A small report of 1 year of 'christian democratic' governance in Italy


Elected member of the party of 'the people of freedom' and good friend of Mr.B
Elected member of the party of 'the people of freedom' and good friend of Mr.B

Is this possible just in one year in a European country?
This is the roadmap of Silvio Berlusconi...
Is this Europe 1939?

Is there a country in Europe where all this is possible in one year?

* Medical staff is put under pressure to denounce illegal immigrants

* Gypsy camps are set to fire and nightly raids with baseball bats cannot be prevented by the local authorities (Rome, Napels..)

* A lawyer(David Mills) is convicted until 3 years because he has been bribed to commit purgery but where the briber(the premier) cannot be prosecuted because he declared himself immune with a hasty voted law

* Immigrants that search a cover for the night in stations are set to fire(Rome)

* A father is accused of murder because he wanted to make an end to the suffering of his daughter that was already in coma since 17 years

* Walls between immigrants and schoolchildren are raised to prevent contact between them(Padova)

* Journalists can be convicted to three years of prison if they report about ongoing juridical investigations

* Progressive ‘lookin’ juveniles are beaten to death(Bologna)

* Homosexuals are beaten up on the streets and homobars are destroyed with violent raids(Rome)

* Separate bus routes are set up with separated timelines only for immigrants(Foggia)

* Nightly police raids on gypsy camps with helicopters, crying children and desperate people are common

* The army is put on the street to fight criminality together with numerous politically inspired citizen volunteer organizations

* Gypsy camps are put without electricity because there is no purchase proof for the power generators

* Where numerous members of the parliament have been convicted for crimes or connections with the mafia

* Where parliament members are very proud to bring the roman greetings and not only members of Alleanza Nazionale or the Lega Nord

* Where the premier has in hands almost all of the national media but also a substantial part of the European media

* Where the founder of the until a few months ago biggest party(Forza Italia) has been convicted several times for connections with the mafia and is a very good friend of the premier(Senator Marcello dell’Utri)

* Where several members of the government party have declared that the only possible escape from jail was entering the political stage

Welcome to the world of 'il padrino' Silvio Berlusconi
Divide and rule and above all distract...
The above climate is the result of a 15 years very well planned strategy of anti-politics and manipulation.
Wilfried Martens and the EPP(EPD) don’t see any problem in the ‘party of the people of freedom’ and find in this party a representance of the Christian democratic values.
Democracy is a word that is not present in Silvio Berlusconi’s vocabulary.
What’s wrong with Wilfried Martens and the EPP(EPD)?
European election fever?

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