Homeless Forcibly Removed from New Orleans' Duncan Plaza


Clean Up
Clean Up


State orders demanded the removal of tent city in Duncan Plaza yesterday.

Louisiana State orders demanded the removal of tent city in Duncan Plaza yesterday. The homeless population has been camping out in front of city hall since summer of 2007, due to a lack of viable affordable housing in the city. They had been alerted of yesterday's deadline as the state plans to demolish a building on the property.

City contracted waste removal employees dragged any remaining tents and belongings into trash compactors, clearing the plaza, which earlier had been filled with hundreds of homeless.

Some questioned the necessity of such a clearing out given that the purpose was to prepare the area for pending demolition. Moving the residents made sense, but trashing all their belongings was difficult to justify if a demolition would just create rubble again.

Some homeless theorized that their removal was to make way for the holiday season beautification and make sure that tourists don't see the tent city.

Some tent city residents were offered shelter housing, but many refused this temporary solution, hoping instead for some long-term housing.

Even though the state allowed the delay of Duncan Plaza closure in order to allow advocates to find more housing solutions for the tent city residents, most ended up moving to another de-facto tent city under the nearby Clairborne bridge.

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