The World Governments today are conspiring to bringing about a New World Order of dictatorship. The book the Year Zero is the most inportant mainstream novel that actually spells out what they are planning for mankind.
You can bury your head in the sand and wait for the tanks to run over you or you can read the Year Zero and be prepared



A new book by Robert Wakefield that the mainstream media would not dare review.

Did you know that every Barcode has 666 in it?

Did you know that mobile phones are on the same frequency as your brain?

Did you know that money is soon to be outlawed?

Do you know what the Verichip is?

You will do soon all these things are about to happen to mankind. Brainwashing, manipulated society and virtual slavery.

You don’t believe me.. I don’t expect you too believe me.

Watch the movie… Check out the facts… See the nightmare for yourself.

I took year out from writing, my usual Historical Novel to bring you this project.

I strongly believe in the concepts I am highlighting after painstaking research.

I don’t want you to watch this to get Book Sales….

I want you to watch and read for the sake of humanity.

Profit from the book is very low

Compare prices of my other works to see that I’m doing this too make money to get a very important message to mankind.

The Year Zero is approaching fast…
A nightmarish view of our future…

Are You ready for the Year Zero………………………..

By Robert Wakefield

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