David Myatt, Author Of A Manual On Nail-bomb Construction, With Infant Victim
David Myatt, Author Of A Manual On Nail-bomb Construction, With Infant Victim

Homophobe David Myatt, Hemmed In By BOYS!
Homophobe David Myatt, Hemmed In By BOYS!

Screenshot A Disabled Woman Attacked By 'Anton Long'
Screenshot A Disabled Woman Attacked By 'Anton Long'

Screenshot B Anton Long Says 'Spastics Should Be Drowned At Birth'
Screenshot B Anton Long Says 'Spastics Should Be Drowned At Birth'

Screenshot C Anton Long Says 'You Might Be The Victim Of A Little Accident"
Screenshot C Anton Long Says 'You Might Be The Victim Of A Little Accident"

Screenshot D Disabled Woman Nearly Run Down By Truck
Screenshot D Disabled Woman Nearly Run Down By Truck

Screenshot E David Myatt Co-Author Of Book On Satanism
Screenshot E David Myatt Co-Author Of Book On Satanism

Screenshot F David Myatt Works On Book With Satanist 'Christos Beest'
Screenshot F David Myatt Works On Book With Satanist 'Christos Beest'

Screenshot G 'Christos Beest' Satanist Author
Screenshot G 'Christos Beest' Satanist Author

Screenshot H David Myatt's Close Friend, Stephen Cox, Publishes Satanic Journal
Screenshot H David Myatt's Close Friend, Stephen Cox, Publishes Satanic Journal

Screenshot I David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 1
Screenshot I David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 1

Screenshot J David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 2
Screenshot J David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 2

Screenshot K David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 3
Screenshot K David Myatt's ONA - Hitler Worshipers 3

David Myatt Mingles With Gay Men Shock!!

David Myatt Police Snitch? David Myatt Animal Torturer? David Myatt Satanist - Whatever They Say, Gay Men Are Now Keeping It Tight With Myatt.

A confused looking David Myatt last week found himself amidst an enthusiastic throng of Gay Men.

"David Myatt has very strong links with Reading in Berkshire, where his son Darren is doing post doctoral research in the engineering department of Reading university. When the 'diminutive' nazi is not haunting the antiquarian bookshops of Oxford, he is often to be found in the area opposite Reading university, visiting his Satanist friends." See below for a detailed exposition.


In an amazing new twist, a picture of nazi homophobe, David Myatt has found itself nuzzling pixels in a sea of gay pornography.


This curious entry came up in a Google search for cat strangling Hitler worshiper, David Myatt. Intrigued by the title, I decided to investigate. To say I was surprised at what I found, would be an understatement. It was a posting on a 'Death Metal' music forum called "Return To The Pit". The thread consisted almost entirely of "pliant" young men doing unfeasibly awkward things to themselves. However, nestling amongst the frenzied flesh was a picture of phony Muslim David Myatt. Dressed in Islamic garb, he looked as pious as anyone possibly could under the circumstances. The thread also contained referrences to David Myatt, such as, 'I just donated $30 to David Myatt AND I FEEL GREAT!!!' and 'David Myatt is the mayor of the internet. You'll have to ask him about it."

So, why did the 'Aryan Hero' find himself in such an undignified position? Its not as if Myatt has ever expressed any sympathy for the gay community. He is quite emphatic in his views; "When I condemn homosexuality as decadent, I mean it." [1]

So perhaps one might regard this as harmless jape at Myatt's expense? Further investigation however, revealed a more disturbing picture. The porn was there to distract attention from the real question behind the title, 'Police Informer On Metal Forums - Why David Myatt?'

The gay porn thread was the last one in a series of three and contains the following statement from the thread starter:

"In the first two threads concerning the Police Informer:



"the original poster made no mention of David Myatt.

Other people on here seem to be trying to connect David Myatt to this in some way. Why all the suspicion about Myatt?

Certain posters are saying that my link goes to a David Myatt topic, but that is a lie. Why would anyone say that?

Then the whole thread is spammed with gay porn, with David Myatt's name cropping up again. What is wrong with you?"

Examining those first two threads shows that the original poster is perfectly correct. When I clicked the link, it did NOT go to any material that referred - even obliquely - to David Myatt. So another forum member is deliberately lying about this. In addition, the original poster makes no reference to David Myatt in this article about the police informer. In stark contrast, other registered members of the forum constantly refer to David Myatt in this context - why?

The second of the the 'Return To The Pit' threads is called 'Police Informer On Metal Forums' and contains the following text:

"An elderly police informer has become a modern day Fagin. This leach is using various 'Metal' forums as a contact point to exploit young people.

He is a tiny wizened little thing who dresses in dirty old clothes. But that doesn't stop him making big bucks turning kids in to the police, after he has deliberately encouraged them to commit crime.

Recent sightings


along with accusations of police connections, confirm that this weasel has toned down the Fagin look by shaving off his beard and greasy hair. This act of craven cowardice has been prompted by a deluge of bad publicity - the midget is frightened he will be recognized in the street."

Once again, other forum members post references to David Myatt and even give links to Myatt related websites. The original poster did not make any reference to David Myatt and it still isn't clear why certain people are making this connection.

At first glance it is difficult to make sense of all this. One theory is that certain members of RTTP forum, know a lot more about David Myatt's history, than they are letting on. Buried in the three threads is a tortuous series of links which lead to a blog written by someone who complains of being subjected to years of harassment, vandalism and stalking. The writer describes many criminal activities which David Myatt has allegedly been linked with over the years. Thus it is possible that members of the RTTP forum could have perhaps assumed that Myatt is the only likely culprit. Many commentators have expressed disquiet concerning David Myatt's history of violence. Despite producing large quantities of illegal hate material, Myatt has always managed to evade prosecution. Myatt's cosy relationship with the police is well documented [2]. The BBC's widely respected 'Panorama' news programme, even went to the length of doorstepping Myatt in the wake of David Copeland's bombing atrocities [3]. Despite the fact that David Myatt had been calling for bloodshed, he escaped arrest yet again.


The crime victim's blog mentions a 'police honeytrap' operation which went wrong and resulted in the deaths of many people in 1999. A police informer is given the blame for this and the article alleges that the informer was let off, because of his links with the Government. The blogger also alleges that the authorities are allowing this particular informer to commit crimes against disabled women and that victims are being left high and dry by the police, because the informer is useful to them. This last point is expanded upon by the author, who gives details of a Home Office cover up.

Closer reading of the blog reveals some surprising similarities between the techniques used against this victim and those used by Myatt's neo-nazi organization, 'Combat18'. This is a description of attacks on an Asian family in Harold Hill, Essex.

'The local C18 “cell” subjected an Asian family to several months of attacks and racial harassment. A boulder was thrown through the family’s front door, graffiti was sprayed on the outside of their house, wheel nuts were loosened, and a corrosive liquid was thrown into the wife’s face.' [4]

The victim in the RTTP linked blog also mentions the use of a 'corrosive liquid' (acid) to burn a family pet and vandalism. He also expresses concerns about the informer's pedophile friends and the use of stalking as a method of intimidation.

In an extract from his book on Combat18, 'Into A World Of Hate', [4] author Nick Ryan documents the sleazy stalkers and perverts who cluster around David Myatt :

"Of people like David Myatt who we already suspected had tried to have me followed. Of suspected pedophiles and other assorted weirdos associating with C18"

These same patterns of violence are evident in the attacks carried out on a disabled woman in 2006, by a 'close friend' of David Myatt, the notorious Satanist 'Anton Long'. In a message board post the victim complains of having her windows kicked in and the steering wheel sawn off her car [5] (Screenshot A). This violence occurred in conjunction with on-line threats and cyber stalking from Satanist 'Anton Long'.


The accusations of animal cruelty in the RTTP blog and the similarities with Combat18's contempt for animal life which I have subsequently unearthed, are particularly disturbing. One of David Myatt's many brushes with the law, was when he was interviewed by the police and the RSPCA in connection with an alleged cat strangling incident. This investigation was prompted by an article in the local paper which exposed Myatt's involvement in the ritual sacrifice of animals during Satanic ceremonies.

Animal cruelty cropped up again during David Myatt's tenure as a senior member of the violent nazi organization, Combat18. This is how David Myatt describes his 'pastoral' role in exploiting the cruelty and violence inherent in C18's membership.

'I’m trying to raise these people up, to harness their own instincts in a productively useful way.' [4]

Sadly, Myatt's 'guiding hand' only succeeded in producing more animal cruelty. This is a description of what the Myatt run C18, did to an innocent animal:

"the family dog was thrown through the front window - dead." [4]

The article makes further references to a small dog being used as a football until it is finally kicked to death.

In the aftermath of the cat strangling charges, Myatt's alter ego / close friend, Anton Long, hints darkly at the fate of anyone who tries to expose their sick world of animal cruelty:

"The reporter subsequently becomes ill and dies, after a lingering illness, less than a year later. 'Anton Long' was to later write that he never did and never would sacrifice any animals since there was an abundance of human dross suitable as opfers [people who are chosen as murder victims by Satanists]." [6]

So that's alright then!

More questions regarding 'Anton Long's' involvement with animal cruelty and disability hate crime, were raised in the notorious Kerri Delacruz case of 2009 [7], [8], [9] and [10].


The notorious serial killer Ian Brady began his murderous career by killing cats, so perhaps 'Anton Long's' contempt for human life is symptomatic of the psychopath's desire to progress from animals to people.

The RTTP blog also emphasizes the cowardly nature of the police informer's attacks on a disabled woman. Attacks on defenseless people - as opposed to the wealthy and powerful political institutions which Myatt claims to despise - were always a characteristic of the ineffectual leadership at the forefront of Myatt's politically impotent Combat18.

Nick Ryan is an award winning investigative journalist who has written extensively on Myatt's involvement with neo-nazi organization, Combat18. He sums up Combat18's political 'philosophy' with this comment:

"Despite the rhetoric, this was where C18 was most dangerous, attacking individuals" [4]

As we have already seen, Satanist 'Anton Long' certainly enjoys bullying vulnerable people. He has a history of hatred towards people he considers to be inferior. A strong advocate of 'human culling', 'Anton Long' made his views on disabled people very clear in a message board post from 2006 (Screenshot B). In one of his vile messages he says that "spastics are worthless and should be drowned at birth." This statement has some striking similarities to the attack on disabled woman,Kerri Delacruz, already cited above [8], [9] and [10]. 'Anton Long's' threatening posts were directed at a disabled woman on the now defunct 'Blink' message board. 'Anton Long' cyberstalked the woman to the BBC Ouch! disability forum and continued his assault on her with the suggestion that she should cross the road carefully, in case she has a little "accident' (Screenshot C). The woman later confirmed that she had nearly been run down by a van (Screenshot D). Read more on the 'Anton Long' page here [5].


David Myatt and Satanist 'Anton Long', have always had an extraordinarily close relationship. Some commentators believe that 'Anton Long' is just another pseudonym for self proclaimed 'shapeshifter', David Myatt. See [11] for an analysis of two new university research projects which discuss this topic.

Whatever the truth is, we can be sure of one thing; David Myatt chooses Satanists and perverts for friends. Screenshot E shows Myatt as the 'co-author' of two books on Satanism with 'Anton Long' - 'The Black Book of Satan' and 'The Black Book of Satan: Esoteric Principles' [12], (also on Amazon [13] ). 'D. W. Myatt' also joins forces on a book project with yet another confirmed Satanist, 'Christos Beest' (Screenshot F). 'Christos Beest is a prominent member of Satanist sect 'The Order of Nine Angles' and like David Myatt, he co-authors books on Satanism with 'Anton Long' (Screenshot G).

Another example of David Myatt's affection for Satanists is his lifelong friendship with Stephen Cox. Screenshot H shows an advert for one of Cox's publications. Despatched from Stephen Cox's Reading address -

"60 Elmhurst Road, Reading, Berks. RG15HY, England. U.K."

- the A5 pamphlet includes 'Satanism' and the 'Occult' in its subject matter [14]. David Myatt has very strong links with Reading in Berkshire, where his son Darren is doing post doctoral research in the engineering department of Reading university. When the 'diminutive' nazi is not haunting the antiquarian bookshops of Oxford, he is often to be found in the area opposite Reading university, visiting his Satanist friends.

We should take careful note of the links between David Myatt, and fellow Satanists, 'Christos Beest', 'Anton Long' and Satanic publisher Stephen Cox. All of these people have proven links with Satanist sect, 'The Order of Nine Angles'. David Myatt has consistently denied allegations made in the 1998 Searchlight article [15], that he engages in perverted Satanic ceremonies which deify Adolf Hitler. Yet there on the ONA website [16], is the proof. The 'Mass of Heresy' is entirely devoted to the worship of Adolf Hitler in a Satanic context (Screenshots I, J and K), and all of Myatt's friends are devoted members of the 'Order of Nine Angles'.

This is an extract from 'Redwatch No8', describing why David Myatt was thrown out of Combat18 after being exposed as a Satanist:

"Satanists are dirty scum who use this bullshit as a front for child molestation." [15]

And this is nazi Eddy Morrison who formed a close political allegiance with David Myatt initially, but learned the hard way about Myatt and his Satanist friends.

"At this time I had the unpleasant duty of rooting out and expelling a small bunch of "Satanists"...........I had to take a bunch of our inner core harder members and eject about seven of these Cult people from our membership and ban them from our HQ. It was a pity as one in particular whose name I have mentioned earlier [David Myatt] was a stalwart founder member. Why he went off the rails I'll never really know, and expelling him was painful but very necessary" [17].

In his book "White Riot: The Violent Story of Combat 18", author Nick Lowels has this to say:

"In mid-March 1998, Myatt met this author in a pub in the Shropshire farming town of Craven Arms to deny allegations that he was a Satanist. Arriving in his customary Barbour jacket, flat cap and corduroys, the ginger bearded nazi claimed to have only briefly flirted with 'the occult' some twenty-five years before. He denied any connection to the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) but was forced to admit that he had opened four P. O. boxes from which the cult had operated between 1983 and 1994. 'I only opened them as a favour for a friend,' he lamely commented. When pressed with evidence that his own political writings had been distributed from these addresses, he said that the box was shared by a friend whose identity he had promised to keep secret. Myatt was also forced to concede that NSM (National Socialist Movement) supporter Richard Moult was 'Christos Beest', the new leader of ONA, and that he was actually living with Moult and his partner." [18].

More evidence of David Myatt's attachment to the Hitler worshiping Satanic sect, 'The Order of Nine Angles', comes from the realms of academia. After undertaking a lengthy research project, academic Jacob C. Senholt of the University of Aarhus, has come to the same conclusion as everyone else:

"Myatt’s influence on the ONA is probably the biggest of all, with Myatt practically developing around 90% of the current order material available..." [19].

So come on Mr. Myatt, everyone else knows you are a Satanist so why keep on denying it?

While the reader is mulling over this knotty problem, they might like to consider the following quote from an ex-member of 'The Order of Nine Angles' in 2005:

" I corresponded with Christos Beest (aka 'Stephen Cox') for just over two years, and also corresponded with Myatt for about nine months.

Fact: Myatt created the ONA under the pseudonym of Anton Long.

Fact: Stephen Cox later took over the public operations of the ONA under the pseudonym of Christos Beest.

Fact: Cox put his Liberal Arts degree to work by producing a collection of paintings known as the Sinister Tarot, as well as an ambient/spoken word recording called The Self-Immolation Rite.

Fact: Cox later resigned from his public correspondence as Christos Beest/Richard Moult in order to give more time to his Baelder organization, as well as to try and cover obvious links between Baelder and the ONA.

Fact: .................... MYATT IS A CHRONIC LIAR" [20].

[1]  http://web.archive.org/web/20051020150310/www.aryan-nations.org/reichsfolk/allegations.html

[2]  http://www.declarepeace.org.uk/captain/murder_inc/site/nazi.html
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[6]  http://www.scribd.com/doc/23771610/liber-dabih

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[18] Nick Lowels "White Riot: The Violent Story of Combat 18" (Milo Books, Bury 2001, p 186-7).

Presented on the International Conference, 'Satanism in the Modern World' at Trondheim, 19-20th of November, 2009. It was originally presented as a masters thesis at the University of Amsterdam in 2008.

[20]  http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2005/08/nine-angles-of-separation.html

homepage:: http://truthisgolden.wordpress.com

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David Myatt Getting Down With The Boys

WellDidYouEver 01.Oct.2010 10:46

Myatt With Gay Men Censored
Myatt With Gay Men Censored

You can see the whole thread of David Myatt with his new friends here:


Moac Lies

Raffy13 01.Oct.2010 22:25

It's interesting that this cyber-stalker never posts his lies about Myatt on the Islamic Awakening website at


where Myatt is a member and Myatt's fellow Muslims can tell this stalker what they think of him and his hundreds of anti-Myatt posts and dozens of anti-Myatt blogs.

Sad case of Homophobia

Miss Pointy Ears 02.Oct.2010 10:28

It's seems that the poster (a Myatt stalker of many years standing) suffers from homophobia, given his obsession, images, and words.

Plus all his lies about Myatt have been exposed countless times before, on the forums where's he's posted, for which see for instance the screenshots at


Inside the Mind of a MOAC

PointyHat 03.Oct.2010 07:46

For years, the notorious MOAC (the Myatt Obsessed Anonymous Coward)
has posted hundreds of rants about Myatt on Internet forums and in the
dozen or so anti-Myatt blogs he has set up.
His obsession with The Mad Mage is well-documented in those posts
and blogs, and in his fantasy world Myatt is a skilled hacker who
breaks into people’s computers to steal their identity and/or harass
them; in this fantasy world, Myatt is the brains behind the London
nail-bombings; a “Satanic Islamist” (an oxymoron if ever there was
one); a Satanist who has gangs of youths at his beck and call and who
he sends to harass and threaten disabled people and people from ethnic
minorities; someone who personally harasses disabled people; someone
who incites hatred and supports and incites acts of terrorism, and so
on blah blah blah.
Now, having had all his ravings exposed on forums by replies from
people such as Raffy, and having some of his anti-Myatt wordpress blogs
– such as his voiceoverthere.wordpress.com – suspended due to their
inane ravings and libellous comments, the MOAC has diversified, and his
new rants and blogs reveal the inner workings of the mind of someone
with a mental illness – someone most probably suffering from paranoid
schizophrenia (Note 1).
Fantasy and Paranoia
In these new rants, the MOAC states that “the police and the
Government tried to cover the whole thing up…” referring to alleged
involvement of someone in the London nail-bombings; he also states that
“the security services want this man to remain free…”
In addition, this man – never directly named in these rants – has
recruited, or somehow has influence over, many of the MOAC’s
neighbours, who “chose to protect this man”, and who strangely seem to
do this man’s bidding to the extent of getting a farmer to try cause an
accident involving the MOAC’s vehicle; have a “mature blonde lady who
lives in a big house” stalk him; have local tradesmen try to get him to
“grass on a neighbour”; blah blah blah.
In a more sinister development, the MOAC claims that “this man” has
some sort of influence over the local Police, and has somehow managed
to get the Police to, among others things, call round and accuse the
MOAC of murdering his wife.
Furthermore, the MOAC has contacted and complained to his local
Police force “about this man” many times, and has written letters about
him to the Home Office and to MP’s, all of which complaints and letters
the MOAC claims have been ignored (as they probably have been, given
they have been judged to be the ravings of someone suffering from a
mental illness).
Thus, it becomes clear that the MOAC really believes that “this man”
– whom he quite clearly hates – is behind all manner of weird, strange,
and sinister events, and is also behind all the alleged harassment,
vandalism, threats and strange occurrences that seems to have occurred
to the MOAC over a period of several years.
Is this not classic paranoia? is this not a symptom of someone
suffering from a mental illness? What is alarming, however, about this
case is that this deluded, ill, person has focussed his attention on a
real person whom he has never met – and that he seems determined to
cause trouble for the person who is the object of his delusion.
It is alarming because, if left untreated, such obsessive
individuals often end up killing someone, as, for example, Mark David
Chapman did.
Delusional Control
Most interesting of all, however, is a particular delusional
mechanism, of compensation, which the MOAC uses. This delusional method
of control involves the MOAC in ridiculing “that man” in an attempt to
show that he is not really a threat. This delusion of control allows
the MOAC to feel safe – for the more he ridicules “that man”, the more
powerful the MOAC feels. This a classic way in which certain types of
people (those suffering from personality disorders, for instance, or
cowards, bullies, and weaklings) try to rationalize away their own
fears – for the more they, in their own minds, ridicule the object of
their fear, the more important and powerful they themselves feel.
In fact, often they end up projecting an image of themselves – real
(what they really look like) or imaginary (what they feel they are,
inside) – onto the object of their hatred or onto the person they are
obsessed with in a negative way.
Thus, the MOAC now fantasizes that “that man” is a poor pathetic
Fagin character; a diminutive shambling figure of unkempt greasy hair –
“a wizened little thing who dresses in dirty old clothes” and who now
has, apparently, “shaved off his beard, frightened he will be
recognized in the street…”
The reality, of course, is quite different. For reality, and the
world the MOAC now lives in, are two very different things.

Lies, Damn Lies and MOAC Lies
Given all the above, it is not surprising, therefore, that in his
new rants the MOAC – living in his own fantasy world – makes up all
kinds of malicious lies about “that man”, claiming for instance that he
is a Police informer, that he “has close relationships with convicted
pedophiles”; that “he is a compulsive liar”; that he has harmed
animals; and so on.
One therefore might wonder if these attributes really apply to the
MOAC, and describe his own character and background; or whether they
are just more of his delusions. Whatever, they clearly illustrate the
nature of his illness, which surely will only get worse if left
The MOAC-Buster
(1) Clinically, someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia has
recurrent paranoid delusions, often accompanied by some kind of
In the case of our MOAC, he clearly believes that “that man” is
persecuting him, getting neighbours to threaten him; getting the Police
to harass and insult him, and so on. In addition, he clearly believes –
has the hallucination – that “that man” is, or has been, conversing
with him via the medium of his computer, and in chat-rooms, on Internet
forums, and the like.
At the very least, our MOAC certainly seems to be suffering – if not
from paranoid schizophrenia – then from paranoid personality
Certainly, medical treatment is indicated – or, if already being given,
then the MOAC should either keep taking his meds, or be denied access
to the Internet to prevent him indulging his dangerous, psychotic,
Of course, “that man” – the villain of MOAC fantasy – would suggest
another option, which would be culling.

Source -  http://moacworld.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/inside-the-mind-of-a-moac/


Myatt as MI5 03.Oct.2010 09:17

What a load of lies and malicious allegations about Myatt.

One question the original poster (the Myatt stalker) has refused to answer for years is about Myatt's alleged involvement with MI5.

All the stalker will say is

"I have no comment to make on David Myatt's involvement with MI5..."

We have to ask why he has never answered this one simple question - despite posting hundreds of rants about Myatt for over three years.

See -  http://www.defendingthetruth.com/conspiracy-theories/32230-david-myatt-embarrassing-new-picture-3.html#post305859

Inconvenient Facts

WellDidYouEver 06.Oct.2010 11:58

"A regular visitor to the Reading university area, it is hardly surprising to read that the frail five foot four Satanist, has now shaved of his beard."

The 'He's Mad' smear tactics, are fundamentally flawed. You are using it in close proximity to hard evidence that David Myatt has lied about his involvement with Satanism. Anyone can simply examine screenshots E, F, G, H, I, J and K above and see Myatt co-authoring books with known Satanists who engage in perverted Hitler worshiping ceremonies.

Yet David Myatt makes public statements like this:

"trying to discredit me with their lying "black propaganda" about my non-existent involvement with satanism" [1].

Intelligent readers will say to themselves, 'if he's lied about Satanism for decades, what else has he lied about?' These 'discrepancies' in Myatt's story, only serve to lend weight to this statement by an ex ONA member:


The fatuous claim that anyone who complains about harassment by racist thugs must be mad, isn't born out by David Myatt's history of organizing this sort of violence. The 'Harold Hill' racist attacks on an Asian family, were carried out by David Myatt's 'Combat18'. Vandalism, animal cruelty and acid attacks, were all part of the hate-crimes devised by the Myatt controlled Combat18 [3]. Is it any wonder that decades later, other victims are still complaining about David Myatt?

For those who still doubt Myatt's control freak persona, it should be remembered that his proudest boast was that he lead a gang of skinheads in a 'paki-bashing' racial assault. He served yet another term in jail for this. So David Myatt is not the innocent sensitive man that he would have us believe, but is instead a dangerous manipulative thug.

David Myatt is not and never has been a Muslim. This is just a another phony persona created to assist Myatt in inciting violence, by exploiting gullible young people. Here is David Myatt endorsing the 'culling' of innocent people using suicide bombers:

"which view of mine is that such operations [suicide bombings] are legitimate" [4].

And here again:

"it is clear that martyrdom operations [suicide bombings] are justified and lawful" [5].

Same old thug - different clothes - and still trying to get your kids blown up.

[1] www.aryan-nations.org/reichsfolk/notes1.html
Autobiographical Notes, David Myatt, Part One, Addendum II: Combat 18
[2]  http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2005/08/nine-angles-of-separation.html

[3]  http://www.nickryan.net/articles/c18.html

[4]  http://www.davidmyatt.info/ibnmyatt_questions1.html

[5] Entry 14 on Wiki
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul-Aziz_ibn_Myatt)
Myatt, David. "Are Martyrdom Operations Lawful (According to Quran and Sunnah)?", retrieved May 1, 2006 from Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt's website, now removed.

David Myatt's ONA Friends And The Pedophile Cult

WellDidYouEver 06.Oct.2010 12:06

I have discovered that the publisher of Order of Nine Angles Satanist material is still extant at this address:

60 Elmhurst Road, Reading, Berks. RG15HY, England. U.K

It now calls itself a 'Pagan Church'. The 'Balder' (The Fraternity of the Jarls of Balder) organization was responsible for the distribution of child pornography in the 1980s/90s but has since tried to distance itself from both Satanism and child molestation, emphasizing the 'Pagan' aspects of its operation. However, it is a matter of concern that this organization is still trying to encourage children to take part in its activities. I wonder if the parents know anything about this 'Pagan Church's' sinister history?

It was the Balder cult's peddling of child sex videos, which lead to the break up of 'Combat18'. This is an extract from 'Redwatch No8', describing why David Myatt was thrown out of Combat18 after being exposed as a Satanist:

"Satanists are dirty scum who use this bullshit as a front for child molestation" [1].

A regular visitor to the Reading university area, it is hardly surprising to read that the frail five foot four Satanist, has now shaved of his beard.

[1]  http://rigorousintuition.yuku.com/topic/821/t/David-Myatt-Searchlight-article.html

Islamic Awakening

WellDidYouEver 06.Oct.2010 12:16

"It's interesting that this cyber-stalker never posts his lies about Myatt on the Islamic Awakening website"

I have tried to join 'Islamic Awakening' on several occasions, but I never get an activation email back from them. I'm perfectly happy to post evidence of David Myatt's connections with Satanism, but I guess they don't really want the truth on a fake Muslim forum that is used for ID theft.