September 2010:Torture in Spain: anever ending story

Spain has the habit of using torture when basque citizens are arrested. From 15th of September to 20th of September, nine basque citizens accused of being part of a political movement have been tortured during their five days of "incommunication".
This will never stop if other European countries do not ask an end.

"They contained my head with a plastic bag twenty times to cut off my breath," "they put down my underpants, compressed half of my body on a table, tied me with a rope and threatened to rape me and then they threw cold water on the crotch, "" They wrapped my body of foam rubber and three of them together jumped on me, one on my legs, another on my testicles and another on my head. "
15th of september 2010, in an European state, here 'they' correspond to 'guardia civil's
This description has been given by one of the nine people arrested in the 15th of September 2010 accused of being part of Ekin (a Basque political movement, i.e. no accusation of being part of ETA). All nine arrested people have denounced having been heavily tortured during the "incommunicated" days*. During their five days of incommunication breath cutting with plastic bag, electrodes, beating up, non-sleeping state...have been used. One of them has also denounced being raped.
Usually when somebody is raped or beaten-up in the street, newspapers don't wait to diffuse the information. When you are raped it is rare that it lasts more than twenty-four hours (enough to break somebody's life forever). But let's face it, when that type of information is diffused the information has been totally chosen for one main reason: to arise the feeling of insecurity in the population and explain the never ending security steps. Whatsoever, when governmental security holders are protagonists, the journalists are not here.
When the nine people have been arrested, basically the Spanish law is allowing the rapists to keep their captured prey for a hundred and twenty hours. Here the rapists are not some sort of man in a crazy state but are men that have learned to behave that way, men that do it according to the demand of their job. They have been trained to be the beating up expert, electrode user expert and/or plastic bag or bath cutting breath experts. There is a real need of expertise to know where the limit of the breathing stage is. They have to make sure they do not kill their prey and they leave as little signs as possible. They are not men in crazy states but just men that do their job. Torture is systematic in the Spanish state when a Basque citizen is arrested (the sixty year old journalist of Egunkaria was also tortured when he was arrested). The torture exists since a long time ago, Franco made it work as a strong machine to repress the population and this tool has never stopped to been used.
Today, 28th of September 2010, they arrested seven people for being part of Askapena (an international solidarity association). We do not know yet if they have been put into "incommunication". We will know it in the news tomorrow, information accessible only in Basque news: This is happening in Europe. This information should be known by all European citizens. All European countries should be concerned. What are international journalists doing? None of the Spanish and French journalist are able to work on the topic, as just like during the GAL period (governmental paramilitary group that killed 27 people in the part of Basque country governed by France), they would take too much risk [the Spanish journalist who invested GAL were then under the track of the courts (and some are still in debts because of it)].
So I ask again, where are the other international journalists? When are you going to take the plane to go to the Soto del Real prison for example. Three of the nine arrested on the 15th are there now (Eneko Compains, Egoitz Garmendia, Sandra Barrenetxea). Two Irish lawyers went to Soto del Real two days ago Niall Murphy and John Finucane. May be you could start by speaking with them and see what you could do?
This is Europe. We are in the 21st century and there is still systematic torture in Europe. Something has to be done to stop as fast as possible this systematic torture now. Too much people have had their life destroyed with it.
There is no reason to believe that this will stop alone. No reason to believe they won't do the same to other people arrested and put in incommunication, or to people that France is going to expulse in the coming months. We have to stop this as fast as possible.

*five days of "non-communication" are allowed by Spanish laws for all the people arrested under the suspicion of any link with ETA first, but also under the new laws the Spanish state created: laws that illegalize political parties and political movements.

To be noted:
This is happening after the declarations of ETA, the Spanish state have not the intention to stop their violent repression on the population


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