The Unreported Global Cooling Event of 2007


Global Coolling Composite
Global Coolling Composite

The real driver behind the weather events of this summer

Whenever I mention the great global cooling event that has taken place in recent months, people either insist, very dogmatically it turns out, that, no, we have just global warming, or they will insist that hurricanes sucked the heat out of the oceans. Therefore, to document this global cooling event I have composed the following composite image.

The image begins in November of 2006 at the end of the hurricane season. As you can see by the yellows and orange and red colors the oceans remained warmer than normal at the end of the hurricane season. This remained pretty much the case in December of 2006 and January of 2007 (images 2 and 3). It was in late spring that a major global cooling event took place, with a dramatic plunge in ocean temperatures taking place in March and April, as you can see from both the disappearing reds and oranges and also from the deep blues. As you know from about May onwards there have been dramatic weather patterns exhibited, which people insist are caused by global warming, when in actual fact it is all linked to a global cooling event which occurred world wide and was not linked to hurricanes, since this took place outside the hurricane season, and the hurricanes, while they do remove heat from the oceans, do not remove that much heat on a world wide scale as you can tell by studying the above images.


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Texas Floods

brent 20.Jul.2007 08:11

Palmer July 14th, 2007
Palmer July 14th, 2007

If the link to the cooling image does not resize for viewing properly you can view the image by following the link below...

Every river in Texas is now close to flood stage, and a tropical wave has parked itself off the coast and has been inundating the state with rain. You can see the results of all this torrential rain on the Palmer graphic which shows the soggy flooded state of Texas in Green, while the burning forest areas are in severe drought and also being scorched by record breaking high temperatures (the brown color). Dry thunderstorms are in the forecast for the forests, and resources are stretched thin, and so now we see the Pentagon doing a ‘surge’ into the forests, as brigades of soldiers are drafted into becoming fire fighters. Just to look on the bright side of all this, every brigade doing the surge into the forests is one less brigade available to surge into Iraq, and is brigade the Pentagon can now employ to beat to death insurgent fires in the forests instead of using them to try to beat to death insurgent freedom fighters trying to expel an invading imperialist out of the oil fields of Iraq.

If a state was to be flooded out and a bunch of Americans ruined by it all it is hard to imagine a better place for this sort of thing to begin than Texas, for it is here that a lot of people have voted for Bush, and probably more than once. Therefore it only seems proper to throw them onto the tender mercies of George and then perhaps they might finally have cause to wonder what the hell they were thinking when then stepped into a voting booth. As for those unfortunate souls, the ‘working class Texans’ without flood insurance who were completely ruined in the floods, perhaps they might be able to find a ‘market based solution’ to that problem they are suddenly facing, thus proving beyond doubt just how wonderful it is to be a red necked Republican voter and a strong supporter of American Capitalism, a real Texan.

It turns out that there is more than one way to preach revolutionary doctrines to an American, and when it proves to be impossible to talk about such things with an American when everything is going fine, it just might be possible to talk to even a Texan once that Texan has been completely ruined.