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Roger K. Olsson
Roger K. Olsson

Mining Development

Hi! I am looking for project jobs in the mining industry. After completion of my latest project as an assistant project manager in three years for Avalon Minerals Viscaria AB so I have also worked as a supervisor for infrastructure projects in the LKAB in Kiruna. I have worked as an assistant driller with both diamond drilling and RS drilling. I have a one year project leader educaton, as well as one year of university education in the field of regional development with a focus on national economy and geology. I have a two years social secondary education together with a sports school in olympic biathlon. My contract with Avalon was to be renegotiated after the three years and I got the offer to start as head of the core lab and test file which I also established during the project. I thanked the bid, however, to the benefit of studies and certification to project leader in construction, I am certified BAS-U and BAS-P by the Swedish work environment authority. Today I keep on writing a compendium for geological surveys, but are also seeking a new contract for myself. I have recently been looking at development in Norway, Australia, Canada, South America, or Brazil for my own part. Do you have a any use of personnel? Please contact me as soon as possible!

Roger K. Olsson

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