A Massacre in Palestine - Responses and Developments

The Palestinian Resistance has issued a general call for an all out response to the Israeli massacre of Gaza - military, political and diplomatic action is already underway. Popular mobilizations in solidarity with the Palestinian people are sprouting up everywhere, both organized and spontaneous: within Israel itself, and in every country of the world, communities are mobilizing for demonstrations and other solidarity actions.

US-supplied Israeli warplanes struck heavily populated areas of Gaza in Palestine today, killing more than 200 people and injuring more than 700. Gaza's population of a million and a half has been under an Israeli blockade and military siege for the last eighteen months.

Children who were on the streets heading home from school were among the dead and injured, while almost every single building of the democratically elected Government of Palestine was targeted in the airstrikes. Some sources report more than 100 bombings - and the operations are not yet finished.

Some buildings were struck repeatedly in second and third waves of airstrikes, so that medics who rushed on site to rescue the injured were caught in the subsequent bombings and were killed as well.

TV stations in the Middle East are showing scenes of the streets of Gaza filled with dead bodies were they fell among the rubble and the flames. Some images of mutilated and grossly butchered bodies are so gruesome that digital masking was used to spare the viewers. Ma'an News Agency reports that according to medical sources most victims are being brought to hospitals "in pieces". Also, that hospital corridors and morgues have run out of space.

Kristen Ess, writing for the Palestine News Network reported that local stations are providing live coverage of the attacks, showing "...bodies are blown apart, children’s heads are split, there is blood everywhere and the cameras are shaking from the explosions."

The photo that accompanies this article was taken by a viewer watching Al Jazeera on television and published by the International Middle East Media Center. The dead pictured are civilian Police; the willful targeting of civilians is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Many Governments around the world are condemning the actions, calling for a cease-fire and protesting the disproportionate force exerted by Israel. Many European and Arab Governments have been calling for calm and an immediate end to the operations. Russia, the Vatican and the EU also joined in expressing deep concern over the slaughter of innocents. Only the US and UK Governments have refused to join the world community, siding with the Zionist Israeli regime and making inflammatory and provocative statements calculated to add insult to the massacres.

Protests in solidarity with Palestine are springing up all over the world in every major city. Many political parties in Europe are issuing condemnations of the Israeli massacre.

In Palestine itself, as soon as news of the attacks spread to the communities and the scale of the atrocities was beginning to be known, demonstrations broke out everywhere, leading to battles of youth armed only with sticks and stones against Israeli troops who fought them with chemical and many other weapons - there were also arrests. Demonstrations took place in every city in the West Bank and also in East Jerusalem and Hebron.

Three days of mourning are being called all over the country, and a general strike is being organized in protest for the massacre.

Palestinian militia and resistance groups have launched about 70 improvised rockets targeting locations in Israel. One person has died in these attacks. Most of the rockets hit empty areas, causing no damages or injuries. There is a high possibility that the airstrikes might lead to a ground war and all the resistance forces are preparing to defend the neighborhoods.

Within Palestinian society, there is now a renewed urging for unity among the many factions, with a special concern for unity between Hamas and Fatah, the two largest and most influential of the Palestinian organizations.

The political leadership of Hamas has called for a Third Intifada (uprising). The call is for a Military Intifada against Zionist forces, and for a Peaceful Intifada "internally", meaning that there is concern to keep minimizing the scale of conflict between Hamas and Fatah and especially to avoid bloodshed.

As the world mobilizes to oppose Israel's atrocities, the cause of Unity is going to be the most crucial factor that will determine the outcome of every effort.

Cyprus IndyMedia Collective


"It was just before noon when I heard the first explosion. I rushed to my window and barely did I get there and look out when I was pushed back by the force and air pressure of another explosion..."

"Protests in the West Bank, Ramallah catches fire, Hamas women demonstrate"
by Kristen Ess

"Israeli airstrikes continue on Gaza; 225 Palestinians dead, hundreds injured":

"Israelis kill 225 Palestinians in Gaza and say this is just the beginning"


A Third Intifada
"Israeli raid prompts intifada call":

"Israeli airstrikes kill 205 Palestinians in Gaza"

Additional Independent Resources:

- Electronic Intifada

- International Middle East Media Center (en)

- The Palestine News Network (en/ar/he/fr)

- WAFA - Palestine News Agency (en/ar/he/fr)

- Ma'an News (en/ar)

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This article was hard to read so I didnt read it

shelly 28.Dec.2008 10:40

but I did a search on it. I searched for the missiles fired by Hamas on Israel Civilians. I did not find this information. The bases of theses missiles are within theses crowded areas in gaza. That is the tactic of Hamas. They wanted and they got dead an injured People. Now they can start their propaghanda. Israel had to stop the Hamas fireing missiles killing civilians in his cities. That is a fact no normal thinking person can deny. It seem that only parts of the radical left wing is acceping these terrorist acts agains civillians. I do not. Israel has the right for self defence. The hamas is not interested in peace. Israel has my full solidarity.

and i searched your comment

zikit 28.Dec.2008 11:11

I searched your comment and found some mistakes: although Israel declared (and at first even we, in israel, believed) attacking only military targets, it appears today that most of the dead are civilians, or civil police, or government workers. BUT - israel did bomb military head quaters. How ever, they were mostly empty and did not rezide in populated areas. so saying that the hundreds dead, and the hundreds, apperantly, to die, are the fault of the hamas placing military targets inside populated reas is wrong.
Israel and the Hamas have had a cock fight over who has bigger and longer, who's insulted more then the other, who will imppress the public better with statments of war, for the past 8 years.
THe only solution in my mind is a complete stop to the source of gurilla terror as much as state terror - putting an end to the occupation, and stopping the siege (militry, economically and diplomatically) on Gaza. That's the only way to secure people, be they palestinians, israelies, jews or arabs.


andy 28.Dec.2008 12:44

This is no competition about "whos the biggest" as you say. You can not compare Israels warmachine to Hamas random bombs and guns. Gaza is the densest populatet area in the world. If they, as you say, have placed militarybases close to sivil areas, it is because they aren't operating a warmachine but a small resistensgroup. This is not a complicated conflict, it is ethnichal cleansing, and as for the historical facts, read them. It makes the whole thing less complicated, and at the same time a lot more frustraing.... A shameful day for anyone how considers himself a world citizen...

this is not ethnical cleansing

d 28.Dec.2008 13:18

ethnical cleansing is a big word. who uses this describing what is happeing in the conflict wants to polarize. tell me what israel should do? they would accept a two state solution. but the hamas wants israel dead. how shell they react on missiles killing israel civilians?

Israel is willing for peace. everybody knows this. they were under attack since the beginning in 1948. they fought back and they won. they made peace with egypt und jordania (and many others). they are willing to give the palestines a state. all they want is not to be attacked by suicide bombers and missiles. not to much do you think.

what do you exptext from your governmet if your neighbour state fires missiles on your cities?


andy 28.Dec.2008 14:22

Read "the Arab-Israel reader", get the facts right, and maybe will talk again. But as long as you live in denial and keep making up history... Hamas have killed something like 20 israelies the last 7 years, israelies have killed 1400 palestinians....

protest against attacks in Amsterdam

23tv 28.Dec.2008 15:25

Yesterday evening 200 people gathered on the Dam Square in Amsterdam to show there protest of the attacks on Gaza by the Israeli army.

here is a link of the video, with english subtitled:

La rue arabe s'enflamme (Le Monde )

pip 28.Dec.2008 17:53

De Sanaa à Damas, les manifestations se multiplient dans le monde arabe contre les raids menés par Israël dans la bande de Gaza, tandis que les dirigeants de la région, profondément divisés, se concentrent pour le moment sur l'envoi d'aide humanitaire.

Lors de ces manifestations, des critiques ont fusé à l'encontre de certains pays arabes, en particulier de l'Egypte, accusée de "complicité" avec l'Etat hébreu. Dans les camps de réfugiés palestiniens au Liban, le président égyptien Hosni Moubarak a été qualifié de "traître", tandis que l'ambassade d'Egypte à Beyrouth était dimanche la cible de pierres lancées par des centaines de manifestants, entraînant l'intervention des forces de l'ordre libanaises. Le Hamas lui-même, par la voix de son porte-parole, a estimé que les raids israéliens étaient "un complot orchestré" avec l'Egypte après la rencontre, jeudi, entre M. Moubarak et la ministre des affaires étrangères israélienne Tzipi Livni.
Dossiers, archives, fiches pays... toutes les chances de réussir !
Abonnez-vous au : 6€ par mois + 30 jours offerts
Manifestations à Paris

L'aviation israélienne a mené, samedi 27 décembre, un raid massif visant les installations du Hamas dans la bande Gaza. L'opération a débuté à 9 h 30, heure locale (10 h 30 à Paris).
Portfolio Scènes de destruction à Gaza
Un blindé israélien en position parès de la frontière entre Israël et le nord de la bande de Gaza.
Les faits Gaza : Israël mobilise ses réservistes et masse des chars à la frontière
Les faits L'Egypte tente de négocier un cessez-le-feu
Les faits Au moins 200 tués dans des raids israéliens à Gaza
Portfolio Vague de colère dans le monde arabe
Réactions La communauté internationale appelle les deux parties à la retenue

Dimanche, plus de 50 000 personnes ont manifesté dans une dizaine de villes d'Egypte, alors que plusieurs dizaines de milliers de Yéménites défilaient à Sanaa. Dans le centre de Damas, des milliers de Syriens ont protesté contre "l'agression israélienne" et le "silence" des pays arabes, alors que des centaines de Palestiniens manifestaient dans l'enceinte de leur consulat à Dubaï. Dans le nord de l'Irak, un Irakien a été tué et seize ont été blessés dans un attentat suicide au vélo piégé à Mossoul, lors d'une manifestation.

Des manifestations ont également eu lieu en Cisjordanie. Dans plusiers villes du territoire, des heurts ont éclaté et un manifestant palestinien a été tué par des tirs israéliens.


Les dirigeants arabes, eux, n'ont toujours pas officiellement arrêté la date d'un sommet de la Ligue arabe proposé par la Syrie et le Qatar. De source diplomatique, on affirmait samedi qu'il aurait lieu vendredi prochain à Doha.

Le numéro un libyen Mouammar Kadhafi a fustigé les réactions "lâches et défaitistes" des pays de la région face à l'offensive israélienne, et annoncé d'emblée qu'il n'assisterait pas à un "sommet qui fait jouer un disque rayé depuis longtemps".

Si les dirigeants arabes sont divisés concernant le Hamas, c'est en raison des tensions persistantes entre les pays dits "modérés", comme l'Arabie saoudite et l'Egypte, soutenus par les Etats-Unis, et les pays qui prônent la "résistance" contre Israël, notamment la Syrie et son principal allié non arabe, l'Iran.

Pour l'heure, les gouvernements se pressent pour offrir des aides humanitaires : deux avions qataris transportant 50 tonnes de matériel médical étaient attendus à l'aéroport égyptien d'Al-Arish, à 40 km de Rafah, tandis le roi Abdallah d'Arabie saoudite a également décidé d'envoyer trois avions d'aide et proposé d'évacuer les blessés par avion.

(En France)

Plus d'un millier de personnes ont manifesté dimanche à Paris, au cours de deux rassemblements distincts, pour protester contre les raids israéliens. La plus importante, qui a réuni quelque 1 300 personnes selon la police, s'est déroulée à Barbès, dans le 18e arrondissement. Brandissant des drapeaux palestiniens, les manifestants portaient des banderoles sur lesquelles on pouvait lire notamment : "Stop au massacre des innocents". Un drapeau américain a été brûlé au cours du rassemblement, organisé à l'appel de plusieurs associations, dont EuroPalestine et l'Union générale des étudiants de Palestine.

Une autre manifestation a eu lieu place de l'Etoile, et a rassemblé entre 150 et 300 personnes, selon la police ou les organisateurs. "Nous sommes tous Palestiniens", "Shoah à Gaza", "Israël terroriste, Europe complice", scandaient notamment les manifestants, dont certains brandissaient le drapeau du Hezbollah libanais. – (avec AFP)

Mobilitazione a Roma (Italy)

Christian 28.Dec.2008 18:48

150 persone si sono concentrate a piazza Navona nel pomeriggio di oggi 28.12.08 per manifestare contro gli ennesimi massacri posti in essere da Israele. Presenti compagni di diverse strutture, con bandiere della Palestina e del Libano. Un corteo spontaneo si è mosso fino a Campo dei Fiori, sotto la statua di Giorgano Bruno, megafonando e denunciando ai passanti ciò che l'informazione mainstream sta in buona parte occultando.
Domani l'appuntamento è per le 16.30 sotto la sede della Rai, sabato corteo per le vie di Roma.

just to make you understand my point

shelly d 28.Dec.2008 21:04

I dont question that israel is killing more people than hamas. but this ist not a measering which can bring us foreward. I dont want people to be killed. But Hamas wants to kill israel civilians - that is their proposed aim. that is there politik they dont deny this. Israel dont want to kill paelstine civilians. why should they? but apperantely they have to.

Nobody would deny, that the israelis in israel are in danger to be killed if there were not some securety measures. The fence. The controls. the secret service. the military options.

Normally i hate all of this things as i am more an anarchist as many others writing on indymedia. but as an anarchist i would never tolerate someone trying to kill me or my comrades my friends or innocent people living around me. I would have to find a way to stop this. normally i could negotiate. But if my opponent says I want to kill you and all of your brunch. Then I would fight.

This fight is extremely difficult but Israel has to prevent the death of anyone of his citizens. And theire were more the 20 deaths. The suicide bombings did a great job. The atmosphere of angst is not tolerable. So Israel left Gaza saying you can gover yourselfe. All thy got is missiles. They had to fight back. If they kill more people trying to launch missiles taht is good. If they have the power and the military machine even better. Those who needs to prevent terrorist attacks should always have the better arms. A pitty if not so.

I am fighting nazis around here and I am happy that we win because we have better circumstances. Israel fight some islamistic nazis and they win. and they have my solidarity.

Who is making the profit here?

o 29.Dec.2008 15:40

Israel is an interesting test case for the legitimicy of the state, and for learning how victims turn on other victims.
It is important not to forget that after the holocaust, a frightened and battered Jewish people moved to Israel to find peace and security and found only more war and bloodshed... and yes... corruption, and yes.. crime and manipulation. But the true criminals in this war are not the Jews or the Palestinians or the Arabs - It is the people who sell the weapons to both sides and push them into this impossible situation. I suggest that the Palestinian people collect every piece of weapon used in this war, trace it to the manufactured - and sue the weapon manufacturers, sue the energy companies that provided fuel to the aeroplanes, and sue the people funding this war from both sides.

Iniziative in Italia lun 29/12/08

pip 29.Dec.2008 20:14

- Presidio a Milano
Presidio/Corteo 28 dic 08 a piazza San babila contro l'aggressione israeliana e per la Palestina libera (1000 persone)

Lunedì 29 dicembre 2008 19:34 Alessandria - Fermiamo il massacro di Gaza

Si è svolto oggi pomeriggio alle 18 un presidio davanti alla Prefettura di Alessandria per chiedere l’immediata fine dei bombardamenti in corso nella striscia di Gaza. L’iniziativa è stata organizzata da diversi movimenti e associazioni fra cui il centro sociale crocevia, l’associazione verso il Kurdistan, la comunità araba alessandrina e il sindacato di base Cub. All’iniziativa organizzata in poche ore hanno partecipato oltre un centinaio di cittadini fra cui moltissimi migranti della comunità araba. Il presidio si è dato appuntamento nei primi giorni dell’anno nuovo per organizzare ulteriori mobilitazioni e iniziative.
Lunedì 29 dicembre 2008 19:59 Napoli - 1.000 in corteo contro Israele
Mobilitazione in sostegno della resistenza palestinese

Convocato in due giorni solo attraverso il web ed i social network il presidio di oggi pomeriggio a Napoli in solidarieta’ con il popolo palestinese e contro l’offensiva israeliana a Gaza e’ diventato un corteo spontaneo con circa mille partecipanti. Da Piazza Carita’ il corteo si e’ mosso verso le 17:30 attarversando il centro della citta’, paralizzando completamente il trafficom ed attraversando Via Roma e Via Monteoliveto.
Centri sociali, il movimento dell’Onda, i movimenti in difesa dei beni comuni, e la comunita’ palestinese e quella araba sono scesi in piazza contro il terrorismo dell’esercito israeliano che sta producendo un massacro a Gaza e nei territori con oltre 400 morti in pochi giorni sotto i bombardamenti israeliani.
In testa al corteo una grande bandiera palestinese con la scritta "Free Palestine" apriva il corteo nel quale sono state distribuite pettorine con la scritta "Israele criminale ! Stop Apartheid", e "Terrorita e’ Israele ! La Palestina si difende".
Al termine della manifestazione c’e’ stato un blocco del traffico in Piazza Carita’.
Intanto i prossimi appuntamenti porteranno alla manifestazione nazionale convocata a Roma per Sabato 3 Gennaio.
Lunedì 29 dicembre 2008 18:10 Padova - "Stop al massacro di Gaza". Iniziativa di solidarietà
Oggi attivisti del cso Pedro e dell’associazione Ya Basta hanno compiuto un’azione simbolica per esprimere solidarietà e vicinanza alla popolazione di Gaza vittima dei vergognosi bombardamenti dell’esercito israeliano.
Gli attivisti hanno posto dei carri armati di cartone nello storico presepe presente ai piedi del cavalcavia Borgomagno a Padova e uno striscione con scritto "Stop al massacro di Gaza-Free Palestine".
Con questa azione si è voluto esprimere un legame anche con tutte le persone conosciute nei tanti viaggi nei territori occupati, dall’ultimo a Gaza due mesi fa a bordo della "Dignity" con il Free Gaza movement alla carovana Sport sotto l’assedio, e tanti altri ancora.

Lunedi 29 dicembre alle 17.00
presidio davanti alla Prefettura di Genova

per chiedere l’immediato cessate il fuoco ed esprimere la nostra solidarietà al popolo palestinese di Gaza, vittima del massacro e dell’assedio israeliano

Nel mondo / Protests in solidarity with Palestine

pip 29.Dec.2008 21:05

Gaza - Nel mondo / Protests in solidarity with Palestine are springing up all over the world in every major city.

-Palestina - Tausende haben sich in den letzten zwei Tagen in Nazereth, um El Fahem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Dir El Assad, Haifa, Akka und in vielen anderen Städten und Dörfern (

-Tel Aviv - haben gestern Abend 1000 Menschen an einer Demo teilgenommen

- London - Protests in London Outside Israeli Embassy - mass demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in London 3000 people.

Paris F - Due dimostrazioni di 1300 e 300 persone si sono svolte.

- Gent - BE - presidio di 130 persone

- Wien A - 30. Dezember 2008, 15 Uhr, Stephansplatz, demostration

Berlin D - Montag dem 29.

Herford - D- 150 persone in presidio

Bristol ENG - Some people have already vigiled on the Centre in Bristol today (Saturday) and this is an initiative to build on. PSC and supporters will continue the vigil on the Centre 12.00-2.00pm Sunday (tomorrow 28th)

Sheffield ENG - Hundreeds in front to Town Hall on Monday 29th December 2008

Edinburgh SCO - Saw a protest of around 100 people by the Royal Academy of Scotland near the foot of the Mound in the space between East and West Princes Street gardens.

Dublin IR- Hundred take to the streets to show solidarity and mourn for the people of Gaza.

Madrid ES. - About 2000 people have concentrate in front of the embassy of Israel in Madrid, Spain

Malaga ES- Lunes 29 concentración por la situación de gaza a las 19 horas en calle Larios

Navarra ES - 29.12.2008 concentración frente al Parlamento de Navarra contra el ataque sionista en Gaza.

Den Haag NE - - 29.12.2008 Dimostrazione 1000 persone (?)

Amsterdam NE - 300 persone di fronte all'ambasciata israele

Norvegia - NO - 900 persone hanno manifestato (?) A Bergen e Oslo altre manifestazioni

WROCŁAW PO - presidio, presidio anche a Warszaw-

Roma (Italy) 29.12.08

Christian 29.Dec.2008 21:42

Un centinaio di persone hanno manifestato con bandiere palestinesi e libanesi davanti alla sede della Rai, contestando il modo vergognoso con cui i tg stanno disinformando la gente sul terrorismo di Israele. Un "servizio pubblico" totalmente appiattito sulla propaganda dell'esercito israeliano. E' stato chiesto e ottenuto un incontro in delegazione con i vertici della Rai.
Uno striscione reclamava ancora una volta "dignità, terra e libertà per il popolo palestinese".
I prossimi appuntamenti sono l'assemblea di domani e il corteo di sabato (ore 16.30 piazza Esedra).

New protests

po 30.Dec.2008 22:26

New demonstrations around the world 30/12

Estado Espanol:
Malaga - 1000 in solidarietà col popolo palestinese
Granada -300 persone in piazza
Sevilla - centinaia di persone davanti al Municipio in solidarietà con Gaza

Tenerife - 30 de diciembre, a las 19:30 horas, concentracion frente a la Subdelegación del Gobierno
BARCELONA: 2 de gener concentració a Pl St. Jaume | dissabte 10 de gener MANIFESTACIÓ a Pl. Universitat | En cas d'invasió terrestre concentració urgent el mateix dia a les 19h als Jardinets de Gràcia
TERRASSA: dissabte 3 de gener a les 19h al Raval de Montserrat (davant l'Ajuntament).
GIRONA: dimarts 30 de desembre a les 8 del vespre a la plaça del vi de Girona.
RUBÍ: dimar ts 30 de desembre a les 7,30 de la tarda, a la Plaça de l'Ajuntament
LA GARRIGA: dimecres 31 de desembre a les 12h a la Plç de l'església
Gasteiz - concentracion el martes 30 de diciembre en la Plaza de Correos a partir de las 20.00 horas
VIGO - Murxido, 30.12.2008
A CORUNHA - Venres 2 de janeiro de 2009 20:30 horas Obelisco

Madrid - pics about past demo

Torino - 300 persone in presidio e poi in corteo
Palermo - 200 persone in presidio
Bologna- 29 dicembre ore 16 presidio per Gaza. Le 300 persone poi fanno un corteo per la città.
Roma - un centinaio di persone hanno manifestato con bandiere palestinesi e libanesi davanti alla sede della Rai. Sabato previsto corteo (ore 16.30 piazza Esedra).
Brescia - presidio di solidarietà oggi 30/12
Roma, Vicenza, Modena e molte altre città - manifestazioni per sabato 3/1/09

Roubaix, lundi 29 décembre à 17h30, devant la Maison des Associations (métro Eurotéléport)
Douai, lundi 29 décembre à 18H00 devant la sous préfecture
Boulogne-sur-Mer lundi 29 décembre 18 h devant l’arbre de la paix
Villeneuve d’Ascq devant la mairie - mardi 30 à 17heures
une initiative est en préparation à Dunkerque pour la fin de semaine

Atene, un gruppo misto di circa 300 manifestanti Arabi e Greci ha lanciato pietre contro l'ambasciata Israeliana e si è scontrato con la polizia antisommossa. Più tardi, oltre 3.000 manifestanti sventolando bandiere Palestinesi e gridando slogan anti-Israeliani ed anti-americani si sono riuniti all'ambasciata Israeliana a nord del centro città in cortei separati organizzati da partiti di sinistra e gruppi Arabi. (aggiornamento di una notizia già fornita)

Salonicco, circa 1,000 manifestanti hanno protestato all'esterno del Consolato americano, bruciando una bandiera Israeliana.

Warszawa - demonstracja

England, Scotland
Edinburgh and Glasgow demo have been called for this coming Saturday 3rd January to oppose the Israeli state's bombing of the Gaza Strip
Warwick - Protest Against the Israeli Ambassador's Visit to Warwick Uni Campus Tomorrow

Dublin - for the third day Palestinian and Palestine solidarity activists demonstrated in Dublin against the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza. Sat 3rd Jan a new one.
Belfast - On Monday 29th December, 100 people assembled in front of Belfast City Hall

Tel Aviv - 2000 protest against the air strikes, 27th Dec

Quebec - Manifestation Solidarité avec Gaza! Samedi, Décembre 27, 2008 - 16:30

Lima: Martes 30 de diciembre Plantón en solidaridad con Palestina
Montevideo - 19 hrs concentramiento en Obelisco para ir (1 cuadra) hasta la embajada de Israel.
San Juan (PuertoRico)- El Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores (MST) realizará una protesta este martes 30 de diciembre para condenar los ataques de Israel contra el pueblo palestino y el respaldo de los Estados Unidos a estas agresiones. La actividad será a partir de las 4:00 de la tarde frente al Edificio Federal en la Calle Chardón de Hato Rey.

Houston - Hundreds Rally
NYC Thousands Rally
Protests Planned in Los Angeles, Portland and Twin Cities (....)

New Zeland
Auckland - Protest 4pm Tomorrow Tuesday 30th December.
Outside US Consulate on Customs Street, Downtown Auckland
Vigil and protest details
Nelson, Tuesday, 30 December: all welcome to join the Nelson Peace Group's candle vigil, 12 noon on the Church Steps, Trafalgar Street; a letter to John Key will be available to sign by attendees.
Auckland, Tuesday, 30 December: Protest against slaughter in Gaza, 4pm at the US Consulate, Citigroup Building, 23 Customs Street (corner of Commerce Street)
Auckland, Saturday, 3 January: Rally for Justice And Peace in Palestine, starts 2pm, QEII Square, Customs Street and Queen Street intersection, outside Downtown Shopping Centre. Organised by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign
Wellington: details will be available following the Wellington Palestine Group meeting on 30 December.

Adelaide - Gaza Protest: Tuesday 1:00pm - 3:00pm 30/12/2008
Sydney - Town Hall Monday, December 29- More than 3000 people turned out in Sydney this afternoon to call for an end to the sensless killing in Gaza.

All you people who call this "Genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" are idiots

CrocodilusPontifex 02.Jan.2009 07:55

Tell me, what state in the region has responded better to terrorism than Israel?

In 1982, the Syrian Army crushed a small Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the Syrian city Hama by completely destroying the city, killing over 20,000 of its own civilians.

In 1988, Iran tortured and executed over 30,000 members of the resistance group the People's Mujahadeen of Iran.

In 1988, Saddam Hussein killed over 5000 Kurdish civilians using poison gas after an uprising there.

It is an insult to these tens of thousands of people killed to call the 350 dead Gazans, most of which are members of Hamas, as "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing."

Fact and opinion

Michael S. 02.Jan.2009 19:06

Fact: Israel left Gaza to the Palestinians in September 2005. Most Israelis were nervous about this since it brought hostile Palestinians within easy striking range of many southern Israeli cities.

Fact: Hamas has been lobbing missiles into southern Israel for the last three years, in violation of a treaty with Israel. At least 6,400 missiles have been launched into non-military targets from Gaza in this period.

Opinion: Israel showed more restraint than any other nation would have, and certainly more than Hamas deserved.

Fact: Hamas places missile launchers and military planning facilities in the midst of crowded civilian areas. In spite of this, the vast majority of Gazans killed were military combatants. Israel, like most nations, separates their military facilities from civilian populations.

Opinion: Hamas, a terroristic political organization devoted to the destruction of Israel should be demolished and the Palestinian people should return the PA to power.

Koreans protest, "Stop Killing in Gaza!"

solidarity 03.Jan.2009 20:37

Friends, the time in Korea has only left about 5min. for 2009. Sorry
for duplicated email in case. Even though I am lazy and selfish
person, I wanted to send you the news of my Korean friends' courageous
step who had a protest against the Israel's attack on Gaza. Please
look at the links below for the great photos. There is much to share
of the colonial history between Palestine and Korea.

Sending this, knowing Korea and the world has no rest despite
year-ending, it is hard to say, happy new year. But if you allow me, I
wish all of you great year. And thank you so much for your inspiration
this year.

I know there are many young peace activists in Israel who are not
afraid going to jail against the conscription. Please support young
Israeli peace activists, here, too.


1. Please look at here in advance what generally happening in Korea now.

2. About 100 activists from the 16 Korean Peace organizations had the
emergency press interview and protest against the Israel's attacks on
Gaza, Palestine, in front of the Israeli embassy, Seoul, Korea, at
noon on Dec. 30, 2008. The organizations were All Together, Center for
Peace and Disarmament of the People's Solidarity for Participatory
Democracy(PSPD), Democratic Labor Party, Frontiers, Imagination for
International Solidarity, International Solidarity for Democracy(?),
Intifada Korea, Jinbo Korea, Lawyers for a Democratic Society, Nanum
Munhwa, New Jinbo Party, Power of Working Class, People's Solidarity
for Social Progress, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Korean
Federation of Medical Groups for Health Rights, and the Socialist
Party. Many activist Organizations including the Peace Network(Wooksik
Cheong) wrote the analysis and urged Israel to stop killing of the

For the links above

_ Center for Peace and Disarmamnet, People's Solidarity for
Participatory Democracy(PSPD) Website

_World Without War website

_ Stop the bombing, The Hankyoreh(English), posted on : Dec. 31, 2008 12:41 KST

_ A Korean activist, Mini who traveled the Gaza in the past loaded the
photos in the Gaza before the attack and wrote the essay of solidarity
with Gaza upon its tragedy in the media, 'Pressian' See his beautiful
photos in Gaza, here.§ion=05

_A Korean activist just forwarded the Dec. 30 letter from Quds
Online( to me today. Here I copy the letter at the
end of bottom.

_You may also refer here.
Sunday, December 28, 2008 NOT ACCEPTABLE

Thanks very much, everyone.


from Quds Online
Consolidate with Gaza
A call to every
Honorable Person,
Freedom Fighter,
Faithful Human Being:
Humanity is being slaughtered in Gaza;
Childhood is being killed in Gaza;
History is recording a new holocaust in Gaza.
We appeal to you:
Stand up for Humanity
Stand up for the people of Gaza
Through your voices in the media
Via your stances in the street
With your pens…

انصروا غزة
ايها الشرفاء
ايها الاصدقاء
ايها المناضلون
ايها المخلصون
الانسانية تذبح في غزة
الطفولة تقتل في غزة
التاريخ يكتب هليكوست جديدة
نناشدكم انتصروا للانسانية
انتصروا لشعب غزة
بصوتكم عبر الاعلام
بموقفكم عبر الشارع
صمتنا شراكة بالجريمة
المجتمع الاهلي والمدني

Our silence amounts to participation

eyewitness accounts direct from Gaza

reposter 15.Jan.2009 00:47

Read eyewitness accounts direct from Gaza, see photos, by a human rights activist out there, working with ISM and the Red Crescent, currently in hospital & ambulances:

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