Citex Squat Amsterdam Illegally Evicted

The Citex squat in Amsterdam was illegally evicted.

On friday night, there was a birthday party. The police claim that there was a noise complaint from a neighbour, and asked for the identity papers of a person in the squat. They have no legal right to ask for this since the space was not public space but a residence . Afterwards, they tried to arrest this person. The person was de-arrested and took inside by the squatters. From this point on, the police escalated the situation, leading to the eviction of the entire block of 4 houses and the citex social spaces. 51 people were arrested and roughly treated. Currently , there are a few people still inside prison, but most people have been released. On Sunday, there was a demonstration that first passed by the heavily guarded (with dogs) citex-block, where it was made clear that we were not happy. Later, windows of the mayor's house (Job Cohen) and of city hall were smashed. The previous night, the windows of the housing company were also smashed. Because this was an unexpected eviction (citex is still in legal processes and the court results are due on thursday), all people's belongings were still inside. On Monday, the people could luckily get their stuff back through a moving company who took it out. The people were not allowed inside, and there was security, dogs and police all over the area. Riot police and undercover police (civilian clothed arrest teams) arrived many times for no clear reason except to provoke.
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Most stories are in dutch for now, english versions will come soon.
An english personal account of someone  http://leightoncookie. blogspot. com/ and a polish account http://www. indymedia. nl/nl/2008/05/52573. shtml are available.

Keep yourself updated, the struggle continues!!
You can't evict ideas, squatting continues!!!

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