Grant Handzlik, official announcement as candidate for Governor of California 2018

Addressing California’s Critical Issues from a different angle, with plans to take political control and give it back to the people. From Long Beach California, April 18th, 2016.

Grant Handzlik is not a politician, he is a normal person that is running because he feels he needs to.

“My first order of business is to take a pay cut, $174,000 a year is a bit much for an elected official. If elected I will be taking $50,000 out of the allotted salary each year and donating $10,000 to each (5) of my favorite legitimate charities here in California.” List available at

Born and raised native to California, Handzlik grew up surfing and diving off the coast of Southern California. As a juvenile and young adult, making the long hard climb out of a difficult life changing experience, enlightened him to a greater purpose, and the challenges that affect us all as a community.

Handzlik has a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs at Florida State University, an Advanced Technical Degree from Santa Barbara City College, and has worked as a Union Journeyman. Handzlik speaks, reads, and writes Spanish with native proficiency and a first hand understanding of Latino culture and values. In addition, Handzlik worked and lived in Panama City, Panama as an executive at senior management level, for international corporations.

It’s time for a big change in our government; how popular opinion is reflected in decision making, transparency on all fronts, and responsible / accountable legislature to benefit the majority not a small part.
“Real experience and education have offered a unique and intimate understanding of the problems of our Society and State. I understand the issues that affect all classes of people, and have a special understanding of the important Latino, and Immigrant population of our State.”

Through life's trials, international experience, and human interaction, Grant has attained the experience and knowledge needed to carry the State of California in a new, transparent, and positive direction.
Go to to read more about his plans for office, and his understanding of the states critical issues. You can also follow him on Twitter @governorgrant. Join us in the battle to unlock government and take it back for the people.

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