DSM-V and Gun Control

Gun control on the path present is not going to happen in the US but everybody agrees no mentally ill person should own a gun. DSM-V, the quintessential diagnosis manual for mental illness has come out and it is said to include everyone so none can own a gun.

As we all know, and sadly Hollywood and airbrushed 24/7 news readers remind us, it is only mentally ill people who shoot people so the only sane thing to do is arm the sane part if the population with not only as many automatic weapons as they want but adequate ammunition stored in in basements, medicine cabinets, garages or whatever. And let them conceal and carry too to make us all feel safer.

Here is the problem folks. DSM-V. If it is recognized and admitted into court? Even in parts and accepted as valid?

DSM-V is the recently published and highly controversial mental illness diagnoses manual that will no doubt soon be admitted into court documents and testimony. Once it is, hopefully by some judge not willing to read it through and accepting it as gospel in whole? All 800,000 pages in total as some sort of standing reference for the courts.

One of the running jokes is that is egalitarian and there is a diagnosis of mental illness that fits the entire population. I fully believe this truer by the day, and Jimmy Buffet's song about us having been taken out of the cosmic oven to early still makes me giggle.

Anyhow, consider the possible legal consequences DSM-V could have?

If everybody is classifiable nuts, wacko, out there, woo woo? Or more simply mentally ill in some form or another? By THE manual defining mental illness? Instead of bashing our collective heads against the wall thinking responsible gun control will ever pass. Let's just play along and just demand the existing ones be enforced. Nobody with a a DSM-V diagnosable mental illness can buy a gun? The NRA has always endorsed the concept.

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