Animal Liberation: How Do We Get There?

Words are useless unless they translate into action. We all know what the issues are. We do not need anymore masturbatory debates about welfare v. rights nor do we need to entertain the enemy by debating their insidiousness with them. They are all criminals and they all need to be stopped. If we start with that very simple premise, then we can easily shift the conversation toward one thing and one thing only: HOW?

The Objective

We need to define an objective before we can quantify effectiveness.

I cannot open all the cages. So I think the next best thing is to make it uncomfortable and unprofitable to be an abuser. Does fear and intimidation accomplish this? To some extent. And exposure is a means to this end. But I want to go beyond making it uncomfortable and make it untenable. I want the enemy to be scared, I want them to be socially ostracized, I want them to live in fear, chaos, and panic when they see strangers… I want to make it so unbearable that they close up shop and retire.

Fear is an effective instrument. But how do we employ it and to what end? I’m a huge proponent of intimidation. No abuser has the right to live in comfort.

Working Together

My limited experience tells me that we each have a piece of the puzzle to put together. We had some minor success in recent months using confrontation and intimidation tactics that yielded a rather compliant abuser. Then, once the discussion was opened up on our terms, other associates were far better equipped to negotiate liberation measures and offer expertise. We have a colleague who still monitors this situation weekly. This example can be viewed as a microcosm of what we can achieve if liberationists come together against the oppressors. It’s a place from which we can build.

Forget Conventional Activism

The law is a part of the oppressor’s system and addressing it is useless. Government has nothing to do with the “we the people” mythology — it is the manifestation of the corporate-industrial complex. Petitions are a convenient way to waste time that could be spent being effective, if we could just figure out how.

We need to go beyond protests. It’s not enough. I’m still waving signs but combining demos with various actions. And, obviously, we can’t be too specific in a public forum, but I have a number of private discussions open about precise strategies. All I can say to that end is that there seems to be a wealth of effective approaches that have been successful to varying degrees but they are not in the public domain. I think this needs to change.

We cannot stay in the confines of “activism” that is prescribed and sanctioned by the enemy. These conventional, enemy-approved, comfortable paths will ensure that we as a movement continue to stagnate and guarantee that the raging holocaust will continue unimpeded.

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