Free! Music! Sampler 2010 - Freeloaded published


Freeloaded's cover
Freeloaded's cover

To promote music published under a Creative Commons license and the artists that stand behind the music Musikpiraten (Musicpirates) e.V. in 2010 organized the Free! Music! Contest for the second time. While mainly German bands and musicians competed last year, it is a truly international competition this year: 130 artists from more than 30 countries entered their pieces! Since [date] a sampler put together by a jury is available for download. The finale of the Contest will be a party on October 2nd at the Kreativfabrik in Wiesbaden, Germany, with five live bands.

"This enormous increase in participants was only possible because of the support of many bloggers, online magazines, free radios and internet radios who all covered the contest." says Christian Hufgard, president of Musikpiraten e.V. "Special mention has to be given to Cory Doctorow who acted as patron of the Contest" he added.

The Musikpiraten's server now yields two CDs packed to the brim with 36 legally shareable Creative Commongs songs. For those who like it particularly free there is version in OGG-format to download while a "classic" MP3 version is available, too. Both versions can be loaded via via BitTorrent, eDonkey2000 or directly through the browser. All download possibilities can be found on the website with the contest's results.

Huge variety of genres

The scope of musical styles of "Freeloaded" - that's the sampler's name - is as wide as that of it's predecessor. German punk by "Das frivole Burgfräulein" - "Bonn's best beach punk band of the world" - rock from Berlin by Shearer, synthpop by the upcoming Zoe. Leela (also from Berlin) are joined in harmony with the folk of the well known singer songwriter David Rovics (USA) and the metal from Spain (Cautiva). Also there is alternative metal by Umbra Summi Nobis (Venezuela), chiptunes from Norway (Binärpilot), Austrian acoustic rock (Amitiy in Fame), Argentinian 80s-style pop (The Kyoto Connection) and a lot more.

These two CDs display the wide variety that Crative Commons music has in the maintstream and also contains genres that hardly ever get any airplay on the radio.

There is a public voting that is open until September 30. 10 t-shirts sponsored by 3DSupply are given away to one winner bands present on the CD. Three more prizes (sponsored by GetDigital) a music pillow, an equalizer-t-shirt and a working bongo drum t-shirt were given away using the random number generating function of They go out to Reboot from Spain, the Sanchez Band (also Spain) and Tetania from Belarus.

October 2nd will be the climax and the end of the Contest: Das frivole Burgfräulein (Bonn), Shearer (Berlin), lax-o-mat (Chemnitz), (Butzbach) and the Fuzzy Tunes (Darmstadt) will rock Kreativfabrik.

At this date the sampler will be available as CD. With a pressing of 1,000 copies it will be hand numbered and sold for 2,50€ (plus shipping and handling). Reservations can be made through the Musikpiraten's website.


The recognized non-profit organization Musikpiraten e.V. has the purpose of promoting free culture with a focus on music as means of artistic expression. Musikpiraten e.V. accomplishes this through the organization and sponsoring of events and competitions, supporting artists and running the internet portal as a central meeting point for artists and art consumers.


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