National Ccoalition Against Poverty Membership drive

This is an invitation to social activist & people interested in the eradication of poverty & homelessness in Canada to join our coalition.

National Coalition Against Poverty

Membership drive:

Do you care about poverty & homelessness in our country?

If you do, please join our growing organization and help us organize chapters & actions to address these issues in your community and across Canada.

Doe's it cost anything to join us?

It doesn't cost anything to join us, all we require from our members is to be active with our coalition and help us achieve our ultimate goal which is to have homelessness & poverty eradicated in our country.

Membership is open to any individuals, organizations and even trade unions who believe that homelessness & poverty in Canada can be eradicated.

What are we?

We are a new coalition against poverty working at the national level which was founded in August 2006 in Calgary Alberta out of what used to be known as the Albertans Against Poverty Organization (A.A.P.O.).

We are a non-violent direct action group, meaning that we don't believe that we need to use violence while using direct actions in order to make our point across with our governments.

We have members scattered across Canada in city's such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie & Vancouver.

We have support for our work & efforts to address homelessness & poverty issues in our country from the National anti poverty organization (NAPO).

Our main base of operation is now in Ottawa Ontario.

For more information on how you can be involved, you can contact our founder at the following address:

Daniel Dufresne
National Coalition Against Poverty
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1210
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7

For more information on our newest chapter in Ottawa and it's activity, please go to our website at:


Other ways to get involved:

You can join our national organizing group on Google if you are interested to help us organize chapters & actions.

All you need to do is send us a request at this e-mail address:

If you are interested to help us organize actions in the nation capital and are living here, you can join our NCAP Ottawa action group on google, just send an e-mail with your request at:

Our founder can also be reached at:

In solidarity with our brothers & sister across Canada

“Poverty & homelessness can be & must be eradicated in our country”

Daniel Dufresne
NCAP Founder

e-mail:: homepage:: http://HTTP://

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