Global Pension Plan (GPP)

Corporate Actions Investing - Future Share Researchers

The way government's do business are to many good beneficiaries for accountability to record and created information. Not least when adminstrative entities are conditions to the limitation within any area of corporate businesses. We have people and key capabilities, laboratories and sustainable processes in structure for the modern capacity on request. In developing this system since 2006 we have reach to access a greater and more qualified quality for our image overtime. With analysts for everyone we belive consulting will meet a quality care. These are quality improvements as a result to the investment management that we accross the country already provide. Thus fact are experienced from future areas and we are in conditions were we are able to focus on to become more coordinational skilled and successful share researchers benefiting your business too.

Fund Traders Association / Pension Fund Investment Management


Mr Roger K. Olsson
Phone: +46 (0) 705474830

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