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Board of Mining Development. Roger K. Olsson
Board of Mining Development. Roger K. Olsson

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Since 2006, we have seen a substantial development occur within the mining industry until now 2013. It is mainly the precious metals that have been most in demand in the market during the past period, and thus it is the factor that has contributed to the large portion of the growth. The pace of development with major undertakings in mining activities to assist with metals demand has slowed considerably. We have entered a phase that is more about stocking the commodity in anticipation of a market mainly when it comes to copper, and iron ore. The next bet will be largely concerned with other mining development areas such as granite, slate and stone but also gold. The great development potential, we find along the Norwegian coast and the mountain ranges along the Norwegian coast. This is extremely mineral rich areas for these specific natural resources and raw materials. With a long and solid tradition in the stone industry so have Norway great potential to further expand their exports. The fact is that the finest and the most luxurious slate stone for garden architecture, for example, we find in Norway. The trend of stone as a building material has been going on for a long time but it has never been as extensive as it is now in the more exclusive and prestigious construction forms in the individual family house concept and gardening architecture. This development, for example in slate tiles and granite as a combination of architecture with a detailed exterior of wood is something that will continue and further develop in the coming years. It will result in a production increase in the number of small and medium-sized slate mills in Norway. But it will also require a lot of efforts from a national organizational interest to uphold the highest quality in a market with otherwise very different incentives for quality and quality requirements. Stoneworks has long been an art and is today an industrial art form, I would define it as when I see this development take place. Stone industry as an area for development is also a trend that other nations definitely see as a positive development for the major impact on national economy and employment that it brings. Primarily, one can see very large employment gains and tax revenue for nations to implement simple frameworks for building industry to integrate into a development for overall concept of residential and complete gardening architecture designs. Employment needs to be stimulated in many parts of the western world on the premise that a very large number of people of working age are not academics and therefore goes against exclusion and soon standing outside society. Typically, the effect of unemployment among non-graduates is a phenom in cycles neglected by policy makers and governments that prioritize workload away from the area and the budget as long as they possibly can until they then becomes desperate for just too high social costs of further rising unemployment in some sectors. The concern may not me to judge it right here and now, but historically this has always been so! Just as in the bird's nest, the screaming and yelling gets the most, namely universities. Unfortunately, we see more clearly how wrong it beats in Sweden for employment as an example of centralization in educational centers with the main office and the grant-based financial part based in tax-subsidized systems in tax havens. Anyway, the current allians government sit in regional and local constellations and inept chasing the interests of small business owners from tax evasion in plain waist of taxpayers money into scaremongering, and whilst they sit in the central government at the same time decides on the entire nation's educational institutions in future to tax havens, which slop, and a clean failure!, without being ironic! However, to return to the more economically sustainable nations economic movements in the elaboration of national growth, we can for example look at Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Finland and Denmark as the most potential export markets to upscale building concepts from Norway. It is mainly these countries that we can direct us to the integrator to export and contractual consistency of quality requirement. Moreover, as a single company in this sector you can also change the effect of your own export without directly having to wait for a general framework of a national plan for the demand. Register your company and your product list through this American based micro hosting service to make available a range of products in over 190 countries worldwide.

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