On being a caretaker Prime Minister: Open Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu

Israel has failed. It replicates the collapse of the Spanish empire too exactly: the Expulsion of the Sephardim, the Nakba (Catastrophe) of the Palestinians - both sets of people expelled for purposes of ethnic/religious purity. With the resulting alienation of important neighbours. So, Israel has failed.

Mr Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister
State of Israel

Your Uttermost Excellently Excellent Excellency

I have just concluded it is my duty to tell you that Israel has failed. Not: Israel is failing; but: Israel has failed.

You see, as the result of reading books on Jewish history in secondary school when I was supposed to be doing other things, I gained a perspective on among other things, the collapse of the Spanish Empire.

It was interesting to discover that Jews had never forgiven Christian Spain for the crime of the Expulsion. It was horrifying to discover the price Sephardim paid as a result of the Expulsion,which was the result of the Reconquistadores deciding to establish a religiously (and ethnically) pure Christian state in alAndalus.

It took quite a bit longer to understand the price the Spanish themselves paid for the Expulsion and the later Inquisition.

You see, I had failed to connect the dots. On one hand, they conquered the Americas. On the other hand, they fought some useless (and expensive) wars with the Northern European states. On yet another hand, they had thrown away their connection to the vast Mediterranean trading network mediated by their Sephardic and Muslim (fellow) subjects.

The Spanish realm became immensely wealthy as a result of gaining the Andean silver and gold mines. But with the expensive wars with northern Europeans draining the state's ready moneys, and the horrific inflation as a result of the loss of the trading contacts, Spain became a once-was-contendor. You see, gold and silver have value not in themselves, but in what they can buy. And with two sets of trading partners - the old, wealthy Eastern Mediterraneans, and likewise the newly wealthy northern Europeans - alienated, they could only decay.

Which they did. The loss of the American provinces was predictable.

I've gone on record as saying that the 1948 Nakba of the Palestinians bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the 1492 Expulsion of the Sephardim. I'll go on record as saying that Israel's subsequent history also bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the Spanish Empire's subsequent decay.

And as I say, it is my solemn duty to inform you that Israel has failed.

I expect in about fifty to one hundred years, when the training wheels supplied by the United States and Europe have fallen off, and BRIIICK (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Iran, China, and Korea) expect results, not excuses, the unsustainability and bankruptcy of the current regime in Israel will be staring Israelis in the face. And there'll be two responses: one, the "blame everybody else" one is too well known for me to bother describing; the other one, the "we are irredeemable sinners ..." can be discerned from some of the Yavneh debates. Neither will do any good. At the worst we'll have a civil war in Israel that'll make the Thirty Years War in what is now Germany, look like a teddy-bear's picnic.

Connect the dots. Israel has failed. The only hope now is for Palestine to annex Israel and Israel to annex Palestine, a mutual annexation, and for the Israelis to renounce Zionism. I suggest naming the resulting conglomeration Kanaan of the Million Lovers - Kena'an Hovivim Milyonim aka Kana'an Habibin Milyonin - in honour of the many who have loved this land and tried to possess her, with a nod and sly wink to Tamaki Makau Rau - Tamaki of the Thousand Lovers ...

How does it feel to be a caretaker Prime Minister with delusions of grandeur?

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