Larry Coleman, owner/partner of Texan Electic, and voting union member of IBEW local 716 in Houston Texas, collects expensive sports cars mostly at the expense of the Houston Independent School District. Coleman and his business partner are members of a large organized crime syndicate who steal money from the general public. (AFL-CIO)

The partners who apparantly own the company, (a slush fund company in my opinion) are also members of a criminal syndicate known as the NECA. (National Electrical Contrators Association)

I worked for these 2 criminals, Coleman/Mcbride, for un-equal wages while paying dues to the syndicate who tend to perform work for public school authorities.

I also worked for that same criminal syndicate in the very elite county of Marin, California. The IBEW supervisor of that temporary job at an elementary school actually gave me an order to go and kill myself on the first day.

I did not do what he said, nor was I intimidated, even when he informed me that he was a tough guy, a killer, wanted to whip my ass, and was rejected as a prospect for the Hell's Angels. His real name and current address is a matter of public record.

That particular punk (approximately 30 years old at the time, yes I can pick him out of a lineup or recognize his name in the public records of Marin and Sonoma County California) eventually gave up attempting to cause my suicide and revealed the bathtub crank that he wanted me to snort.

And so like a teenage smoker in the bathroom, he used a 40 dollar per hour electrician as a lookout while he cut lines out of what appeared to be some drano, said it was amphetemine, and insisted that I share some of it. This is what happens to our public school money.

I hereby apologize to the entire United States for any money these criminals may want to steal from you. I only worked at the effort for short periods of time. I was also ripped off. I was also shocked and angered that these criminals like Larry Coleman steal money from the public school system. If you complain you get arrested by a criminal police member of the AFL-CIO. The IBEW had me tracked down, harrassed, and arrested on false pretenses, on 3 different occasions because I insisted that a labor union cannot remove rights from a US citizen. Larry Coleman disagrees.

If you do not want to get stabbed in the back, ripped off, raped, and arrested for political reasons, stay out of organized crime.

According to the Hell's Angels reject, who still owes me 20 bucks, our employer, was a member of the infamous Italian Mafia and a personal friend of the punk. I disagree with that racist assumption. Just because you own an Italian resturaunt and hire union members that do electrical work does not make you a member of the mafia. This was just a racist insult by the supervising electrician for the purpose of causing a conflict between me and the owner of the company who was employing us. The employer was not a personal friend of the punky electrician in my opinion. Larry Coleman is a member of a dope dealing mafioso, non-Italian, criminal syndicate.

I worked short assignments on 2 schools in Harris County Texas during the 1990's. Clearly I am not an electrician. According to the IBEW I am a subversive criminal troublemaker who is not an electrcian. At the time they were short on competent and willing help so they made an exception to that rule.

How does someone so hated by that criminal syndicate get a job? I will tell you. Another member of the union said he could do me a favor. He picked up the phone and called Larry Coleman and asked him to put 2 job calls on the dispatcher's list. The process worked more than once.

And so these criminal assholes interupted work on a rather large high school to have a safety meeting. At that meeting they informed me that I have no rights, the United States government has no jurisdiction over the IBEW, and that they were going to order me around like a stepchild and use fake log books if neccessary to defraud OSHA in the event of any particular accident. There were no safety issues of great concern at that time.

The point of the meeting was to fish for any trouble maker who might prefer to retain all rights guaranteed by the US government. The job was not very lucrative and so this blasphemey caused me to quit. Am I a quitter? Interestingly enough, the reason that the company hired me, and the rest of the transient crew, was because the local union electricians were all traveling around the country for better wages.

All of the local electricians that the so called labor union, IBEW 716, could supply fell short because most of the membership had already quit. In reality, it was the responsibility of that organization to call home the overpaid idiots on the road in order to get the high school biult. Rather than do that, they wanted to steal wages and dues from any warm body they could put on the job and falsify a log book for the purpose of enriching themselves with public school money.

I am not a journeyman electrician. A journeyman electrician is someone who falsifies logbooks for a criminal organization related to a master electrician and an insurance policy.

The only reason that Texan Electric hired me, and the rest of about 10 workers, was that the local union members refused to work in thier so called home local. They were admittedly working more lucrative jobs for twice the wages and benefits they could earn working for Texan Electric. Using this scheme, and other more elaborate schemes, they constantly lie to the US government and claim to pay the electricians equally according to rules set forth in contracts that I had with the criminal syndicate.

During one such crime against a Kingwood school, I found myself busy and productive which of course caused a problem. And so the only actual local union member on the job (the rest were out of town so they hired hated rats to take up the slack) went to work and called an illegal strike against the school district for no good reason. The IBEW calls the process a wobble. This lazy, criminal, incompetent excuse for an electrician went to the air conditioned job site and suggested that I leave in the middle of a work day and join a rally downtown in support of thier raqueteering ways of ripping off public schools.

This suggestion was made to me less than 2 weeks after becoming employed. His big problem was that I was earning wages that he wanted to steal for himself. The issue they were striking against was that I had a temporary air conditioned job and was willing to do the work.

The I in IBEW stands for international although that is kind of a joke. They do have a national constitution that they can dupe you with if you become a dues paying member. Legally, you can just show up and sign the out of work list and not commit to paying dues.

The set of rules outlined in the little white book is not a contract nor does the syndicate concern itself with that. The agreement was supposed to limit the dues to 6 percent of your gross income that is deducted from your wages. The business manager of each local union is allowed all descretion to dictate these rates. After swearing a boyish and blasphemous oath to the syndicate, they naturally charged me more than 6 percent of my wages only to be insulted by a punk mafia who has still not carried out the threats to kill me or beat me up real bad.

The AFL-CIO also have a monopoly on the sale of legalized cannibis in the state of California. This business was a government monopoly in the 1990's. Now the AFL-CIO share the business with privateers who sell the product for 1/3 the price of gold in US dollars.

I feel sorry for any person who is so addicted, or ill, that they would pay 350 dollars for only 1 ounce of cannibis. Why is the price so high? The good old fake liberal right wing police unions who protect the IBEW from electrical workers also dictate the price of cannibis. (pot, marajuana)

IBEW associates PACIFICA RADIO NETWORK would also like to sell cannibis in Texas for 350 dollars per ounce. And they call smoking pot a crime. The hate group has a radio program on Friday night that they use to commit slander and hate against people who would prefer not to be a prostitute for Larry Coleman and the Hell's Angels.

Why is cannibis so hated? The same criminal syndicate hates cannibis because it cures alchoholism and greatly reduces the consumption of alchohol, mental illness, and gambling among potential victims of their crime syndicate.

Larry Coleman is especially proud of his roadster as well as the many corvettes he owns. These hardworking tradesmen tend to live well in California and brag about their 250,000 dollar homes while ripping you off. This is why we have no money to fund public schools.

Am I a right wing zeolot who hates labor unionists? No. The AFL-CIO, and the IBEW, are notorious right wing voters for the GOP. A very small number of thier members are not right wing GOPs who get all of their narrow minded politics from the FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

In order to address the challenges of climate change we need to corral some of these jokers as well as the academic establishment that are the false religion called science in the US.

Science is a term and a process attributable to European and Eastern cultures. In the US we have a false religion labeled as science. I can describe in great detail how the confidence schemes work.

The next time this hate group slanders me, KPFT radio, PACIFICA RADIO NETWORK, (scheduled for Friday night) I will certainly enjoy enjoining them with the IBEW as a defendent in a civil suit.

I think the IBEW and PACIFICA RADIO NETWORK owe me no less than 1 million dollars in damages for this FM slander.

I am not a big time mafioso electrician like LARRY COLEMAN who collects corvettes. I just hang around the house all the time so I can put out the trash in my pajamas. Please tune in to VOICES AT WORK on KPFT 90.1 as they backpeddle, deny knowing Ratticus, deny the existence of LARRY COLEMAN and his roadster, and inform you what wonderful people they are and how I am a government agent who infiltrated their labor union.

Please say that one more time brother. Please slander me one more time so that I can be rich like Larry Coleman.

enscribed by Leon Ratticus

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