Child pornography.

The response NOT is to ignore the problem and eliminate the voices of those demanding justice.
Please continue to follow our work at AND is an incredible ally in our campaign to end the continual posting of illicit images and videos of children on Facebook. People from all over the world use these terms to meet each other on Facebook and share illicit images and videos of children.
Recently, Facebook informed the folks at that they have been receiving our "Demand Cards."
Our demand is that Facebook BLOCKS all illicit images and videos of children.
Allowing pedophiles to post them at will and then dealing with the illegal posting in a lackluster manner without reporting each offense to law enforcement is not acceptable.
See the evidence here:
Also, award winning journalist Lydia Cacho has written an excellent article about the issue. Please read it here:
Thousands of illicit images and videos of children continue to be posted on the Social Network every hour. Discover the truth Facebook does not want you to see here:
As of today we are going to redouble our efforts to expose this issue to the world.
As expressed L Ron Hubbard, do that Human Rights are a reality, not an idealistic dream.

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