Chicago's Staff Infection

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Chicago Firefighters use Dead Native American's Photo as Screensaver
Chicago Firefighters use Dead Native American's Photo as Screensaver

Street Newspaper banned from social networking site for reporting Chicago Rescue Workers who posted forum discussing the medical history of their patient contact with a homeless native american, now deceased. The site was called "Did you know this Alcoholic Indian?".

"that photo was the screensaver at the FD for a while" rescue responder - Bob Eggart of Chicago IL. Chicago’s Staff Infection What if you were treated for an emergency at your local hospital, and the staff that treated you posted your picture on Facebook's Social Networking site, and then in a public forum discuss your medical condition and sharing it with their friends? This is what has happened to Native American Christopher Cornstalk. When Native Activist Facebook users found this site in existence, the shock and outrage was palpable. "As a Native Woman and a former medical professional, I am outraged at the lack of professionalism and outright racism displayed in this public forum. It is unconscionable." Barbara Low, Facebook user and Native Activist. Although Facebook took immediate action to pull the site, activists took screenshots and transcriptions of the group itself prior to deletion. There is also correspondence between group members and firefighters, nurses and emergency officers themselves defending their actions. After posting this bulletin to the Making Change facebook page, within an hour her account was dismantled by the social networking site. Other members who protested and reported the group of police officers, fire fighters, nurses and social workers had their accounts frozen only, for a temporary period of time. Since 1994 Making Change... has reported on issues facing the homeless and relaying information regarding minority groups who have little media access. This newspaper's account was deleted today by Facebook for reporting on the City of Chicago Illinois Rescue and First Responder employees who created a group targeting the deceased Native American who was their patient and homeless. Making Change issued a press release and screenshots of the group called Do You Know This Alcoholic Indian? - created by a group of firefighters, medical professionals and police officers. The group even quoted a firefighter who claimed Christopher Cornstalks' photo was used as a joke screensaver on the city's Fire Department computers. Apparently if you are a reporter or a newspaper, you are not protected by the First Amendment, posted on the editor of Making Change's new temporary account with a fictitious name. If you would like to help, share this story with reporters and contact Chicago City Officials as well as facebook and voice your outrage. We welcome contact with reporters to spread this story.

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