Seattle anarchists shut down holocaust denier lecture

On July 18th, anarchists in Seattle Washington converged downtown to confront a group of Nazis gathering to host a lecture by British Holocaust Denier David Irving.

Organizers only had one week to prepare for David Irvings arrival, and had considerable difficulty finding the actual location of the lecture. Fascists had cleverly only disclosed the actual location hours before the event, and only gave the information to people who had registered online with credit cards. This made the action considerably more difficult to organize around, but after a great effort by organizers (including calling every venue and hotel in town), David Irving was found.

The action was not organized through any established antifascist organization, because no active group in Seattle took the necessary initiative. Instead, local anarchists put out a call to all ineterested people to meet downtown and quickly plan the days strategy out.

Once assembled, nazi's patroling the area called the Seattle Police Department to crack down on an "anarchist mob" forming in the streets. Anarchists, aware of the increasing amount of bike police and cruisers surrounding the area, quickly moved to a new location in small groups so as not to be followed.

Once gathered in a new location away from the police, scouts who had infiltrated the lecture and the Best Western Hotel it was being held in, shared photo's with the group to give them an idea of what they were up against. After brief discussion, the group of about 30 anti-fascists took to the streets and marched quickly to the hotel. Several participants tried to storm the building, but riot police were standing by and ejected them immediately.

But the panic of the guests inside, and the growing anger of the mob outside was enough incentive for the hotels manager to inform David and his gand of Nazi's that they had to leave. They put up a fuss, but security escorted them out.

David Irving is now banned from all Best Western Inns, and a new network of anti-fascists has been born in Seattle to continue confronting fascism where it appears.

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