Indybay Censorship

The San Francisco Bay Area's web site has been taken over by censors. It is time to stop this madness and retake this important resource from the corporate assclowns who have taken it over.

I posted the following to's alleged "open" publishing newswire. It was deleted within half an hour. Below, you can see what appears in its place. I apparently violated some "point of unity." Since when did unity equal censorship?

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An Open Letter to Indymedia
by Lee T. White Tuesday Jul 21st, 2009 1:34 PM
Indymedia purports to be all about freedom of expression. But when that expression casts the little clique that runs it or one of its friends in an unfavorable light, censorship rears its ugly head.

I have posted two perfectly rational, reasonable, honest, non-profane replies to the spokesman for California Pacific Medical Center who questioned the accuracy of an article I posted (see link, below).

I also posted a comment under your "Donate" link encouraging people not to donate to Indymedia because of your policies against freedom of expression. It, too, disappeared almost immediately. Both comments contained my REAL NAME and REAL E-MAIL, the same one I'm using now.

I demand an explanation as to why these comments were removed. You purport to be pro-free speech and anti-establishment, but what you really are is nothing but a bunch of slimy, petty, little corporate control freaks just like the people you claim to oppose. Well, friends, two can play at this game. Just as Indymedia was created, it can be destroyed by exposing it and the people behind it for what and who they are. You have made an enemy out of a longtime friend. You will live to regret it, I promise you that. For now, know that you are a bunch of frauds and I sincerely hope you suffer all the ills that go along with a phony, dishonest existence.


Lee T. White
Concord, CA


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