Chis Cristian Mihai, a Romanian "jornalist" always taking pictures at European demos but hardly ever publishing objective reports, was by a strange irony of fate arrested by the police in Strasbourg on 4th of April. Nonetheless, the unusual top intervention of Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs led to his release on the spot. His profile, activity, and connections make him anything but a plain newspaper man.

Report by a Romanian anarchist in exile

No sooner had Chis Cristian Mihai, 39, been arrested by Police in Strasbourg on 4th of April while frantically shooting pictures of the participants at the Demo, than after a phone call he was released at the direct top intervention of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Cristian Diaconescu.
Blending in with the crowd has remained a classic and most effective intelligence infiltration method since time immemorial. Thus, all European-scale demos – Vienna 2003, ESF Paris 2003, ESF London 2004, ESF Athens 2006, ESF Malmo 2008, and now anti-NATO Strasbourg, saw “journalist” Chis Cristian Mihai trying hard to pose as a Left activist and give the impression that he belongs.
Attempting to infiltrate the anti-NATO Demo in July 2004 in Istanbul Chis was denied access into Turkey and detained at the airport, whereas other Romanian activists were granted pass clearance. Once again, a phone call to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made his day: a high ranking officer of the Romanian Embassy in Istanbul visited him and arranged his quick release and sending back home.
One may wonder how comes that other Romanian citizens might as well get rotten in jails or prisoners of the Somali pirates without having one finger moved by the same authorities.
In April 2008, when anti-NATO activists were brutally repressed in Bucharest and most of my comrades were not even allowed to cross the Romanian border, Chis did not show up any interest in domestic struggles. But one of his colleagues was unmasked in the city of Iasi while trying a similar infiltration under the cover of a “journalist” interested by anarchist and leftist organizations just prior to the NATO Summit.
After moving from Cluj to Bucharest, Chis has been “writing” for obscure virtual tabloids (such as www.askmen.ro ), for true-blue neo-liberal magazines promoting the interests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (such as “Global Events Business”, see www.geb.ro ), and for the notorious virtual publication www.ziare.com which is well-known as being the loudspeaker of the Secret Services.
Chis Cristian Mihai is also notorious for his chauvinism and extreme-nationalism particularly targeting the Hungarian ethnic minority in Romania. Before switching mission-track to hunting down social movements activists, his mission had been the hunting down of leaders of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Transylvania as well as of Romanians sharing similar democratic views.
His expensive “excursions” on the occasion of European demos could not have been covered by the budget of any main stream Media newspapers since as a matter of neo-liberal policy they hardly ever publish news about anti-globalist movements and events. It is a policy of maintaining the people in the darkness by not allowing them being informed about the struggles raging in the world. Thus, Chis’s “reports” and thousands of photos never see the light of day. Strasbourg anti-NATO Demo has been a case of a different kind since his arresting compelled a justification in the form of the production of two soap opera-like articles published merely on www.ziare.com to save his undercover status.
Alike in case of Malmo ESF Demo, Chis’s “literary creations” are but eyesore infantile diaries written in informal language or even slang that spell about his uninteresting personal “exploits” and mishaps avoiding, for good reason, objective information. Moreover, these “articles” are designed to generate a negative image and perception of anti-globalist movements.
The reasons why Chis Cristian Mihai is trying so desperately to pose as a “journalist” embracing the cause of anti-NATO and anti-globalist movements are by far more complex than one may think at a first glance. On one hand, it is about establishing contacts, marking human targets, hunting down organizers of movements, documenting the events, the organizations, and the leaders by photographing and thorough reports. On the other hand, once he has been accepted as “comrade”, his activity gears up to the most infamous and vicious level: manipulation, intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence work, disruption, and eventually denigration and destruction of the organization are but some of the ingredients.
The purpose of such activity is obviously anti-democratic and has in view the neo-liberal politics of discrediting and suppressing social movements and the Left, reason for which it would never be acknowledged as such, nor even as existing.
There is public information dated July 2008 according to which the same Chis Cristian Mihai is to be the new “organizer” of ATTAC Romania, backed up by his good comrades Bazga Nicu and Arcanu Vasile. Should this turn into reality, social movements would have to face a real threat.
It appears that presently a number of anarchist and social movement organizations are aware of Chis Cristian Mihai’s activities as neo-liberal secret agent.

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