Basque arrested Independentitas reports a case of violation and serious blackmails in police station

Beatriz Etxebarria denounces to have be violated by a stick by the Police. The arrested were listening at all time to the cryings and the shouts of his respective pairs, with whom they were blackmailed.

Beatriz Etxebarria, Iñigo Zapirain, Pastor Daniel and Lorena Lopez recovered in the form of isolation from the Soto del Real prison treatment suffered at the hands of the Guardia Civil.Yesterday, twenty-four hours after leaving the headquarters in Tres Cantos, could be back with his trusted lawyer, who told him more quiet sessions harsh physical and psychological torture suffered.

Sexual harassment has come to be used in this police operation, especially against Etxebarria, who reported having been raped by the introduction of a stick on his body. He told his lawyer that went completely naked on a stool where she spread Vaseline on the anus and vagina, and he made a stick.

The girl snatched Biscay said repeatedly clothes, and that on one occasion he threw cold water on his naked body. Etxebarria, like the rest, remained throughout the period of confinement with a mask and denunciation, as he poured water on his hands, heard a noise that masqueraded as electrodes.

A Pastor also threatened with the use of these electrical discharges, as reported, and his attorney, Alfontso Zenon, the remains found yesterday that the adhesive patches have left in your body.

The implementation of "bag" was also denounced by Etxebarria and Zapirain, the latter including the way they applied to the High Court so that there is endorsement.

Those arrested, except for Lopez, who reported a better deal, reported the threats to their families, with the use of different methods of torture and they would not escape alive has been constant. Pastor said that the threats did not stop him or to the nurses of the hospital, where he was taken twice, or in the dungeons of the National Court, where the Civil Guard officers called to the Spanish police who guard these cells let them pass.

According to the four basques, was even more violent blackmail suffered with their partners and significant others, "the four detainees were two couples.

Zenon GARA pointed to in the same barracks were all close, so at any time heard the screams, cries and even vomiting the rest. Lopez also could hear Pastor, partner, beat the wall and how it was taken to hospital.

Although often common to hear something in the surrounding cells, counsel points out that it is not so listen in as clearly. In the case of Pastor Lee and the Civil Guard let them be together even a few minutes.

Zenon considered that this fact answering another ploy to put pressure on detainees. It should be noted that referring these pressures on their male partners came to self-harm Pastor twice and Zapirain ratified before the judge the police statement. Yesterday it was learned also that due to the cries of Etxebarria, Zapirain suffered several anxiety and panic attacks with great pain in the chest.

This maneuver is more creepy pressure in the case of Lopez, who while on Saturday it was known that the only charge that weighed on the young is based on sharing with her boyfriend's home Galdakao, which later found explosives, GARA was informed yesterday that not even this point is true.

Arrested to pressure

López himself was arrested in Galdakao, not Bilbao and spread the news agencies, but was at her boyfriend casually. Moreover, a few months ago she bought a house in Bilbao, where she lives as usual.

The fact that the only complaint against it is easy to disassemble suggests that his own arrest was the sole purpose of putting pressure on Pastor.

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