Comparing global cooling and global warming


Global Cooling 2007
Global Cooling 2007

Cooling is a bigger worry this year

During the mid 1990s human civilization as a whole used energy at a rate of only 20 percent of the power of a single hurricane. A fully developed hurricane releases less than 10 percent of its heat energy into mechanical motion (the wind) and the energy released in this form is the equivalent to a 10 megaton nuclear explosion taking place every 20 minutes. A powerful catagory 5 storm releases as much energy as a hydrogen bomb exploding every 8 minutes.

It is for reasons such as this that 'global cooling' could be considered a source of much worse weather than is the case with 'global warming'. The image above shows the state of ocean heating at the end of the hurricane season in 2006 and is contrasted with the image of ocean heating for July 2007. Below this are images of the large scale global cooling event that took place this spring, and which was at its deepest stages in March and April of 2007.

Severe weather began to manifest all over the glove beginning in about May with no end in sight, and when you consider the amount of energy released by a global cooling event it really does dwarf any considerations about 'global warming' being a problem for anyone this year. I have no idea just how many hydrogen bombs would have to be exploded on the earth to equal the amount of energy involved in such a large scale global cooling event. It is obvious upon consideration of what has happened that no one need to be concerned about 'global warming' this year, since this year the big worry is 'global cooling', and it is also obviously false to speak of this years very bad weather in the same sentence with the term 'global warming' when it is pretty obvious where all that extra energy came from that is feuling the world's violent weather. It would be correct this year to refer to 'global cooling' for even one of these global events has an impact much more severe than that of 'global warming'.

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The significance of the Global Cooling Event of 2007

Brent Herbert 21.Jul.2007 11:23

Everyday, day after day, a long list of records are being broken as extreme weather events of all sorts take place. If you study the pattern of past record weather events, you will notice that the events are randomly distributed. The record rainfall at one location might have been set in 1912, another in 1955, another in 1972. However this year the record breaking weather events are converging on a single point in time, and as the old records fall like dominoes, the new record events will be found clustered around one date. This is statistically improbable, and yet it is happening, and nothing like this has ever happened before in the history of meteorology.

To understand why this is happening it is only required that we remember that the equivalent energy of who knows how many tens of thousands of hydrogen bombs were just released explosively into the atmosphere, and so it is then no surprise to see the impossible happen and all the world's weather records begin to suddenly converge on a single point in time. This is a very significant event, the most important weather event in the history of weather as a science. Nothing like this has ever happened before.