Texas Women Fight for Their Rights in Austin

Texas activists testify at house hearings on omnibus abortion bill

For the past two weeks women in Texas have have waged an epic battle with GOP legislators over access to reproductive healthcare. Governor Rick Perry and his supporters have been using every trick in the book to pass restrictive legislation aimed at closing clinics statewide. If the legislation passes in its current form as few as five Texas clinics that provide abortion services as well as a laundry list of women and men's healthcare services could survive.

Last week, during a marathon filibuster staged by Senator Wendy Davis the citizens of Texas were able to shut down the final vote at the end of a tumultuous special session called by the governor. Perry called a second special session and vowed that this one would see the abortion legislation pass. Activists from around the state have descended on the capitol to voice their opposition to these laws. Conservative groups and Mike Huckabee are rallying anti-choice activists to counter these Texans who are participating in their own legislative process. Tuesday saw hours of testimony from both sides. The following audio is testimony given that night by myself and another citizen and interview with me on the subject recorded by long-time journalist Rachel Clarke of Houston Indy Media.

Next week the fight will continue with Senate hearings and a big rally at the capitol building Monday morning at 7 A.M.

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