Music Plays for Human Rights

Tampa- July 16th - Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay and Jessy Leros, producer and performing artist, joined forces in a “Concert for Human Rights” in the Terra Sur Cafe' (a Peruvian restaurant in Tampa to inspire others to help increase awareness for our “Freedom of Expression” and to motivate today’s youth to protect this vital Human Right in our society.

As a supporter of human rights, Jessy wanted to help the YFHR (Youth for Human Rights) which is formed of young adults dedicated to educating others on the importance of human rights and bringing awareness to human rights violations worldwide. After viewing an award winning YFHR video, which the group uses to educate others, Jessy was inspired to create his own style of music, called "World Pop", a hybrid that combines elements of the international sound of World Music and mainstream Pop/Rock.
“I believe that an artist’s most valuable asset is his freedom of expression, I can relate to that, and if I can inspire others and increase awareness of this fundamental human right and motivate today’s youth in our society to protect it, then I know I’ve truly given back” Jessy Leros said.
The night of music and dance was inspirational to those in attendance and educational as well. Following the musical performance was a presentation by YFHR; the attendees were shown a video produced by YRHR International that promotes the United Nations’ “Universal Declaration on Human Rights” and explained the basic rights outlined therein. Attendees were given personal copies of the video.
Jessy was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. At the age of 8, he started his music studies which included the cuatro, mandolin, South American percussion instruments and classical guitar. At the age of 14 he was picked in the top three in the “National Music and Land Project” competition which consisted of broad universal music knowledge including Classical and World Music as well as artistic performance.
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To find out more about Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay, please contact Paola Martinez at (727) 505-3465 or email her at
Jessy was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. His Classical guitar studies were done at the conservatory of music Jose Luis Paz. Once in the United Stated, he studied Flamenco for a brief time under former Julliard Guitar Maestro Jose Moreno in Tampa, Florida. Jessy’s production work includes music collaborations for the Universal Studios TV show TAINA and coproduction of the Aids Responsibility project with XL productions. He has done a series of films but the majority of his time has been devoted to music performance; Jessy Leros currently lives in Tampa, FL.

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