Emits sound for Taiwan, ChthoniC to mount the The Los Angeles

On 12th The Los Angeles Times uses "In tune with Taiwan" for title, "Column One", report ChthoniC by the front page column, and the page continues to report thoroughly by the entire version. ChthoniC, as Taiwan entertainer, mounts the American local mainstream media layout the most times.

The American West bank, first quality newspaper in America, The Los Angeles Times once July Ozzfest topic reported and introduced ChthoniC from Taiwan, and publishes guitar Jesse the picture.
Afterwards ChthoniC to continue to receive attention of the American mainstream media, reports, including the Boston Globe Post, National Pioneer Post, Washington Post, reported by the big page layout; The New York Times highly praises ChthoniC works for the this year Ozzfest performance battle formation best entertainer. The American mainstream media report many and take ChthoniC tour real state, the Taiwan characteristic heavy metal as well as the American music lover's response as a key point, and emphasize ChthoniC Taiwan which works to realize to the idea of its supports about Taiwan to join the United Nations.

ChthoniC North America which works to tour from the beginning of July until now to surpass 50, from West bank to the east bank, from Canada to Florida, this week respectively will conduct a press meeting in New York and Washington D.C.. The 12th The Los Angeles Times by the front page and in the page of entire version length reported once more ChthoniC, and visits many non-Chinese citizen of Chinese origin Americans, their feeling and idea about participating in ChthoniC tour.

The The Los Angeles Times reports pointed out that, in American, each big city, Taiwan fellow villager can prepare the Taiwan vegetable, hold the welcoming party to entertain ChthoniC, whenever ChthoniC works on there. These Taiwan fellow villager lives 3,40 years in the American, never attends heavy metal concert, in order to support ChthoniC, all raises the courage to watch the performance, not only to familiar with the huge volume for concert difficulty, but also is submerged frequently by very full American music lovers, perhaps is hit by the music lover flies; Participation in New York ChthoniC performance, 53 year-old Taiwan feminine YANG indicated to the The Los Angeles Times, "as the Taiwan person, I must contribute some efforts, compare with ChthoniC 50 tour, I do very few, they are
really good." Saw ChthoniC to obtain these music lovers' supports, the
Taiwan fellow villager also has the glory. Some young Taiwan music lover also indicated that, saw these old Taiwan fellow villager takes the Taiwan flag, required with ChthoniC for taking photo outside the concert, this lets him feel very awkwardly.

About the The Los Angeles Times report,the Vocalist Freddy to indicate, on one day he was wearing a pure face with ease in the conference site and to take a walk, suddenly is caught by crowd of Taiwan elders requests to take a group souvenir photo, ChthoniC music lover in several hundred eyes has shot 120 minutes, not only very embarrassed, also the only privacy which held in front of the American music lover also does not exit. However, tours for two months to get down, the Taiwan fellow villagers gradually understood the culture of heavy metal concert, the American young music lover is such morality moral character, as well as realized how support ChthoniC works only then cannot work just the opposite, Freddy further expressed "including the vehicle breakdown, the member falls ill... In the tour meets these question,all attribute to these Taiwan fellow villager could be able smoothly to solve, we can smoothly walk today, they are our hero!"

The Los Angeles Times visited many foreign member of nationals mass organizations, "chthoniC's music which works to be extremely loud, although I understand their lyrics, but I may feel they send out for Taiwan's international difficult position".

This report in the end of the article, briefed Taiwan's international situation in detail; Taiwan has 2,300 million population, China thought Taiwan's communist party revolution later will separate China in 1949, but belonged to a Chinese province. Since the Taiwan government has been long-time all uses the unofficial method, for example, for the quite small national economic aid, to build up the airport, school, bridge, and so on, makes them to support Taiwan to join each kind of international organization.

Freddy,vocalist of ChthoniC,after looking at The Los Angeles Times report to indicate that, "Taiwan is not impossible to depend on a rock band to be able to join the United Nations, but I hoped could have more people to be same with us,at the same time, to endeavour for own enterprise, also did not forget emitted sound for Taiwan, when each domain Taiwan people all bravely emitted sound for Taiwan, our ideal certainly could accelerate the realization!"

The chthoniC will work from the beginning of July, starts to launch North America tour, until now they has completed 53, this Sunday (on 16th) performance in New York's HIGHLINE BALLROM, the New York well-known literary arts newspaper "village voice" wrotes special article, will recommend the reader to go appreciates this tour, chthoniC will works in the end of September, returns to continue to perform eight, and after the short rest in October, will tread the European tour journey in November.

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