Reporter Susan Roesgen is uniformed

Ignorant comments from CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen

While covering a Chicago Tea Party, CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen, made a very unprofessional, biased and certainly ignorant comment after being faced with truthful information she did not know how to handle. Her only recourse, to say something stupid like this "I think you get the general tenor of this. It's anti-government..."

Anti-government, really??? Obviously she needs to go back to school and learn a few things about this country like patriotism, integrity, founding fathers, the constitution, Abe Lincoln, and more...

It's bad reporting and ignorant media like this, that is really creating a lot of confusion in this country. Perhaps Susan Roesgen and all other brainwashed media should get a reality check and wake up to the disinformation they are spreading. If not then they should resign and leave the country in the hands of the real patriots and quit trying to betray us all.

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