fascists raid into the athens law school - 18 peple injured

A fascist group of hooligans raided the Athens law school last night injuring 18 people.
This people are not just hooligans but a new trick of the Greek internal security agency against rebel youth.

Last night during a party organized by the leftist group antarsya
a small group of fascist hooligans raided the Athens law school holding expandable batons, iron bars and stones and they injured at least 18 people.

This death squad of hooligans didn't appear for first time.
We write that in order to inform people from all over the world for the dirty tricks of police and national security agency of Greece.

During the last year a new wave of resistance has appeared in the Greek streets. In order to suppress the voice of all this young people
the Greek state besides the riot control units has started to use ultra right wing skinhead groups against the rebel youth. The most
prominent of this group is "golden dawn" ("xrysh avgh" in Greek).
They have also setup a special unit of undercover agents in order
to infiltrate the anti-capitalism movement and destroy it by spreading drugs to young people and creating havoc during various events and gatherings.

This small group of self proclaimed "Punk Anarchists" consist of few undercover agents and many street thugs and hooligans that either receive some small economic compensation every month (this is unverified though logic says it should be true) , either free drugs (we know that for sure) and some of them probably participate for the sake of fun. They dress like real anarchists and rebel youths.

Last night they entered a party in Athens law school posing as real students who want to party. They went to the bar requesting "unlimited free drinks". When their request was politely rejected since they were asking for something obviously unrealistic they pulled their carefully concealed armor attacking not only the bar staff but everyone in the hall. The outcome of this attach was at least 18 people seriously injured and hundred of student running to save their life.

The right wing government wants to stop any anti-government activity in the center of Athens. Suppressing peaceful activities through
riot police is very unpopular so they have switched to the old trick
of destroying events by sending this group of hooligans to vandalize in order to make everybody scared to organize any activity in Athens city center. They have succeed on that. This month nearly all political activities moved to suburbs in order to avoid vandalism and as a matter of fact they passed unnoticed.

This group of state controlled hooligans is getting bigger every week.They also blackmail people in order not to speak against them.Many anti systemic greek blogs avoid to write against them to avoid confrontation. Even worst many genuine Greek anarchist acting out of blatant naivety avoid to confront this people calling them "troubled youths".
Even Athen's indymedia center has blocked many discussions about this people claiming that its not a political issue but just street violence.

This has to stop immediately. The problem is very political.
Most people have realized this group is not just some antisocial thugs but the last project of internal security agency.
Even if some of them are just thugs or troubled young people there shouldn't be any excuse. Last night we survived out of mere luck.

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