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Roger K. Olsson
Roger K. Olsson

Prepaid Mastercard Designed in Gold

What do you think about investing some assets in gold these days? In any case, it is an optimal alternative to a long-term investment. If that is so you assume that there are only banks and financial institutions after the issuing of banknotes that invest securities in gold then you should definitely see this offer. Are you also involved in business in one way or another, or maybe you are in a leading position in the mining industry, then we have an absolute must for you in the form of a credit card that has a design in gold, that you should consider in your possession.

There are already indications that institutional investors leave the less established stock markets in favor of a greater security of assets. This will also bring influences to the established markets and market quotations high values today will receive a decline until the middle or the end of 2014. What again is behind this uncertainty in the markets is the vast and aggravating circumstances for business and industry in policy changes. While banks are allowed an almost totalitarian power so are small business regulated increasingly harsh in most welfare states. This development is very worrying and leads to a major illness among corporate leaders, a lower number of living, and still over-regulated income overall in the long run. Companies are forced to more or less leave the welfare state's high tax pressure and must seek economic zones and countries with low taxes for their business. SUF company becomes an alternative to at all be able to work as an entrepreneur with a humane perspective on the quality of life and a whole new order of society is growing rapidly into the social development that may also come to pull out on a rebound of western welfare states and less established stock markets. It is an untenable situation for the companies that put their business leaders in the western world in the problem. Based on a lack of government support for the industry's dilemma the problem increase and listed companies on main stockmarkets drains out of value and will start to fail.

Last time when a financial crisis occured it was named the subprime and probably such could have been regulated in a different way if there would have been little bit more common sense among the decision-makers in the financial sector. Also, such treasury can occur from the industry itself with interests that control that specific indsutry through stong unionship and for an example government agencies and departments who do not resist development requirements, primarily in defense, jurisdiction, and security areas, costing taxpayers for infinite money for today's corporate world, in my opinion, unpleasant ineffective performance in a security policy sense is what the input in fact shows up with. However, I understand that the employment requirement can have a large and significant impact. But the price is outrageous for the entrepreneurs who pay taxes in a welfare state and outside the economic zones.

This is a typical example for how society depends upon decision-making on unceranity. And it is a much more worriesome development than what many of us think it is today mostly because we not accept us to think in the way to understand things before we have been affect by the fact that things is in one or another way. However, as long this process and development is happen without action, with a population of western passivity in a world that desperately needs taxpayers so I recommend all institutional investors in my immediate environment to invest in gold and provide a value for the securities that you manage.

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