The Orange County Public Guardian – the Real Story the Press Doesn’t Want You to See

The real story is one of a courageous rescue of a 92-year-old woman by a loving daughter who risked her life for her mother. It is a story about continuing harassment from a government official intent on acquiring the assets of the elderly woman.

Reporters at the September 9, 2010, press conference listened to the scream of a child as her father tried to kill her mother. The child yelled out, “Get your hands off of her,” a cry that likely saved the mother’s life. The child had managed to record the violence and threats. This recording, played at the press conference, served as evidence of how much terror the victim had suffered.

The victim, the child’s mother, was the one who later risked her own life to save the life of her own mother. The Public Guardian and Adult Protective Services failed and refused to help the victim rescue her mother. The victim called the county nine times and received no support of any kind from the Public Guardian or Adult Protective Services for her mother. Despite threats of death, the victim managed to rescue her own mother from the clutches of the man who, earlier, had tried to kill the victim. The senior woman was 69 pounds when the victim and her friends rescued her. Now the senior is a much healthier weight and lives in a happier setting with personal care assistants who are working to restore the woman to her earlier self Friends rallied around to help the victim, but she and her mother wound up being further victimized by a system that disregards the innocent and rewards the guilty.

The Orange County Public Guardian, propelled by the desire to close a budget shortfall and assisted by a batterer bent on revenge against his victim and further assisted by the batterer’s friend, a man accused of child molestation, has harassed and threatened the victim with loss of all her assets. The Public Guardian ignored requests to contact the 92-year-old woman’s attorney, subjected her to unwarranted intrusions into her privacy and terrified this woman who has been described as kind, generous and considerate. The senior woman wants the Public Guardian's harassing visits to stop but the Public Guardian seems intent to continue the harassment until the woman turns over everything to him. Neither the Public Guardian nor Adult Protective Services did anything at all to help the senior woman but now they want her assets.

The victim came close to death a little over a month ago when the actions of the Public Guardian contributed to stressing the victim into a serious heart condition that required emergency surgery.

The heroines are the victim, a professional named Ruth, the 92 year-old-woman, the young daughter who dared to save her own mother’s life, and friends identified as Hanneke and Teddi. As the mother of the child went on to save her own mother, the credit for saving the grandmother falls indirectly on the child as well.

The villains are the Public Guardian John Williams, an abusive husband named Mark, reporters who refuse to print the truth and a system that punishes the innocent and rewards criminals.

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