of the problems assigned to bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor by the present Federal law."


THE PROSECUTOR General of the Russian Federation Jury Chajka evades from consideration of the application of Victor Yanulevich from February, 10th, 2007 about the criminal liability of officials of the officer of militia Taganskogo of district of Moscow of Vladimir Dokashev and the head of an agriculture of situated near Moscow Balashikha Valentine Afanaseva, the members of criminal community used people dependent on them as hired murderers.

Former public prosecutor Taganskogo of district of Moscow Victor Nasedkin consciously authorized illegal prosecution Yanulevich, thus having provided "inviolability" to criminal community. In connection with illegal prosecution since autumn of 2004 Yanulevich nine times addressed to the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation who has ignored these applications.

With infringement of the law they direct on consideration by on which Victor Yanulevich's complaints have acted. Victor Yanulevich purposeful and illegal prosecution began to be realizing out, when he has given publicity to the facts of corruption and criminal conditions. Except that as it was informed in news of the All-Russia public movement "For Human Rights" on the Internet Victor Yanulevich on July, 25th, 2005 has lead protest action at a building of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

The purpose of the action - to pay attention on inactivity of law enforcement bodies references on the facts of infringement of the ecological legislation, and as in connection with threats to address of the ecologist. Till now consciousness the attack on Yanulevich with the purpose of murder is not investigated.

After that attacks next day the officer of militia Vladimir Dokashev has illegally got into dwelling Yanulevich for the lack of citizens lawfully which lived there and Dokashev successfully fabricated a crime. Last years in Russia law enforcement bodies’ actions accompanied by lawlessness and numerous infringements of constitutional laws and freedom, the cruel and destroying human dignity which have accepted character of system of prosecution of public activists objectionable for Russian regime's.

The state actually on behalf of the law enforcement bodies which are carrying out prosecution of public activists and them lawful activity, protection of the rights and freedom of citizens having reduced it to cleanly formal functions, having removed with itself want to abolish concept of the full responsibility for anarchy. Today any citizen becomes the witness, what fanatic ways fabricate criminal cases in relation to the people, trying lawful by to protect the honor and dignity.

Barrister Alexander Trofimov protected Yanulevich in the circumstances does not see an opportunity to defend itself except for as it speaks: "Making the noise necessity, make a noise!" That is sees necessity for public protest action against impose arbitrary rule. At deprived of civil rights Russian citizens does not remain choice except for association and resistance to regime of Putin's, having made bold to initiate this movement of self-defence.

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