Border Patrol Attacks Demonstrators as No Borders Camp Closes

Hundreds Gather in Calexico / Mexicali to Advocate a World Without Borders

On the evening of November 11th, participants in the first No Borders Camp on the US-Mexico border dismantled the camp and marched west on either side of what has become a 15 foot wall dividing Mexicali (Mexico) and Calexico (United States), converging on the port of entry to protest the militarized border. The demonstration was peaceful until the US Border Patrol, without giving an order to disperse or other warning, brutally attacked those on the US side with point-blank rounds of pepper-spray pellets, batons, and swarm tactics, leaving several badly injured. This event was the final action of the No Borders Camp, and came after a week of peaceful confrontation and resistance to the border system.

The Border Patrol made three arrests: Steve Murphy, Erik Wackernagel and Juan Ruiz. Murphy and Wackernagel have been released and Ruiz is being held in the Imperial County Jail in El Centro, California. Ruiz is being charged with two counts of assaulting a federal officer and will have his second appearance before the magistrate on November 15th in El Centro. If you would like to donate to the legal fund, use this donate link and specify "No Borders Camp Legal Fund." Further support and solidarity information will be available soon.

More than 500 people participated in the No Borders Camp during the week of November 7-11. Actions during the camp included a rally and march on November 9 at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in El Centro, CA and a memorial service on November 10 at a cemetery in Holtville, CA where the remains of about 600 migrants who have died crossing the border are buried. All activities during the camp were peaceful and intended to build connections across borders.

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Pepe Roni 13.Nov.2007 21:21

Both sides will try to bring attention to the wrongdoing of the other, while minimizing any wrongdoing of their own. The truth will be found somewhere in the middle.

Law enforcement should exercise more restraint, and Protesters should abandon the self-righteous belief that their cause gives them license to ignore rules and laws that apply to everyone.

Re: truth?

Jason 15.Nov.2007 02:35

Of what wrongdoing would you suggest the demonstrators were guilty? From what I've read it looks like an unprovoked attack. You can be arrested for all kinds of stupid reasons, it doesn't necessarily mean you were doing something wrong.

I'd like to hear both sides of what happened

Jon 15.Nov.2007 16:21

When I come to Indymedia, I usually see something about how someone got attacked by cops or someone was silenced for no reason. Then, after doing a little more research, I get the story from the other side and see that they say someone was done to provoke the action.

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Thats awesome

jorge 15.Nov.2007 21:39

no comment, title sums it up..

they have my respect

gabs 16.Nov.2007 02:56

i hope they're ok, and that they escape any charges..
i hope future no borders camps go swimmingly.

update auf deutsch / update in german 16.Nov.2007 18:55

no borders
no borders

Auf findet sich dieser Atikel ueberarbeitet und erweitert um Informationen zu den Gefangenen:

Die drei Verhafteten wurden im Imperial County Gefängnis in El Centro, Kalifornien, festgehalten. Alle drei wurden der Behinderung eines Beamten beschuldigt und am Dienstag, 13. November 2007, dem Amtsrichter vorgeführt. Während es gegen zwei von ihnen zu keiner Anklage kam, legte Amtsrichter Lewis in El Centro gegen den dritten Aktivisten eine Kaution in der Höhe vom US$ 10.000 fest. Der Staaatsanwalt versuchte mit in letzter Minute eingebrachten "Beweisen" die Kaution zu erhöhen. Der noch verhaftete Aktivist hat die kolumbianische StaatsbürgerInnenschaft und ihm drohen ein längerer Gefängnisaufenthalt bzw. die Abschiebung. Die Entscheidung, ob die gerichtliche Verfolgung fortgesetzt wird, fällt in zwei Wochen.

Ganzer Artikel unter:

updates in english and spanish 16.Nov.2007 20:58

LEGAL UPDATE: 15 Nov 2007 - 2:30pm: The arraignment of Juan Ruiz was concluded this afternoon before Magistrate Lewis in El Centro. Bail has been set as a $10,000 assurity with a signature of a doctor friend of Juan's in Wisconsin, as requested by his public defender, Diane Raegan. Referring to video footage of the incident, she said, "It doens't look like an intentional assault on anybody - except Mr. Ruiz." The prosecutor, John Weis, attempted to enter some last-minute evidence to keep the bail higher and require more signatures which the judge took into consideration. The judge also addressed the No Borders Camp folks present in the courtroom, saying that they should not allow a person this vulnerable (Juan is a permanent legal resident) to have contact with authority - especially authority directly related to immigration. The judge told Juan that he didn't want to see him be deported. At the end, the judge turned to Juan and said, "Good luck to you."An indictment will be handed down in two weeks in El Centro to determine whether or not the U.S. Government will actually prosecute Juan. MORE UPDATES

LEGAL 15 Nov 2007 2:30 pm El arreglo en el caso de Juan Ruiz fue concluido esta tarde ante el magistrado Lewis en el pueblo de El Centro. La multa es de usd$10.000 asegurada con la firma de un amigo de Juan, medico de Wisconsin, esto a peticion de su defensora publica, Diane Raegan. Refiriéndose al incidente grabado en el vídeo, ella dijo, "No parece como un asalto intencional a nadie, excepto para el Sr.Ruiz" El acusador, John Weis, intento entregar algunas evidencias de ultimo minuto para mantener la multa aun mas alta y requerir de mas firmas lo cual hizo que el juez lo considerara. El Juez también menciono, a los otrxs campistas sin fronteras que estaban presentes en la corte, que no deberían permitir a una persona tan vulnerable (Juan es un residente permanente) tener contacto con la autoridad, especialmente autoridad directamente relacionada a migración. El juez se dirigió a Juan diciéndole que no quería verlo deportado. Al final, el Juez le dijo "Buena suerte". El documento acusatorio se dara en dos semanas en El Centro para determinar si el gobierno de los EEUU seguira con la acusación para Juan. MAS ACTUALIZACIONES

Finally, Immature leftist anarchists got what they deserve

Smarty 16.Nov.2007 21:23

Looks like for once liberal criminals got what they deserve. Now if only the seditious socialists in Olympia would get prosecuted for Treason for interfering with troop movements in a time of war (The punishment is Life or Death, not catch-and-release), then this would be a great week for our nation of laws.

Unfortunately, liberals in power support these traitors and criminals, and so give them a free pass. The Repubs are too gutless to pursue them, and the ordinary folks just think these jerks are a joke, not realizing how dangerous these jokes ultimately are.

Allowing your kids to camp at the border

Ken Dreger 19.Nov.2007 17:48

Well, I guess this says it all! Parents let their kids actually "Camp out" at one of the most dangerous borders in our country! Hummmmm parental control & supervision is over with these parents, they have lost their kids to groups that think breaking the law is ok.

We as parents must teach our children that we do not choose which laws to obey; we obey all of the laws! If this were the case these kids would not of been there!
If you have EVER been to the border you would know it is NOT a place to go camping! And what about the adults who supervised this outing! I sure hope that BP took them into custody for placing these kids in harms way!

mr Cheney I suppose...

one who smells scops 22.Nov.2007 21:55

I see

Mr Cheney is commenting on Indymedia about "illegal" protests

What about your 3 loosing wars dick?