When Drug Education is Too Late

If a young person hasn’t firmly decided not to start drugs by age 11, it may be too late to start talking to him about the subject.

National statistics show that by age 13 a significant number of youth are already drinking and trying other illegal drugs.
Therefore, the equation is simple: either we educate our youth well enough to prevent them from becoming embroiled in the chaos of drug abuse, or we will have to struggle with an increasing population of seriously addicted adults.
To take an active role in educating our youth, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World has created an effective educational program. The new educator’s guide is a tool for educators to provide substantive information which young people can understand and utilize to make personal, informed decisions regarding their use of such substances.
This program doesn’t rely on scare tactics.
Volunteers of the Florida Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World are engaged in activities that raise awareness and educate youth on the harmful effects of drugs in schools and in the community.
“Too many young people believe that they have at least some idea what they are getting into when they start experimenting with drugs,” said Julieta Gil, President of the Florida Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. “The truth is that most individuals – whether teenagers or adults – have little real knowledge of what drugs are and how they affect the body and mind”.
The recently released National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows an increase in illicit drug use in the United States in 2009, reversing a downward trends since 2002.

The survey estimated 21.8 million Americans (8.7%) aged 12 or older used illicit drugs in 2009, an increase of 9% from 20.1 million in 2008 (8.0%). The most popular drugs of abuse causing the increase are marijuana and prescription drugs.
The increased presence of substance abuse by youth in this country is testimony to the fact that a more effective job needs to be done for the sake of our young people and the well-being of our society.
For information about drugs, the educational program, or to schedule a lecturer go to www.drugfreeworld.org.
And for the person with a drug problem, there are real solutions to addiction. Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program that utilizes the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, has a success rate of more than 75% (www.narconon.org).
The best solution, however, is not to begin using drugs in the first place.

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