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As a public person you have to learn to deal with situations in everyday life which is about treasury and deputy in one's success and lifestyle in everyday life. Today, I have a wonderful family and I live happy and mostly effective within a structured lifestyle. As a self-employed so I have made the choices in life that have come to define precisely a lifestyle that expresses my success as a businessman and former public person in the limelight as one of the founders of a local political party. I have always had an active commitment to social issues. With the most dramatic for a personality development, I would like to define precisely the steps how it was to become a local politician. Today I have values ranging in a slightly different direction, and it is primarily the family and the children, which means a lot, to get to see them grow up and develop into good human beings. Before I for one time came to leave the public sphere and politics, so I thought a lot about how I would get a private business development perspective to function most optimal for the establishment of my company. If the choice was clear then it was, however, precisely the establishment of a more challenging task for the implementation of the planned guidelines. It gave me an insight into the many aggravating aspects together with all the good aspects of a business enterprise of our time, until I came in contact with a geological exploration company in the mining industry. It can be said represented a step in the right direction for my development in the world of business. But it also made it that I ended up in a kind of period of existence, which meant a long period of time of up and downs in the shape of the, at times, ineffective periods and balance sheet, which ended in a zero result. Now I have certainly with the help of diciplinary routine and a structural work purposefully focused on the management of securities and managed to achieve a platform for my business and my family. But to return to this business in a casual perspective for an optimization of the company's status so I feel a great lack of interacting factors to take advantage of the resources that we provide with a fantastic corporate structure in our SUF companies. I can experience sometimes a troublesome long-term form of cooperation's for a mistrust that the society of a part of national and regional constellations from the govenment agencies perceive international trade structures today as a lack in their own knowledge about the international trade structures in SUF. This has meant that I currently do not have a firm contract or any procurement to work with, but instead may see this time as a period of lower growth with loss of capital during each month as a result. I wonder sometimes why local, regional, and national authorities do not maintain an obligation to work together for a more positive development for the society as a form of company stands outside the established covenants. Is not such a structure very distorted when the trade unions possess a greater action and the exercise of power than the political directive authorized business services appointed by government for collaboration within the industry? I would like to see that, although we have established our company in international business structures to have any chance to operate on the local and regional market. I have, for example, a large team of ambassadors for british industry around the world that I wish I saw took an initiative to that they could assist with the establishment of necessary trade relations for the activities that we manage within our profession. The operators active in the business community, who normally deals with these issues is mainly chambers of commerce and what is their directive in the society from the political level? Anyway, it is a completely false statement if the reasoning is that the international business structures do not belong to the nations where the activity areas for development could occur!

Anyway!, if we would return to our business plan here with internet trading where our maximum effort is to establish a growth by a firm market share in the rapidly growing industry that each day has a tremendous proliferation in the world and that is about virtual machine trading. So you who have ties to the above mentioned international trade structure to you I wish to forward the authority to submit the information about our virtual machine and tool trade to the established industry, mining development authorities and public infrastructure construction industry.

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