masters of chaos

The masters of chaos are the ruling-investor-class, who want turmoil since they also want fixed traditions to be the main property of society, since the status quo is that upon which their social power is built, but they also want the illusion of “great technical and social changes always occurring,” and where “the secondary masters of chaos in society,”… ie the henchmen of chaos for the ruling-class…, are not so much the goons whom compose the secret-police and whom physically terrorize the public as needed, but rather the intellectual-goons, whom are both the apparent (or highly visible) public intellectuals and (the ruling-class’s) gate-keepers of the media, and the even worse type of intellectual-goon, namely, those whom most keep the society fixed in its narrow failed state of (intellectual) chaos, and these domineering people are the, so called, top-intellectuals, the highly revered, and highly technical set of physicists and math intellectual-goons who proclaim useless absurdities in their quantitatively inconsistent formal models, which are related primarily to chaos (mainly nuclear weapons), and in this form of useless narrowly focused intellectual-authority (of these media-revered intellectual-goons) cause the intellectual efforts of people stay fixed and mired in a state of intellectual-chaos, so that there is no other alternatives (there is no other way)
…, but there is a new alternative math context which is a math construct which is of a parallel type intellectual structure as the Copernican ideas were alternative contexts to the Ptolemaic models (as Copernicus provided a new descriptive context in relationship to the model of Ptolemy), catalytic chemistry can be given new models (appendix II, p26), and life-forms can be given new models namely, for a life-form’s unifying shape (in a higher-dimensional set-containment context)
A discussion about differential geometry (eg as used to identify facial properties, ie a construct which does not condense information) and also well written articles, in April 2016 AMS Bulletin, about classical physics and other issues about physical description are in Appendix I p14, of a 36p paper)
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Though the corruption of politics and law in the US is very bad, where the aristocracy was allowed, without any political-legal basis, to make US law be based on English common law, where English common law is about property rights and minority rule, but where, in English common law the second level aristocrats ie the slightly smaller land owners, are given a few rights, ie it is about Roman law, ie “what is stated by the ruling-class is (becomes) the empire’s law” and the relation of the Roman emperor to the aristocracy (whom each had their own armies), and thus, the US aristocrats, and their armies (ie the police and spies) and their henchmen (eg domineering personality types, eg violent as well as propagandists and the intellectual-class), have made a mockery of the US Bill of Rights,
however, the corruption and dishonesty of the intellectual-class is far worse, eg where formalized descriptions of very general and highly detailed (math and physics) contexts are placed into an operator context of non-linearity, and a fundamental property of non-commutativity for, supposedly, precise descriptions of a system’s relation to its containment-set, this causes quantitative inconsistency, and, in turn, this means that “in such a descriptive context” …, in regard to the quantitative relation (as a map) of a system’s properties to its containment-set…, measuring is unreliable, as well as the fact that such a descriptive context cannot describe any stable patterns, ie highly detailed and very difficult to understand complex constructs which are quantitatively inconsistent possess no meaningful content----,

Thus, there is no (actually) new inventive technical development…, for the authoritative dogmas which are derived so as to be related to particular instruments…, except for the small set of extra complexities added-on to already existing instruments, whose descriptive contexts are based on partial-truths related to particular instruments, are the narrow focus of the (math-physics) techniques and assumptions of these detailed and overly dogmatic and authoritarian quantitatively inconsistent…, but, supposedly, precise technical descriptive contexts…, intellectual constructs,
for proof that there is no (actually) new inventive technical development, consider one that their dogmatic authoritative constructs cannot get past the ability to provide precise descriptions of systems, based on models of material-interactions, beyond the 2-body system (which was solved by Newton),
simply look at the list of truly different inventions in the last half of the 20th century, after the empirical context for a nuclear chain-reaction was developed (which is a model which is an extension of (or which is a model which is the same as) the 19th century models of physical chemistry),
(then there was only)
the laser (1958) and the transistor (1948), where the transistor’s development emerged from an empirical context associated to pure crystals being altered by atomic impurities, in a context of thermal-system methods, ie the P and N crystalline materials were developed by (thermal) annealing methods (where annealing is about bombarding the pure crystal’s surface with fast moving (ie hot) atomic-impurities to make P and N type crystal materials ), and the, subsequent, printed circuits formed on crystals, as well as the large arrays of switching circuits on these crystal printed-circuits, ie digital computers,
whereas the DNA engineering of chemicals (done in living systems) is really a testimony to the failed models of catalytic chemistry (eg the chemistry of proteins and enzymes, most often found in in living systems), where modern physics is not providing to the world a valid model of catalytic chemistry, where the physicist cannot work on models for catalytic chemistry if all he is describing is the chaotic context of a nuclear bomb’s explosion,, eg particle-physics and string-theory, etc, where the models of bomb explosions are extensions of “the physical chemistry models” of chemical reactions, whose only descriptive context is reaction rates, which, in turn, depend on rates at which the different chemical types in a thermal system collide with one another

----, eg a precise description of a system’s relation to its containment-set defined on coordinates, which possess general metric-functions, (or for other types of system-containment sets [along with (general) metric-space coordinate-spaces], in regard to containment-sets, there are also probability based descriptions defined as (being contained in) function-spaces, or (for operators acting on functions, in a descriptive context which is fundamentally non-commutative…, at the point at which the operator is defined (at a single point))…, (where in this case there is) an “infinite set of sets,” which is defined, eg schemes, so that, all relations of the system to a (the) point (where the local operators are fundamentally non-commutative, eg the Dirac operator) are defined by (within) the very large set-structure, [which, in turn, is defined at the site of the single-point], and (also, in regard to schemes) their set-relationships to moduli spaces, (ie the also very large set of the spaces of all solutions), etc), ie these are delusional models which cannot undo the fundamental quantitative inconsistency, which either the probability operator properties define, or the local operator properties define,
in statistical constructs (where) there are no stable patterns (ie no patterns conserved through time), which are supposed to form the basis for the counting of elementary-random-events, but counting unstable events cannot be made quantitatively consistent, ie such a construct is an indefinably random descriptive context,
so that in either of these two cases (quantitatively inconsistent or statistically indefinable) the quantitative-sets upon which these formalized descriptions depend (either in indefinable statistics, or in quantitatively inconsistent containment contexts) are not (properly) defined,
they are defined in the very detailed general cases,
So that
In these two cases, the quantitative structures (ie quantitatively inconsistent structures) associated to the formal, general statements about supposed math patterns, are: (1) many-valued, (2) the set structure of the quantities is discontinuous, and (3) there is no valid identification of a uniform unit, upon which quantity is to be based, so the formal statements about quantitative properties do not exist in such a, supposedly, mathematical space, and, subsequently, this is a ([delusional] mathematical) space where measuring is not reliable and there are no stable patterns which can be described, and, subsequently, used in a practical manner, within such a containment and mapping mathematical context, for, supposedly, a measurable descriptive language,
{if a culture’s knowledge is failing, then its range of practical creativity will be very narrow, and trade will slow, and jobs will disappear}
{{ but there exist well identified mathematically-consistent alternative descriptive containment and mapping…
(into the system’s properties, which get identified due to the structure of the descriptive language, of which material-interactions are a proper subset)
…, contexts, but/and they are not dependent on the idea of materialism, and where these new containment and mapping structures, and measurably descriptive contexts, are about describing the mysteries which surround the idea that “mass equals energy”; or (equivalently) the mysteries about (1) the geometric properties of inertial-space, ie Euclidean space, and (2) the stable (in time) properties of energy-space, ie stable energy-shapes which are naturally defined over many-dimensions, where this definition is identified without any reference to material, or inertial, properties (where the idea of energy usually emerges out of considerations about material (interaction) properties)--- where this energy can be thought of as the fundamental properties of stable spectral-energy, and where the stable energy-shapes are defined on a set of set-containment coordinate properties, which are almost global (except at a single-point): namely, their coordinates are locally linear, and globally continuously locally commutative, and they are metric-invariant coordinate structures--- and/or of velocity space defined on energy-shapes (or circle-space-shapes) ie space-time space
This is about the mystery, which is identified by a new mathematical construct (a new mathematical structure, or a new mathematical context for containment of existence), concerning the relationship between (1) geometry (where geometry is about the relations between spatial-positions, where the positions are usually defined in regard to material) and (2) energy (where energy is fundamentally conserved, and thus, energy is a property which is about the continuity in time of a stable coordinate pattern, ie dE/dt=0) and (3) quantitative consistency (and why reliable-measuring allows correct descriptive contexts to be related to a new set of a wide range of practically creative efforts),
(if the geometry-space and energy-space separation can be bridged, then isomorphically) the equivalent hyperbolic metric-space, ie the space of (constant) velocity defined on stable circle-space shapes}}

That is, classical physics is stopped after the 2-body system, and quantum physics is fundamentally non-commutative, due to the uncertainty principle, and it is also stopped after the 2-body system, and the confinement of the descriptive context…, to a context in which all material-interactions are reduced to particle-collisions…, to chaotic models of fundamentally non-commutative point-operators, which only relate to scattering-patterns of particle-collisions, and subsequently, it is a model which only deals with rates of particle-collisions (in regard to different particle-types) in many-many-component thermal system, whose measurable properties can only be related to averages, just as thermal system properties are averages, is an absurd model (to which all material-interactions must reduce), and, in fact, it is a model which is only about rates of reactions in bomb-explosions, though it is (apparently, jokingly) claimed to enhance the calculations of quantum physics (but quantum physics can only solve systems which are 1-body systems)
Thus, these authoritative and dogmatic descriptive contexts are not leading to any new practically creative developments ie they are wrong, these fixed (peer-reviewed) authoritative language structures cannot describe the stable patterns which are being observed, and alternative descriptive contexts must be considered

And furthermore…,
they (the above mentioned failed ideas of the dishonest intellectual-class) are defined on sets which are too big (where these big sets provide a new context (in which to introduce epicycle like structures) in which system properties can be empirically fit (as the epicycles of the Ptolemaic model were fit according to…, and adjusted by empirical data) by…, empirically-based adjustments associated with convergence and divergence sequences [in a quantitatively inconsistent containment context]),
Nonetheless (despite empirical data adjusting) these complicated and very general formalized math contexts have not been able to progress past solving the 2-body system, by using (trying to formulate and solve) partial differential equation-models, ie pde-models, of material-interactions (which is “the basic substance (or context)” of “what is called” physical law), ie this (material-interaction) is the assumed cause for all measurable properties of physical systems,
Yet from the mathematical patterns… which mathematicians have identified the simple stable geometric shapes of W Thurston, where the stable discrete hyperbolic shapes forms the biggest set, and the many-dimensional structures of stable discrete hyperbolic shapes as identified by D Coxeter, and the fundamental mysteries about the relationship between geometry and a stable existence (or the distinct containment-set properties of geometry and energy) as identified by E Noether…..; an alternative context for set structure and set containment and a slight variation of the nature of materials interactions; the stable context of the many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital physical systems which exist at all size scales nuclei to molecules to life-forms to solar-systems can now be fit into a set-containment context in a quantitatively consistent construct, where their stability is a natural property of their stable shapes, and in this new descriptive context (as Copernicus provided a new descriptive context in relationship to the model of Ptolemy), catalytic chemistry can be given new models (appendix II), and life-forms can be given new models namely, for a life-form’s unifying shape (in a higher-dimensional set-containment context)


The empire resides in the gloomy valley of the goons, where the only behaviors allowed for the public within the empire are the: amoral, dishonest, opportunistic behaviors, which can be paid for, and these are the behaviors are provided as services to the ruling-class by the violent opportunistic goons, whose paid actions support the empire, where the empire is characterized by the obsession of its ruling-class with militaristic actions for stealing (real) property (or stealing material-resources), as well as for stealing intellectual property which, in turn, relates to its fundamentally military strategies for its practically creative production,
In the empire there are both the physically violent goons, veiled as moralistic and fake-ly-principled goons, and the intellectual-goons, ie the authoritarian and intellectually dominating intellectual-class, whom are the more open (than the hidden goons of the police-state) and directly visible (so, seemingly, the intellectual-goons are seemingly more plentiful) goons of the empire, who are associated with “the high-valued intellectual claims of the empire,” and, subsequently, its ruling-class (whose ideas control the social appearance of high-value within society, where this control is realized through their absolute control over the propaganda-education-police-state system),
the intellectual claims of the intellectual-goons are supported by the education system, and deceptively claimed to be measurably verified absolute objective truths, where these (intellectually) limited, and mostly failed, claims, made by the intellectual-goons of the empire, are the basis for class warfare,
the protection of both (1) the knowledge (where this protection keeps knowledge more fixed and (institutionally) dogmatic) and (2) the institutional positions held by the intellectual-class (together) define an extremely vicious class-warfare, and this class warfare identifies the, subsequent, denigration of the intellectual…, and subsequently, the practically creative…, capabilities of the public,
where the social form (or societal function) of maintaining the social context of the failed intellectual efforts (by the empire’s intellectual-goons) serve only the very selfish few in the ruling-class
(eg the 64 very rich who own the ruling-shares of everything into which there is investment),
class-warfare is at the core of social-value (and it is about identifying social-value, which the ruling-few have most obviously failed, ie the so called “meritorious few” are mostly to be noted for their failures)
it is really about the question “what has human value?” (the answer provided by the empire is “both scarce material and violence”) but it is a question which Socrates best answered, namely, the highest value of humans is their knowledge and, subsequently, their practically creative abilities, and this is best realized (or developed) by equal free-inquiry, where this leads to social expansion by practical creative development and its relation to trade and the creative energy of life, ie equality of the “equal public creators” proceeds, and is more important than, the falsely proclaimed security which is supposed to be the result of violent military expansion which seeks scarce resources, due to its failed, very narrow, outlook, an outlook which causes scarcity of material resources
and, in turn, this (a society of equal creators) requires that law be based on equality, and that law not be based on property rights and minority rule, and the violence through which such a (property rights’) society is developed.

A Valley of the goons (the empire‘s goons)

The empire resides in the gloomy valley of the goons, where the only behaviors allowed for the public within the empire are the: amoral (where the distinction between right and wrong can only be made in certain type of narrow contexts, the allowed categories of being moral), dishonest, opportunistic behaviors, ie arbitrary behaviors (which should be outside of social norms, but) which can be paid for (but only those in the ruling-class will be allowed to have impunity for paying for these amoral dishonest behaviors), and these are the behaviors provided to the ruling-class by the violent opportunistic goons “whose paid actions support the empire,” (eg hiring “Pinkertons” to murder striking workers), where the empire is characterized by the obsession of its ruling-class with militaristic actions associated with stealing property, as well as for stealing intellectual property, which, in turn, relates to its fundamentally (or essentially) militaristic based economic strategies for its “practically creative” production, which fits into a narrowly regimented society,
In the empire there are both the physically-violent goons, veiled as moralistic and fake-ly-principled goons (moral in specific narrow contexts, while, in turn, they are paid (by the ruling-class) for their behaviors in an amoral context, they terrorize the public for a few dollars [where the spy system can never quite see these amoral behavior occurrences developing, even though there is full-spectrum domination, {actually, the spies help organize these amoral behaviors of the goons}]), {the empire supports the opponents with whom it is at war, and the empire supplies the drugs to the public, so that the empire can then attack the public, so as to glorify a moralistic type of class warfare, but where the high-valued institutions of the intellectual-class defines the high-value and low-value within the limited social constraints of arbitrary social-value but/and which define class warfare} and the intellectual-goons, ie the authoritarian and intellectually dominating intellectual-class, whom are the more openly available and directly visible (so, seemingly, more plentiful) (the intellectual) goons of the empire, who are associated with the high-valued intellectual claims of the empire, and its ruling-class (whose ideas about what is important to them (ie the ruling-class), in turn, controls high-value within society, where this control is determined through their absolute control over the propaganda-education-police-state system), where the intellectual claims of the intellectual-goons are supported by the education system, and deceptively claimed to be measurably verified absolute objective truths (by the mostly science-fiction [peer-reviewed] journals eg Physical Review), but (in these high-valued institutions) the narrow dogmas cause “measuring’s relation to physical description” to be reduced to an absurd context of measuring the scattering patterns of point-particle-collisions of the very small, unstable entities, where phenomenon (eg scattering patterns of unstable elementary-particles) are provided with arbitrary interpretations concerning these measured properties relationship to arbitrary frame-invariant pde-models of material-interactions, which should all be highly questioned, ie interactions are reduced to thermal models of perturbing affects defined at a single-point) and the very large and/or the very distant properties of large masses (or other fundamental mysteries, which are mostly about the extrapolation of the failed models of physical law, eg dark matter) whose descriptive context is placed in an absolute manner (by high-valued-peer-reviewed journals of, essentially, religious-dogmas of the empire‘s science) into the very limiting and quantitatively inconsistent context of spherical symmetry (in general relativity, a perturbed sphere is unstable), and where the in-between sized systems are claimed to be perfectly understood, but lack of models for catalytic chemistry, and also (a lack of a model) for a unified structure for a life-form (where DNA can only be activated within the mysterious confines of a cell), show these claims of absolute understanding of classical or quantum systems, ie the intermediate-sized systems, to be far from true, where these (intellectually) limited, and mostly (almost entirely) failed claims about the nature of the physical and biological world…, which are made by the intellectual-goons of the empire…, are the basis for class warfare (this class warfare in the chaotic social context through which the ruling-class can steal any new ideas which fit into the empire‘s limited and narrow needs (eg needs for development of ideas) which the public might have put-forth with ease (and with impunity [moral claims are not allowed in this social context]), and the, subsequent, denigration of the intellectual…, and subsequently, the practically creative…, capabilities of the public, where this social form of dysfunctional intellectual efforts (by the empire’s intellectual-goons) serve only the very selfish-few in the ruling-class (eg the 64 very rich who own the ruling-shares of everything into which there is investment), in a narrow destructive context, which the authoritarian and absolute dogmatic intellectual-goons of the empire (all of whom) must proclaim [these absolute dogmas], so as to be on the high-salary side of the class-warfare, but where class warfare, where class-warfare is at the core of social-value (and about which the ruling-few have most obviously failed, they have failed to discern intellectual value) and it (the failure of the ruling-class) is really about the question “what has human value?” a question which Socrates best answered, namely, the highest value of humans is their knowledge and, subsequently, their practically creative abilities, and this is best realized (or developed) by equal free-inquiry, where this leads to social expansion by practical creative development and its relation to trade,
the creative energy of life,
ie equality of the equal public creators proceeds…, and is more important than…, the falsely proclaimed need for security (in a narrowly regimented society), which (the security of the regimented public) is supposed to be the result of violent military expansion
and, in turn, this (the need for the development of knowledge and ever expanding capacity for practical creativity), requires that law be based on equality, and that law not be based on property rights and minority rule,
high-valued-knowledge is not about
“that all physical description must reduce to particle-collisions and rates of collisions in chaotic thermal contexts” the particle-physicists, the QFT’s, and the string-theorists (and quantum gravitational-ists) etc, [where this is, exclusively, the descriptive context of thermonuclear bombs] (who) which only relate physical description to development of nuclear weapons, and otherwise these are intellectual-goons whose models are quantitatively inconsistent, and thus, without any measurable meaning,
Yet (these models are)
formally complicated (thus, one needs to be smarter-than-smart in order to be able to understand them, whereas the truth is “that there is nothing to understand” these formally complicated claims are quantitatively inconsistent they are non-linear, non-commutative and they are defined on sets which are too-big and they are defined in an indefinably random context (where counting is not definable), and thus, they are all nonsense), but/and they are complicated claims which are without any relation to the fundamental questions of physics, eg “why are there stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems which exist at all size-scales?”
or “how can catalytic chemistry be modeled?“
do these models (of the science and math of the empire) have any relationship to widely applicable rules for physician desecrations so as to provide a valid basis for further practical creative development

The masters of chaos within the empire of chaos

Social power, in western-culture, is organized around the lying, murdering, and stealing practices of the very few in the unequal society’s ruling-class, where the purpose of this, basically selfish, unproductive, and destructive, model of social power (taking [stealing] what other people have built, based on military and legal violence which are used to support the selfish desires of the ruling-few), apparently, is to expand regimentation around the world, for a narrowly defined regimentation of a social-hierarchy which is loyal to the expanding domain of the conquering few, ie both military and class-warfare, where class warfare and the regimentation are associated to an arbitrarily defined “high-social-value,” where this arbitrary social hierarchy is upheld by violence, where these ruling-few are provided (by the societies which they rule) with impunity for their selfish and destructive actions, where the impunity and high-social-value are maintained and identified by their control over a propaganda-education-police-state system.
There is nothing new about this social construct of arbitrary barbarity with impunity for the ruling few, where the barbarity is defined by violent expansion and violently defined narrowness for the social expression in regard to the practical creativity of society, this…, especially the impunity for both the criminal ruling-few and the class warfare…,
…, is violently upheld by both law…,
{based on property rights and a ruling-minority, where the ruling-few control both land and they determine high-social-value (the high truths of the empire)…, through their control over the propaganda-education-police-state system, which (apparently) was perfected by the Roman empire}
…, and class-warfare,
{where narrow and arbitrary intellectual authority, ie where such dogmatic intellectual-bullying is related to class-warfare, where this arbitrary intellectual authority has a very limited relationship to practical creativity, where this is because the ruling-few want, so called, valid knowledge (the high-truths of the empire)
to be narrow (limited in its practical applicable range) and controlled,
so as to only serve the interests of the ruling-class}….
[the ruling-criminal-class is given impunity, and subsequently, the only allowed behavior for the public is amoral, dishonest, opportunism, which is also the narrow, mind-dead, fraudulent mind-set of the ruling-few, namely, stealing from others, so that society’s vision of practical creativity is restricted to an, essence, of laying bricks, which can only fit into one of society’s narrowly dogmatic categories of practical creativity, which are organized to serve only the ruling-class, eg Bill Gates is a highly touted brick-layer, where this narrow range of categories is expressed as being a market based on trade, and (supposedly) “made efficient” by the ruling-investor-class (but this is true only in the most narrow sense, within a society so tightly controlled by the propaganda-education-police-state system), so that they (the ruling-few) can selfishly use any obvious advantages (which they have stolen from the public) for themselves]
Practically useful knowledge is completely unimportant to those in the high-levels of the intellectual-class, that is, in an amoral, dishonest, and opportunistic context for allowed social behavior, the only thing of interest for those who seek and gain high-social-intellectual rank is intellectual (and subsequently social) domination, ie an intellectual-domination which is protected by the ruling-class
,,, Whereas in the 19th century classical physics expanded its range of practical creativity: electromagnetism of Faraday, thermal and statistical physics, done by many, where measurable description was based on set-containment by coordinates (within which the measurable context (of the described system’s properties) is contained) and the set of measured properties, which are modeled as local models of measuring, ie 2nd order dynamics of interacting free-components, a descriptive context which can only formulate and be solved (ie only solved when the locally measurable pde-models are separable [or continuously commutative in the pde‘s local coordinate structure]) for either a few types of one-body systems, or two-body systems with spherical (circular) symmetry on the 2-plane, and reduced to a one-body system, as well as 1st order models of measures of average thermal values, which are defined for (in) thermal systems, and which is based-on average conserved properties for closed systems, ie dE=0, but this expansion of measurable descriptive knowledge, was successfully thwarted (in its growth, ie a growth which the ruling-few cannot control) by the limiting affect on ideas which can be realized by controlling the publics impression about high-social-value, where this is done through the propaganda-education-police-state system; where what this system has promoted was (is): the fundamentally non-commutative quantum physics, and Einstein’s non-linear generalizations of material-interactions of independent components, and D Hilbert’s formalized, axiom-based, academic logic (so as to provide the illusion of a “certainty of truth”), along with Darwin’s (somewhat older model of) indefinably random containment context for his model of biological development [which is also related to the model of geologic layers of earth’s development], and a similarly based fraudulent set of psychological models of IQ ie where class warfare is the main point of such academic developments (especially, such as the idea of IQ), as well as using the independent behaving Tesla’s fundamental elitist viewpoint (where Tesla was hugely dependent on the language of E&M fields which was developed by Faraday) so that his predicable uppity (though very intellectually independent) behavior was manipulated, so as to (also) help mire the free-expression about measurable descriptions (which were actively being developed in the late 19th century),
so that,
in the more controlled elitist context, the high truths of the empire require particular: assumptions (eg frame invariant pde-models of material-interactions, are the basis for all physical descriptions), contexts, interpretations (all material-interactions can be reduced to random particle-collisions and their scattering patterns a context of chaos and without the capacity to describe any stable measurable patterns), ways in which language is organized, which cannot be violated by anyone who is allowed to possess the appearance of high -social-intellectual-value (ie the mythological property of high-IQ, which is effectively, a bogus social construct which is dependent on the idea of social Darwinism (and its indefinably random statistical basis), ie domination by the superior few, where IQ is measured as the rate of acquiring the dominant culture)
That is, the anti-intellectuals in the intellectual-class are greatly opposed to equal free-inquiry, even though Godel’s incompleteness theorem shows that the development of new ideas about measurable descriptions requires equal free-inquiry for any form of valid knowledge to actually be developed, since a fixed measurable language of physical description has grat limitations as to the range of patterns which is can describe in the logical context of the fixed language
that is, the illusion of an existence of a high-IQ, illuminati, which was created by the propaganda-education-police-state system to lead science and math back into a quagmire of useless formalisms, with a very limited range of practical applications, and where the few applications, basically, only serve the development of the nuclear bomb model, a model which is based on particle-collision probabilities (determinable from scattering-patterns), the same model as physical chemistry
[note that “the still being uncovered, useful, practical applications of classical physical models” are not being marketed]

The main way out of this mess is through both
(1) the Declaration of Independence, where T Jefferson expressed the idea that US law “is to be based on equality,” not “property rights and minority rule” as is expressed in English common law, where English common law is a re-expression of Roman-law,
(2) the 1st amendment, and its obvious relation to equal free-inquiry of Socrates
Science is not an absolute objective truth, rather, as it (science and math) is now construed it has a relatively narrow, and specialized, range of practical applicability

The cause of stable physical systems to exist is not derived (directly) from a material-interaction it actually emerges from an interaction-process’s resonating relationship to an external context (of resonating) with the finite spectra which is defined for an over-all high-dimensional containment set which is partitioned into topologically independent stable energy-shapes which, in turn, define the finite spectral-orbital set of quantitative values tro which stable energy-shapes in the containment set must be in resonance
That is, there is a finite set of stable energy-shapes defined on an array of different dimensional metric-space’s (or Hermitian invariant complex-coordinate space’s) fiber Lie groups (isometry or unitary Lie groups), which identify a measurably reliable containment set structure for each topologically independent metric-space shape (or Hermitian-invariant space shape) within which fundamentally stable geometric patterns exist, and in this containment-set the changes caused by a material-interaction process also exist.
That is, the causal (or containment-set) context within which the Copernican model of the solar-system actually exists has finally been identified, and the dogmatic followers of the personality-cult religion (which is what the intellectual-class actually represent) of Newton are shown to definitively be wrong (as opposed to its obvious failures at being able to identify a wide range of fairly accurate descriptive capabilities), ie the intellectual-class’s religion of Newton’s model of material-interactions has finally been definitively dethroned, (in a similar manner) as the Copernican-Newtonian model dethroned the religion of its day, that is, religion is not a valid description of the world’s mysteries (be it called either science or religion), rather it is a part of the empire’s propaganda-education-police-state system.

But in western culture, ie the valley of the goons (and where only goons occupy high-valued positions in society), the public feel that they are fundamentally removed from being capable of being related to any form of substantial knowledge, or (related) practical creativity, at the best they (are led to believe, that they) can only memorize and lay the technological-bricks, where the bricks of technology are mythological-ly created only by the elite intellectuals, ie this is the delusional context of knowledge and practical creativity within the western culture,
Where (in history)
the only high rates of knowledge and practically creative development occurred during brief time-intervals wherein equality (or change) manifested, eg the reformation and the brief rise of the egalitarian Quakers, eg W Penn, but these eras of equality and the development of knowledge, were quickly mired by the ruling-class and their intellectual-goons (Have gun, Will travel [reads the card of a goon])

The way out of the obvious limitations and failures of both physical and biological science is to place physical description in a new context, namely, a natural context of energy-shapes, which will necessarily be a higher-dimensional descriptive containment context, than is the dimension defined by the context of materialism and material-interactions, because these energy-shapes are defined in space-time metric-spaces from dimension-2 to dimension-11 (inclusive) [or, equivalently, in hyperbolic metric-space dimension-1 to dimension-10 (inclusive)], and with these shapes the understanding of stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems can be realized (this is the main obstacle to developing knowledge about a wider range of practical creative efforts in regard to physical description), it also provides a new context within which to model catalytic chemistry, and life-forms (which are related to a system-unifying energy-shape, which in the dimensions of hyperbolic space are odd-dimensional and odd-genus (or odd-number of toral-components) shapes), as well as mind (with an independent energy-structure associated to a natural context for memory) this is the type of new descriptive contexts associated to equal free-inquiry, which need to be explored, especially, since it is a natural new mathematical context within which one can build ideas (or constructs) with already existing math patterns (or math properties),
the scientific revolution, which in the west has been claimed to have been begun by Copernicus, was about a new mathematical context, ie a new way in which to organize math patterns
This type of thinking about new ways in which to organize language can occur to anyone, where this relation of knowledge to equality was the main point of the Socratic method (concerning equal free-inquiry), where children might be, especially, good at this type of new ways of putting together the patterns of a new language (where these new types of measurable contexts must be described to them imn simple language), this is the context (in regard to which measurable descriptive languages), which Godel’s incompleteness theorem requires for the further development of knowledge, in which the new knowledge is related to measurable descriptions, and subsequently, (the new measurable language) being related to new types of practically creative contexts, ie expansion by practical creativity.

[where narrowly confined arbitrary high-social-value is used as a basis for class warfare]

About 12,000 years ago (may be longer (?)) the condition of humans seems to have changed, so there was the mythological context of sacred religious texts; about giants and great technical capability (similar to controlling UFO properties) with remnants of this era at Gobekli Tempe and Puma Punka, as well as the well fitted large rocks seen in (early) Egypt and in the pre-historic Andes (or South America), but then humans began organizing their communities, instead of around knowledge and its relation to (practical) creativity (but focused their efforts) around violence and arbitrary elitism, and this era seems to be characterized by loss of knowledge, eg loss of connection to the religious context, and subsequently, a culture based on knowledge of confusion and chaos,
Socrates fought the modern (or violent elitist) type of culture in which society’s ruling-few controlled and narrowed the focus of knowledge, where this was done by the ruling-elites, in order for knowledge to support their narrow selfish interests, which were upheld by the way violence was organized in society (in these new societies which divorced mankind from their natural heritage to the real nature of existence, ie they were connected to the world beyond the narrow viewpoint of materialism, however, it should be noted that Godel’s incompleteness theorem supports the position of Socrates (narrowly focused knowledge losses its relevance), but in the context of an ever expanding empire (which was especially well organized in the Roman-empire, where the ruling elites each had their own armies, where now the (hidden, and never talked-about) police-state is all about the secret relation of the elites to armies (ie armies of goons), which act for the selfish interests of these elites),
in such a context of empire-expansion the culture of the conquered people, people conquered by the ever expanding empire, must be destroyed,
in its place, is put a culture which supports the ruling-elites (ie a culture which supports the ruling-elites is to be established), this context of “ever expanding empire” ruled by a few, who, in turn, controlled all property (controlled the material-world) was perfected by Rome, where the members of the ruling-class each possessed their own personal army (an army of goons, whom are readily available within the (brutalized) culture itself [note: both physically and intellectually brutalized peoples, ie class-warfare]), a social context which has never gone away, but the high-valued ancient culture, which existed in the more egalitarian cultures, which existed in the Americas at the time of Columbus, has leaked back into the US culture, primarily by C Castaneda who managed to express the very high-value of this old culture,
so that
in the new context of physical description, based on stable energy-shapes defined over many-dimensions beyond the dimensions which material defines, and which, nonetheless (the new ideas about how to organize the patterns of math), comes from the very heart of the math and physical descriptive languages of western academics, but it uses the simplest of math patterns, which retain their stable measurable contexts, but because it is so simple it is easily marginalized by the elitist intellectuals, the masters of complicated formalized expressions, which are “the, so called, beautiful” expressions, which possess no meaningful content,
ie these are the (true) masters of chaos within the western culture,
it (the new context based on simple math patterns) provides a better descriptive context which can be used to describe the observed stable patterns of material and living systems, and it is consistent with the ancient cosmology which Castaneda has described,
it links humans to their lost past knowledge, to their natural heritage of a many-dimensional, but nonetheless stable, existence,
The pre-DNA related changes to life-forms is more about an evolution of the structures of stable energy-shapes, (of which catalytic chemistry and DNA are subsets), note that this is an abstract context, but it is both possible and more true than is physical description based on material-interactions with life a subset of the material-world, where this new truth about existence and its relation to the actual creative efforts of life-forms is allowed due to a creative intent’s correct relationship to knowledge, and it (this relation of intent to existence) defines life as a creative-force within existence, the ever dependent relationship between existence and practical (or functioning) creativity

Modern chaos unleashed

In 2003 (reporter) N Klein identified the US policy of complete de-stabilization of Iraq, by the policies of Bremmer, the top (or supreme) administrator of Iraq after winning the 2003 war with Iraq, where Iraq politics still (2016) seems to be a sub-category to an external supreme commander,
Subsequently, one sees the continuation of this large scale destabilization of many countries around the world, as well as the destabilized relations between countries ever since 2003
While, if one looks at the US media’s efforts within the US society, for the last 55 years, one sees the same type of destabilization of society, but in the US this was done through the propaganda-education structures communicated through the communication channels, which are owned and controlled by the ruling-class,
Where (in reality) clear communications between US citizens was found to be ended a few years after winning the US revolutionary war (1776-1783), with the US aristocracy then protecting the aristocratic institutions from the public, whom the aristocratic institutions were exploiting,
when by 1787, or a few years latter, the Bill of Rights was ignored, and subsequently, English common law was re-instituted in the US, so as to determine the rule of the US society by the minority of large land owners, and those (goons) who expressed their loyalty to the large land-owning ruling minority, where these people loyal to the US aristocracy became US politicians, and thus loyal cogs of the propaganda-police-state system of the new US
This is all illegal based on both the claims made within both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights,
The ruling investor-class owned and controlled (by both investment and militias) the communication channels, that is, both publishing, and quite soon most of the politicians, who were, and still are, the main functionaries of the US-expanding empire’s propaganda system,
that is, so called government by the people was soon turned into a government, which was the propaganda-arm for (of) the, landed, ruling-minority,
Note: law based on equality, as stated in the US Declaration of Independence, is a strong statement in opposition to English common law,
English common law and the Magna Carta (which gave legal rights to the king’s henchmen (or goons)) are a re-statement of Roman law, which was based on property rights and minority rule, especially, for the English Kings and their aristocratic henchmen,
it defines a context of social inequality maintained by violence (as modeled by the Roman empire)
And Capitalism is a hierarchical, collectivist society fashioned by English common law of property right and minority rule, and which also mirrors the hierarchical social structure of the Roman-Empire and its property controlling aristocracy,
Marx describes the same hierarchical collectivist society as capitalism (note: the Roman empire was also a collectivist society, which collectively upheld the emperor), but with the descriptive context of the hierarchy spun differently, by the (also) highly controlled propaganda system, as a society composed of subsets of collectivist democratic groups, but (for Marx) the unspoken relation between knowledge and practical creativity was a context which was to remain in the hands of an elitist and deluded narrowly authoritarian intellectual-class, who still would uphold the context of high-valued knowledge as was determined by the original ruling-class,
the perfect example that the ideas of Marx and capitalism are essentially the same set of arbitrary elitist social structures, is, so called, communist China, which transitioned seamlessly to capitalism,
the violent uproars against communism comes from the well organized (secret, and not so secret, eg the police and the justice system) militias controlled by the aristocracy, eg the “Tea party” the Pinkertons, the hoodlums (many prominent public figures) who disrupted the Florida vote re-count in 2000, the Bundy (NV) henchmen, etc, etc
this uproar is not about the change of the social structure, rather the collectivist elitist and associated arbitrarily violent social structure remains the same, under the ideas of Marx, (but the context of propaganda is, supposedly, to be different), but (furthermore) new bosses (who function in the same arbitrarily elitist manner, and with the same impunity) may be installed (ie it is an unacceptable military-business risk),

And (when the European settlers encountered the, so called, new land, in the Americas)
The natural wish of the new Europeans was (namely) to build an empire as Rome built its empire, namely, by barbarous violence, which was used so as to acquire the land, which they wanted, from the, so called, inferior Indian-class, who actually owned and controlled the land of the expanding US-empire, where the native American societies were much more humane, and more equal, and not nearly to systematically and institutionally barbaric as the (European) west, and the land provided for the native people’s the nutrition they needed with very little effort (they understood how to better use the land)
(unfortunately, this desire for a new Roman-empire was strongly hinted-at in the “declaration of independence,”
but the Declaration of Independence also expressed the ideas of Socrates, that the new law of the US was to be based-on equality, which is also an idea expressed by many of the native tribes who occupied the lands of the expanding US territories, and law was not to be based on property rights and minority rule and such a deeply flawed law’s deep relationship to (barbarous) violence and an arbitrary social hierarchy),
The ruling investor-class owned and controlled (by both investment and militias) the communication channels, that is, both publishing, and quite soon most of the politicians, who were, and still are, the main functionaries of the US-expanding empire’s propaganda system,
the Christian religion of the Roman-emperor Constantine (who wrote the New testament and re-iterated the old testament), was again useful as it (namely, the Bible) was used as the propaganda-manual of the Roman-empire (and its chaotic vision of an arbitrary hierarchical society upheld by violence) ,

which was easy to use to justify a hierarchical authoritarian relationship between those who controlled the communication channels and the public,
the public paid for the propaganda, which expressed ideas against the natural interests of the public, and these publications instilled the context of arbitrary high-social-value which was the basis for class-warfare, which is the result of the propaganda-education-police-state system

Chaos and confusion are perfectly good social attributes for a culture which depends primarily on the status quo,
ie western culture is still the same authoritarian hierarchical society as was the Roman empire, it is still a military police-state society, which specializes in terrorism and coercion by means of a hidden police-structure, with everything (including all culture) arbitrary, but held in place with violence, (ie chaos is the natural context of western culture)
with the society being about materialism, property rights, and minority rule, where the ruling minority identify high-value and truth, and the Bible is still one of the main propaganda-manual(s) of the Empire,
the ruling-class is defined by the bankers, oilmen, and their propaganda systems, their military police-state social structure (which supports the ruling-class) is the status quo for western culture
the same system of law, all based on both aggressive military expansion, eg the ever expanding GDP, where production and markets are taken over, and a vicious class warfare which depends on chaos and confusion within the public so as to be able to function

Propaganda-education-police-state and the opposition to the development of knowledge, that is, the (so called) masters of authoritative objective knowledge, are, in fact, the main masters of chaos within western culture, and even after Faraday’s great efforts and the development of thermal physics, their descriptive abilities to describe the properties of stable systems composed of many-(but-few)-components have not surpassed that of Newton, and his formulation of the local descriptions of material-interactions, ie their knowledge still fails to describe the pattern for the planetary motions, which Copernicus identified, ie the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital physical systems which are so very fundamental to our experience go without a valid description based on, so called, physical law (clearly the physical laws are wrong)
The masters of “the authority of their truth” wallow in chaos and confusion, and deeply oppose any new ideas, the physical laws they worship must be (and remain) absolute truths, so the status quo of a technology based on brick-laying, ie the etched circuit board circuits essentially, developed in the 19th century by mostly Tesla, are now the bricks and Bill Gates is one of the modern masons of the empire

The, so called (or the actual), masters of chaos are the material-based scientists, ie the minion helpers of the ruling-class, who are providing the ruling-class with the technical knowledge of partial truths required to build and maintain the instruments (the bricks of empire), which the ruling-class judges are best suited to keep the ruling-class in power, this intellectual-class provides the empire with an absolute authoritative measurable truth (but only) as long as that truth serves the interests of the ruling-class, where these scientists, and related mathematicians, provide military instruments, and the subsequent, control over all communications channels,
the development of new instruments almost never occurs,
this is mostly a result of the social hierarchy, which smoothers any new ideas by means of the tradition and authority of the high-valued authorities (the keepers of the new religion, which was devised by Newton),
where some development accident-ly takes place, but it is channeled into the military and the narrow interests of the investor-class, in their few categories of production, eg communication instruments, oil, cars, agriculture, and GMO’s (ie genetically modified organisms, which are really expressions of the failure of western science to provide a valid model for catalytic chemistry), and if any new knowledge does not fit into the fixed and traditional context of the empire, then such new knowledge is mired and ignored

The list of the few categories of institutions of the empire are:

Law (property rights and minority rule)
Physics, (high-valued physics is exclusively about models for detonating material either radioactive or gravitational singularities
Math (serves the other institutions)
Chemistry (physical chemistry and catalytic chemistry [where catalytic chemistry has no valid model])
Communications electronics
Biology, which, according to the material-based models, is mostly about catalytic chemistry, which in turn, is related to DNA, but without a model of catalytic chemistry, and without a valid “unified model of a life-form,” this information about DNA has only vague relations to catalytic chemistry, elaborate statistical tests sometimes relate gene location on the DNA molecule to the gene’s relation in regard to (the gene) making a particular protein, which, in turn, has a particular biological function
This type of knowledge is entirely empirical knowledge, where subsequently, science is about endless lists of observed (different) properties whose functions cannot be integrated into a valid model which can be used to identify the causes of the great control that living-systems have over their own internal structures, without such a model biological science is simply vague empiricism…
(long lists of substances and subsystems, but only vague statistical correlations identifying inter-relationships between elements on this list within the living-form)
…, for subsystems with structural (or, apparent, system) organizing properties, but these organizing pathways cannot be identified
It has been reported that within a cell there exist one context for catalytic chemistry, and a different context for catalytic chemistry outside of the cell, which implies there is a more “active” (or directly energetic) side to the stable structures (chemical and organs) upon which a life-form is built, and its (catalytic) chemical properties, depend,

Then there is also:
Statistics, whose validity is very narrow, but which is used in indefinably random contexts, so as to support arbitrary proclamations,
Economics, which is not about invention or production, and the assumed to exist context of “supply and demand,” but rather is about domination of markets and domination of the world, by big-money investors, eg oil,
Psychology, which is all about proclamations supported by either invalid statistical contexts or framed for social contexts which are confined by social coercion
(eg politics, economics [wage-slavery], ability to challenge academic dogmas, [all of these behavioral choices are determined by coercion in the propaganda-education-police-state system (ie the social system of arbitrary and violent domination of the many by the few first brought into its present social form by the Roman-empire, and now fully expressed by the cultures whose religions are defined by all of the Abrahamic religions, as well as all the societies which are collectivist unequal societies, ie both capitalism and Marxism)])
Psychology (ie and its {indefinably random} statistical constructs) is defined on the, so called, social norms, which, in turn, are defined by the society’s arbitrary coercive practices
Public relations
The military

These are the handful of categories into which western culture fits, so this fixed narrowness, subsequently, requires over-use of a few resources, which are related to these limited numbers of categories of creative productivity in western culture
Furthermore, the western empire is supposedly highly superior capabilities in all of these few number of categories, superior in comparison to any other culture, thus, justifying further expansion

Though the, so called, “progressive” intellectuals see a totalitarian society, they also accept [due to their acknowledged (by the ruling-class) high-social-value as high-intellectuals] that the human condition, and its supposed individual relationship to DNA….
(but where a valid relationship between DNA and catalytic chemistry and its subsequent relationship to the functioning of life-forms effectively does not exist),
…, (requires) implies…, in regard to the measures of value defined for the few God-given (but where all social value and social norms are really being determined by the ruling-investor-class, and the set of managers and propaganda voices whom opportunistically acquire the institutional investment money of the ruling-class) categories (or academic institutions, which are related to absolute intellectual truths) (of one of the few categories of allowed social behaviors for the public)…,that people are not equal
These “progressive” intellectuals accept the absolute dogmatic truths of the dominant culture (the dominant culture which is defined by the ruling-class) so in a manner, apparently hidden to themselves and their supposedly moral and honest viewpoint (which does not really exist) they embrace personal inequality, which is the context of social Darwinism, and (where social Darwinism is also) used as a basis for sexism, racism as well as an unfounded belief in a super-DNA-intelligence, where since the ideas which identify the context within which the stable spectral-orbital properties of the stable many-(but-few)-component physical systems which are the dominant systems of our existence and thus identifying this correct descriptive context is the main goal of physical theory so the, so called, smarter-than-smart and top in the intellectual-class ie the S Hawkings and the E Witten’s, more or less possess the intelligence of piles of dog feces… (in their confused intellectual forays into delusional quantitatively inconsistent math constructs of either string-theory and/or gravitational singularities) …, when compared to the intelligence required to actually describe the correct context for the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems which exist at all size scales (which is a measurable descriptive context which has been fully expressed)…,
[that is, on the one hand there is a measurable descriptive context which can describe, as stable patterns, the observed stable patterns, while the other traditional, fixed, authoritarian language (the language of the peer-reviewed opportunists whom wish to be intellectually domineering within an authoritarian society) cannot describe such stable patterns,
thus, the descriptive context which is capable of describing the observed measurable patterns identifies a context, and which (also) can identify practically useful relationships, has a valid relation to truth, while the other language cannot describe the observed properties, so the one language is describing truth, while the other language is a bunch of nonsense, the useless language, more or less, has a value “in truth” as a pile of dog feces compared to the other descriptive language (or other possible descriptive languages which might possess the capacity to describe the observed stable properties of the, so called, material-world,
since the only definition of intelligence, which makes any sense, is an ability to discern truth, and the useless language is more or less has the value in truth as a pile of dog feces when compared to the other
(what value, in truth, does obsessive-ness about great complications in a language, which is incapable of describing the set of observed patterns? [no value, in truth]),
again one sees that the notion of “intelligence” is a hoax, which is perpetrated on the public by the ruling-class, and their supporting (academic) institutions, which manipulate (fake) quantitative constructs in arbitrary ways, especially, when the quantitative constructs are indefinably random where there are no stable well-defined events which compose the probability space’s elementary-event space, or when the so called measurable context is quantitatively inconsistent, eg locally non-linear, fundamentally non-commutative, and indefinably random, [which leads to the nonsensical quantitative properties of no well defined unit of measuring, and/or the quantitative set is many-valued, and/or the quantitative set is discontinuous (ie consistent measuring is not possible),
{note intelligence may make sense as “an ability to discern truth,” but it makes no sense when attributed to a measure of the desire of a person (in society) to be obedient to the dominant culture, ie obedient to the interests of the ruling-class, which is what the actual meaning of the word “intelligence” when used in the propaganda-education-police-state system of arbitrary limitation of language and thought, and, subsequent coercion, which is required to keep social-value (as possessed by the public) narrow so as to be consistent with the wishes of the ruling-class}

Appendix I

Consider the April 2016 AMS Notices article “Gauge invariance of Degenerate Riemannian metrics” A B Tumpach, it is all filled with technical jargon, ie jargon which fits into the formal technical context of peer-review, where apparently, though it is never stated in understandable sentences, the point is to deform a sphere into a recognizable shape (with no holes) so as to be able to “recognize it as a ’form,’” apparently by a computer, and apparently without coordinates (ie without parameterization) so that the technique apparently, is defining a path of deformation in the fiber diffeomorphism group…, ie (essentially) related primarily to only local (non-linear) coordinates whose local pde-model of deformation (of the sphere) is frame invariant…, of the sphere into a (the) recognizable shape, apparently with only topological set-containment properties associated to a shape (form)…
[where this is talked about in an equally incomprehensible, and quite technical, manner, in regard to, so called, moduli space (apparently, the space of all global solutions, eg sets of approximate polynomial (solution) functions) which…, in the contexts in which the pde-models of existence are applied…, do not (in general) exist (as global solution functions), but the descriptive structure in this set-containment (or topological) context is all defined for a local neighborhood of a single point],
…, but the entire discussion (or Tumpach’s article) only deals with some form of parameterization, eg local coordinates, where the shape operator, ie an integral over the local metric-function’s set of local properties (first and second fundamental forms), so the gauge ie an element of the diffeomorphism group (which is, supposedly, deforming the sphere), must be invariant, either by its local coordinate deformation-action, identifying an independent coordinate direction, or by its (the local deformation functional) group action’s differential being zero, but the deformation (eg from sphere to (say) a hand) must relate to changes which are normal to the sphere, so this should mean that the differential of the local deformations must be zero, where how this relates to some invariant relation, in regard to the path of deformations, is quite unclear, since the claims in the article seem to be that the deformations are defined in a coordinate-direction which is normal to the shape’s deformation properties, and these deformations seem to be identified as being independent of the shape (?),
but (nonetheless)
almost all of the quantitative contexts of this description are locally non-linear and non-commutative, so that a computer’s computation would be in a quantitatively inconsistent context, and one does not see a numerical capacity to resolve the idea of shape in such a quantitatively inconsistent descriptive setting, while (instead) if one wants to distinguish between a cat and a horse, then information about the length of the different species legs might be a more efficient way to distinguish shapes by using a computer,
This is entirely typical of the peer-reviewed fixed traditional authority associated to math contexts, and, subsequently, math techniques, where “what is being described” cannot be understood by a reader, and the language is formal, and the technical language is more detailed than the conditions which one wants to distinguish, so “what content does such an authoritative, fixed, technical (peer-reviewed, and hence identified by the public as an absolute truth) descriptive language actually capable of possessing?” This defines science and math as being simply an empirical practice which is incapable of identifying the measurable descriptive context within which stable patterns (observed inter-relating measurable features of a system which remain consistent in their inter-relating properties throughout very long periods of time) become manifest and instead the practice is to identify a highly detailed measurable descriptive language which seems to be more detailed than the existence it is supposedly describing with so called laws which are supposed to condense a description, ie today’s science and math create an empirical language which has less predictive power than the empirical epicycles of the Ptolemaic model (of the planet’s motions)
Note that for certain selected properties the Ptolemaic model is still more precise than is the Copernican model, so by the, apparent, standards of verification now (2016, in peer-review) used, to support math models of physical attributes, the Ptolemaic model should still be considered to be the absolute truth, and not the Copernican model of planetary-motions, eg QFT theory is verified since for two or three selected physical attributes the data fitting techniques, supposedly, provide 16-significant digits, yet the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral systems are too complicated to describe even though they are quite stable, that is QFT and particle-physics are empirical contexts for bomb-engineering, as the Ptolemaic model was an empirical model for planetary-motions, and cannot be applied in regard to any wide range of physical description, so as to use these ideas to understand the stable properties of fundamental physical systems,
Apparently, the main property which it (today’s (2016) descriptive contexts for math and physics) possesses (in regard to their social high-value) is that it is accepted as an absolute truth by the public, since it is totally un-understandable (that is, it functions primarily as a weapon of class-warfare, and the arbitrary dominance of the many by the few), and its descriptive range is quite narrow, especially, if it is to be considered to be related to practical creative relationships, it only describes the details of unstable patterns, primarily in quantitatively inconsistent settings, eg particle-collision rates within explosions,
At best this descriptive context can, perhaps, be used in a feedback context, which is organized around empirical data, this is “not really” either math or science, rather it is simply data fitting, as the epicycles of Ptolemy were used for data fitting, whereas the Copernican model is still seen as mostly correct (note that the actual elliptic properties of the planetary orbits are only very slightly elliptic), yet there is no fundamental basis for physical description, based on physical law (as defined as frame invariant pde-models of material-interactions), which can be used to identify the stable set of orbital properties which Copernicus identified,
one mostly finds elaborate data-fitting, ie feedback systems, and adjusting boundary and initial conditions of non-linear pde-models, which is the essential context of the article on “form-identification”

Occasionally one finds a succinct review of the classical descriptive context, which has mostly been abandoned, (abandoned, apparently, because the math patterns are too simple), namely, solving classical physics “integrable equations” [integrable Hamiltonian systems] and the context within which exists the main body of formal (peer-reviewed) math content, (but) which is mostly identified upon quantitatively inconsistent descriptive (or set-containment) contexts (so measuring is not reliable and there are no stable patterns), and also “in a fundamental way,” this (complicated math) formalism is defined on set-structures which are too big (as sets), so the identified formal, unstable properties cannot remain logically consistent, in regard to the set of identified formal math properties being defined on such “‘too big’ sets.”
the main point of stable spectral-orbital physical systems…
as identified by D Bambusi, who reviewed, in 4-16, AMS Bulletin, the book “The defocusing NLS equation and its normal form,”
…, is that their measured spectral properties are consistently the same set of (finite) spectral values, so these same stable set of (patterns of stable spectral-orbital) values are being measured in a context where measuring is reliable,
and furthermore
They (the set of stable small spectral systems) are also sets of physical properties which are related to a periodic table, so that the over-all quantitative (spectral) context for these stable systems is finite,
Note: the measured quantities form a finite set which is associated to periodic tables, where the periodicity implies that the same set of (concentric) holes (or concentric set of folded toral-components, in a stable discrete hyperbolic metric-space shape, are repeatedly being related to the same set of angular-folds (the same set of angular values, ie the Weyl-angles for the fiber Lie group of the metric-space, the periodic degeneracy (or the periodicity of the spectral table, or system-component-number table) is about the repetition of the same angular folding structures defined on the stable spectral-orbits, but where another periodic block in the periodic table, eg the heavy metals, suggests a further relationship to higher-dimensional set of stable shapes which are also composed of toral-components, which possesses a repeated geometrical and/or math structural context, eg SO(4) = SO(3) x SO(3),
The context of integrable Hamiltonian systems, ie the set of formulate-able and solvable physical systems of classical physics, has a simple solution-function structure,
that is, on n-dimensional space there exist n-integrals of the system’s motions which are independent, ie their gradients of these solution-functions are pair-wise orthogonal, and they are measurable properties which are constant, (constant motions, or constant inertial-properties) in time, so that for these solution function’s graphs, ie the graphs for the solution functions set equal to constants, being compact, then these solution functions are diffeomorphic (slightly more restrictive than a homeomorphism) to n-dimensional tori and the (component) motions are linear flows on these tori, are infinite length curves with irrational slopes, this (infinite length) is (exists) because these formal patterns are being defined within quantitative sets whose set-size is as big as a continuum, and whereas in such a large set “the measure of rational sloped curves is zero,” so in such a (large quantitative set) setting there are no well-defined spectral-lengths defined for component motions on such tori-type shapes, and the momentum (of the system’s components) would be defined in the tangent-spaces to the torus
In this context KAM implies that perturbations to the motions would be defined on the tangent spaces to the tori,
The infinite flows, (flows which are not closed curves on the tori) solution functions which are associated to the integrable classical systems, it is, apparently, believed (by the authorities of formal, complicated, unstable patterns which are associated to peer-review literature) that (the infinite flows) relate to the occasional solvable non-linear pde-models (or limit-cycle structure of a non-linear pde-model’s critical points), now which, apparently, possess an infinite spectral-set, defined for both positive and negative spectral-values, where these non-linear models will apparently be due to a partition (of the infinite length spectral-flow of an irrational sloped curve on a torus) into an infinite set of various separated spectral-values, where the partition is due to a (perturbed) geometry of an irregularly shaped torus, so that ridges and valleys on the classical toral shape separate the infinite length spectral-flow of an irrational slope, into an infinite set of finite lengthed spectral-values, but the trouble with this picture (or viewpoint) is that such a bumpy toral shape would be an unstable shape, so the infinite spectral-set of finite lenghted spectral-values would also have to deform (or change) its set of spectral-values ,

that is, the very-big set structure (of the continuum model for quantitative sets) leads to a greater interest in the more complicated non-linear pde-models where these non-linear models are quantitatively inconsistent and thus measuring is not reliable and there are no stable (geometric) patterns, thus all aspects of such a descriptive context are formal and only relatable to empirically developed models that is the descriptive language cannot be condensed by the application of a set of valid relevant laws, ie they do not condense (compress) information, ie it is an elaborate process for data fitting,

What is the structure of a measurable and relatively stable existence?
Where do the set of stable patterns, which are observed, come from?
Do they emerge from laws of material-interactions, which are locally measurable, and thus they are frame-invariant pde-models of local properties of material-interactions so that these pde-models are frame-invariant for arbitrary frames, ie the locally measurable models of material-interactions are assumed to be the stable patterns upon which the observed stable properties of the world depend for their existence?
This has led to only a handful of physical system formulations and solutions, but it cannot penetrate the mystery of the existence of stable properties of the many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems, which exist at all size scales, and which are the most fundamental stable structures upon which our physical experience depend.
Does both stability and quantitative structure come from stable metric-invariant metric-space-shapes for metric-space with constant curvature?
That is, stable patterns (or stable spectral-orbital system properties) as well as quantitative-sets both (constructs) come from both Euclidean and space-time (or hyperbolic) metric-spaces, where these stable patterns are the natural stable shapes of these two metric-space types, but the stable hyperbolic metric-space shapes are the primary metric-space context of shape, within which both stable material-patterns and quantitative sets, as well as the material-containing metric-spaces (which are also stable shapes), are (all) defined,
where the stable shapes, which are naturally associated to these metric-spaces, in turn…,
(these stable shapes intrinsic to these metric-spaces)
…, are (can be) defined in relation to these metric-space’s fiber Lie isometry groups (and associated complex-coordinate related unitary Lie groups) ie the discrete isometry (and unitary) subgroups of the fiber Lie groups of these metric-invariant metric-space coordinates (or Hermitian-invariant complex-coordinates), which are the material-system-containment-sets (which are metric-space coordinate spaces), and where the material-systems are primarily the stable energy-shapes of the hyperbolic metric-spaces, are also these same types of stable discrete isometry (or unitary) subgroup shapes, which are of equal or lower-dimension than the (hyperbolic) metric-space within which they are contained,
so that a finite set of these stable shapes, which are primarily the stable hyperbolic metric-space (discrete isometry subgroup) shapes, and which are to be defined over the different dimensional levels of an 11-dimensional hyperbolic metric-space, identify both the context of the existence of stable energy-shape patterns…,
ie stable material-systems which contain material-components (where the material-components within the material-systems are other lower-dimension stable hyperbolic shapes),
…, as well as the stable hyperbolic metric-spaces which contain these stable material-energy-shaped-systems,
so that
the stable energy-shapes must be in resonance with the spectral-orbital size-scales of this finite set of stable shapes, in order for an energy-shape to exist within such a metric-space containment-set, and material-creating energy-shapes, and the quantitative sets…, upon which the properties of these systems are (can be) measured within the material-containing metric-spaces…, are generated from this (same) finite spectral-orbital set, which is associated to the stable energy-shapes, which in turn defines over the 11-dimensional hyperbolic metric-spaces different (and topologically independent) dimensional levels,
This leads to the main mystery of this descriptive and set-containment context, namely, “how can Euclidean-space based (or contained) geometry be related to the stability (continuity in time) of the energy-shapes of the energy-space of the hyperbolic metric-spaces?”
How does the (Euclidean) geometry metric-space fit into the energy hyperbolic metric-space?
It does so as a non-local interaction-torus, ie where such a toral-shape is a metric-space (which is defined as a semi-stable shape) which possesses an open-closed topology within itself ie within its own shape, where, in turn, the non-local interaction torus defines the context in which the critical points for the variation of action, in turn, determine the pde-models of material-interactions, thus material-interactions are characterized by their property of being related to inertia, and the discrete Euclidean toral-shape can be constructed so as to be continuous in relation to its (shape’s) size, whereas, the stable discrete hyperbolic shape is not continuous, but rather identifies discrete steps, in regard to these discrete hyperbolic shape’s sizes,
The non-local Euclidean interaction-torus neatly fits in between interacting energy-shapes in a discrete time-interval context of dynamics, where the discrete time-interval context of a material-interaction requires pairs of opposite metric-space states, [note: this structure fits into complex-coordinates and determines the descriptive context for the unitary nature of a fiber Lie group] and this is related to the discrete spin-rotations of opposite metric-space states, where the local inverse of a local dynamic process of spatial displacement is determined by both the metric-space state and the fiber Euclidean Lie group’s maximal torus aligning itself geometrically with the non-local interaction torus so as to subsequently identify both the Lie group element of the local spatial displacement, and its opposite metric-space state local inverse spatial-displacement, and where the interaction-torus non-locally re-forms itself after each discrete time interval (or period) of the spin-rotation of metric-space states, after the spatial displacement can subsequently change the local relation of the interaction’s spatial displacements
The non-local interaction-torus fits into the energy-space since it identifies a new toral-component on an energy-shape, but it is an interaction energy-shape where the interacting energy-shape’s distinguished points can be used to identify spatial-positions in Euclidean space so as to allow the interaction-structure of spatial-displacements which are defined in Euclidean space
Unless the interaction energy-shape suddenly is related to the finite spectral-orbital set by resonance, in which case a new energy-shapes can form from the interaction, but the cause is the resonance defined by both the system’s dynamic energy, and the size of the total interaction energy-shape, and thus, there is a resonating capacity associated to geometric size-relationships of an interacting energy-shape (and a finite spectral-set of different sized energy-shapes), where if resonance exists then a new energy-shape can emerge from the interaction (due only to the resonance), otherwise the interaction is almost always non-linear and non-commutative, so the context of interaction usually dissipates,
the interaction process can also be related to the perturbations of the stable geodesic-ally defined orbits, where an interaction structure can be defined between the material-components which are contained within a stable material energy-shape

Where (in an indefinably random context)
the statistical constructs are being used to create an illusion of measuring intelligence (often this is defined to be “the rate of acquiring the dominant culture, so as to be related to biological age,” ie it is actually measuring a (socially defined) context of social-class (or societal position) in a context of class-warfare), whereas, the only meaningful definition of intelligence might be “the ability to discern truth,” and thus, in regard to a property which is (supposedly) always being sought, there is no way to identify the (or such an) indefinable property, so the, so called, measures of intelligence are simply “statistically based on indefinable randomness,” so there are no set of valid patterns being identified in such a context,

The propagandists (in the propaganda-education-police-state system) which support these fake proclamations of, supposedly, measurable properties based on measuring an indefinably random statistical context, or measurable properties based in quantitatively inconsistent contexts…,
eg locally non-linear and locally not globally continuously commutative (supposedly) measurable descriptive contexts,
…, are supporting the arbitrariness upon which empire’s depend for their barbarous militarized and class-warfare expansionary intents, supporting failed partial-truths or supporting outright lies and mis-use of fake quantitative descriptive contexts,
That is, the propagandists are supporting a fake development of knowledge, which is confined within the myths of the empire, and this confinement leads to these partial truths (of the empire) to (ultimately) fail, when used outside of their range of applicability in regard to the few number of instruments (eg nuclear weapons and communication systems), which the ruling-class uses to maintain their social power

Peer-review is more or less the dogmatic context through which the anti-intellectual…,
(overly authoritarian, opposed to Godel‘s incompleteness theorem, and the, subsequent, intellectual [or seeking of truth] need for equal free-inquiry)
…, intellectual-authoritative-class is provided with intellectual-impunity, for their failed, partial-truth-based authoritarian dogmas, which are primarily associated to the societal status-quo of the expansive military-economic interests of the ruling-class, which is also defined by the status quo (in relation to the development of a practically useful measurable knowledge),

Consider the high-intellectual value associated…, in society’s propaganda-education-police-state system…, to Einstein;
His special theory of relativity is simply about the context of metric-invariance and its relation to frames where one measures, whereas his mass equals energy equation was an accident, since he (accidentally) set-up the metric-function context within which it can be identified (so he accidentally wrote down the correct equation)…,
but it is an equation which is really to be identified within the mystery which E Noetrher set-up concerning “geometry vs. energy,” which is also the mystery about the relationship in physical description between “Euclidean metric-spaces and space-time metric-spaces,” where because of the constant velocity of light and a hypothetical existence of the identification of spatial positions (in space-time coordinates), so that time is about a light signal defined between spatial-positions so that time is to be (can be) determined by a geometric distance divided by the speed-of-light, so time can be divided-out of space-time, so as to define an isomorphically equivalent hyperbolic metric-space (equivalent to the space-time metric-space), where the hyperbolic metric-space is (or can be interpreted to be) a velocity space, or, according to E Noether’s symmetries, an energy-space, where the time coordinate is also the energy-coordinate when the space-time space is transformed to its equivalent velocity space [by identifying the correct context of the metric-function for space-time the time component was automatically identified with energy, but when divided through by time only the scalar “mass” multiplied by (1/(1-(v/c)^2)) where v is the velocity of the frame, but Einstein does not make this simple argument in his celebrated paper, (see M Jammer, book What is space)
Whereas what Einstein is best known for is his general law, namely; that pde-models of material-interactions (are, errantly, assumed to be the stable patterns of physical description), so that these laws (pde-models [of material-interactions]) must be frame-invariant, in regard to arbitrarily moving-frames, ie locally diffeomorphic pde-models, and in this context it is the geodesics associated to the general metric-function which determine the motions of system-components within the system,
{the problem is that in a general context of general metric-functions a uniform unit of measuring is not definable and an attempted parallel transport along a closed curve in a local neighborhood can never define an actual parallel transport if the local natural coordinates (ie coordinates which make the metric-function’s local matrix representation always be, ie almost globally and continuously, diagonal) do not remain independent along the (local) closed curve, and thus, the descriptive context is many-valued, ie it is quantitatively inconsistent}
That is, the context of geodesics being the correct source for the main inertial properties for a system’s (dynamic) material-components can only be true for a very limited number of coordinate systems, namely, primarily for stable discrete Euclidean and hyperbolic metric-space shapes (see W Thurston’s short list of stable shapes)
This (Einstein’s general relativity) is a descriptive context which can only describe stable patterns for the observed properties of a very few separable pde-models of physical systems, and it is logically required…, when spherical symmetry is assumed for the shape of the force-fields of material-interactions…, to only being capable of describing, in classical systems, a 2-body orbital system and in general relativity, to only a 1-body system (with spherical symmetry)
[but the 1-body spherically symmetric geometry is associated to gravitational singularities, and thus, it is believed (by the administrators of bomb-engineering) to be the context through which a gravitational singularity can be detonated, so this relationship to bomb-engineering has caused this entirely only distantly speculative model of existence (wherein gravity is related only to a one-body system with spherical symmetry) to be the only model allowed in peer-review, where this is possible since publishing (in the propaganda-education-police-state system) is controlled by the ruling-class, and E Teller was a willing opportunistic servant who was likely a key administrator who brought this narrow speculative dogmatic relationship between physical description and peer-review into being,
It is a failed descriptive context, and it is the same type of failed descriptive context as Newton’s viewpoint about physical description (which is only invariant in Galilean frames), namely, Newton assumed that the descriptions of physical systems needed a local model of (locally linear) measuring models of material-interactions, but this ignores the fact that in order to define a quantitative set, and more importantly, coordinate-sets (as the containment sets for physical systems), and a subsequently need…, in a description of an observed stable property…, for quantitative consistency (which means locally linear, metric-invariant, and globally continuously commutative),
the context of local measuring has caused the ideas about quantitative-sets to be a very large-set which is called a continuum, so that these ideas were brought into the ideas of measurable description of physical systems and the descriptions of material-interactions by means of local models of measuring, ie pde-models of metrical-interactions, are models which are mostly not stable patterns, and they are, in general, not quantitatively consistent,
It is not a material-interaction which identifies stable patterns in physical systems, rather it is stable energy-shapes of the hyperbolic metric-spaces, which define the stable patterns observed for the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems, which, in turn, (also) define (ie a finite set of these energy-shapes can be used to generate) quantitative sets,
that is, the main issue, or the main mystery, in measurable physical description is really about reliable measuring, which must be associated to stable quantitative patterns,
rather than
using formal relations related to models of local measuring on quantitative structures, which are locally non-linear and/or not (globally) locally continuously commutative (or also formal patterns which are fundamentally non-commutative eg the uncertainty principle of quantum physics, the Dirac operator, and the pde-operators of particle-physics, and/or QFT), and, subsequently, are quantitatively inconsistent descriptive contexts, which are being formally identified by local (pde) models of material-interactions, and which, subsequently, possess a very limited range of valid descriptive capability, in regard to describing the observed properties of the very stable and very prevalent and very fundamental stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems which exist at all size-scales,
Einstein was continuing the fiction that “the stable context of physical description are the local pde-model of material-interactions,”
the stable context of measurable descriptions must take into account (must also take into account, beyond the models for stable spectral-orbital physical systems) the stability of quantitative-sets, especially, in regard to the coordinate containment sets of physical descriptions,
This (context of quantitative consistency) can be developed in the context of stable energy-shapes, as defined in hyperbolic metric-spaces, where a finite set of these stable discrete fiber Lie subgroups (or, equivalently, energy-shapes), which can then, in turn, be used to generate the quantitative-set with which properties of physical systems can be measured,
and where
the stable energy-shapes are also the stable many-(but-few)-component models for spectral-orbital physical systems,
exist in relation to their resonance with a (the) finite set of these energy-shapes, which are defined…
(in regard to their natural fiber Lie group structures as discrete isometry (and discrete unitary) subgroups (or, equivalently, lattices ie checkerboard patterns of “face-reflected” right rectangular faced polygon shapes))…. over a many-dimensional context (for containment),
these metric-spaces are stable energy-shapes, which possess geodesic spectral-orbital properties, and they are topologically open-closed topologies, so they are topologically independent of other such stable metric-spaces (energy-shapes), which they do not contain within themselves,
interactions can be defined between such high-dimensional and topologically independent energy-shapes, but the (external) properties of these interactions are not detectable within the energy-shape’s topological structures,

The geodesic dynamic spectral-orbital pathways of a system’s components are about the continuously independent local coordinate directions of the system’s coordinate energy-shape except at a single distinguished point, where the local coordinate structure is linear and metric-invariant everywhere.
The idea that inertia defines straight lines (in Euclidean space) of component motion unless the inertial-material is affected by a force-field, has been (or was) modified in relation to the Lagrangian construct, which relates critical points of an action-integral to the pde-models of material-interactions, in which the system component-motions of the system’s coordinate shapes are consistent with the independent coordinate directions (where it might be noted that energy-shapes are defined in a (set of) velocity-space (coordinate) set of hyperbolic metric-space coordinates) so that the idea of inertia is generalized to (an idea in which) the force-fields being related to the system-component’s locally independent velocities (or generalized to the force-fields being related to energy-densities) on energy-shapes, so as to, effectively, be a cause (the force-fields being related to energy-densities on energy-shapes) for a system’s spatial coordinate shapes, which, in turn, are to be consistent with the system’s component-motions (which may be the basis for defining energy-densities in relation to velocity-space), which on a system defined as an energy-shape, this identifies the system’s component’s spectral-orbital velocities (motions), which are tangent-to-the-energy-shape’s coordinate shapes (in Euclidean space), but where the coordinates are defined in (or as) a velocity space, and, in turn, this is about the commutativity of the energy-shape’s local linear and locally continuously independent (or diagonal metric-space function) local coordinate structure [globally continuously commutative, except at a single-point on the stable energy-shape]
This is also about the mystery of the hyperbolic metric-space’s relation to it being an energy-space and its relation to geometric shape, which is defined in Euclidean space (ie spatial-positions are identifiable in Euclidean space),
the process of making an energy-space shape, first (in Euclidean space), one attaches right rectangular-faced Euclidean simplex-shapes, ie generalized cubes, at their vertices so as to form a line of these cubes attached at their diagonal vertices, then to expand these vertex intersection-points so as to form a polyhedron types shape of a fundamental domain [of a (now) hyperbolic metric-space’s lattice], so that the opposite faces of this polyhedron are then identified with one another, so that all of the vertices of the polyhedron are, subsequently, identified at a single distinguished point for the energy-shape, where the 1-faces are the geodesics for such an energy-shape, and the local coordinates are globally continuously commutative except at the single distinguished point of the energy-shape,

So again, when intelligence is correctly defined as the ability to discern truth, if one insists on remaining in a fixed traditionally authoritative descriptive language…, which does not possess within its structure the capacity to describe the patterns which are actually being observed…, then one can describe the intelligence of the traditional authority as being the intelligence of an inanimate object, or for a more living analogy, these authorities of (or trying to support) fixed traditional authoritative institutions are demonstrating the intelligence of a pile of dog feces (which is also a good representation of the intelligence of E Teller and his opportunistic intellectually-bullying minions which dominate the academic institutions, in the US and China, etc and who only express their arbitrary religious faith in rates of particle-collisions determining material-interactions where material-interactions really only possess a capability to perturb (the spectral-orbital properties of) a stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital system)

Also consider:
Where the intelligence of Copernicus may be compared to the intelligence of the religious institutions who believed-in the Ptolemaic system, since it (the Ptolemaic model) gave a place in space for God to reside, and where the model of Copernicus is associated to (in our modern age) the “more intelligent” vision of physical description, so that it (the Copernican model) has come to be called science, where, supposedly, predictions are corroborated by observations, even though the Ptolemaic model was not given-up easily, mainly because it predicted observations (of planetary motions) with grater precision than the Copernican model, but the Copernican model predicted the crescent-phases of Venus
Where today (2016) the “state-God of military weaponry” has spawned a religion for the “rate of particle-collision” worship, and this “collision-rate’s relation to scattering patterns of particle-collisions,” which is again a deep faith (ie a religion) which, in turn, leads to a relatively precise empirical model of scattering patterns, and their relation to a hypothesized set of unstable sets of elementary-particles; which empirically behave as the local Lie algebra elements in a unitary fiber Lie group, which defines a derivative-connection which is frame-invariant (but fundamentally non-linear and non-commutative) and thus the faith defines this as the root of all force-field associated to (causal) material-interactions, and this model (which) is closed in its logical construct, ie all material-interactions reduce to particle-collisions of elementary-particles, so all discussions about forces caused by materials must be about particle-collision scattering-patterns, and thus material-interactions reduce to (local) thermal-average properties in a many-many-component thermal system (defined at a single point in space and related to the indefinable vacuum state, which, in turn, is vaguely defined by its relation to asymptotic mathematical series patterns, which are carefully selected from [and then excluded from] the scattering-pattern data) that is “math structure” (ie the unit of measurement) is defined by data fitting, which is subordinate to the particle-collision model of force-fields, which, in turn, define (in a completely unbelievable manner) material-interactions, [but it is a context which only relates to rates of reactions in the chaotic contexts of newly detonated explosions]
But [or, that is]
material-interactions cannot be used to identify the observed stable patterns… of the observed stable spectral-orbital properties which are observed for material-systems… anyway
…, (describing the correct context for the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems which exist at all size scales, so as to be describable, is) an intellectual act which has already been accomplished, but which the ruling-class continues to ignore,
at their own peril,
since someone (eg a competing oligarch) with take the new knowledge and quickly move past the traditional fixed social context of the empire’s inferior knowledge about the properties of (physical) existence,
A (failed) knowledge base, which is carefully confined to the properties of nuclear weaponry technology, ie particle-collision scattering-patterns, and now this delusional model of material-interactions is being extended by, apparently, autistic obsessive psychopathically domineering mental-types, so as to relate particle-collisions to mythological gravitational singularities, ie high-energy particle-collisions modeled to detonate a gravitational singularity,
this model is all delusion, which is based on the worship by the ruling-class in nuclear weaponry, and they are, subsequently, preying upon the weak-minded obsessive mental-types (who seek the high-pay-scales associated to arbitrary intellectual-domination (as arbitrary and racism and sexism are also both arbitrary)), so as to provide these obedient un-critical and authoritarian and domineering personalities with a false image of superior intellectual DNA capabilities, but they are, apparently, so stupid that they do not see the social position into which (essentially) E Teller has placed this descriptive-context of a, so called, physical model, a model of a delusional (supposedly) quantitative description,
it is also locked into a closed logical construct, that “the empirical scattering patterns of particle-collisions must be the basis for material-interactions,” which is a doubly flawed construct:
(1) it has the same precisely related (to particle-collision scattering patterns) empirical structure (to a, so called, measurable descriptive language) as does the Ptolemaic construct (which was related to the motions of planets), but now based on faith [of the ruling-class] in nuclear weaponry, not based on faith in God [or rather based-on the public‘s faith in the ruling-class “to provide to the public” all the “true” aspects of the world which possess an absolute high-value (this apparently, is the faith-based mental state of our nation’s set of smarter-than-smart (and by default, nuclear engineering worshipping) academics {the sort of faith which only a very authoritarian (or totalitarian) society can determine})],
(2) material-interactions are the basis for describing (all) the observed stable patterns of material-systems [which must be seen as not being true, especially, if this context cannot describe the observed stable spectral-orbital properties of the many-(but-few)-component physical systems],

Nonetheless, in the fixed traditional western culture which, delusional-ly assumes that it controls all aspects of superior value of human knowledge,
Eg particle-physics is the highest form of knowledge of the material-world (which is knowledge almost exclusively only relatable to bomb-engineering), and thus, if a culture is not studying particle-physics, ie an extension of western ideas about physics and pde-models of material-interactions, then the culture must be inferior,
because the western propaganda-education system is allowed to have the main voice “they shout the loudest, so that they shout down other voices by means of both intellectual-bullying, ie intellectually dominant,” and police-state terrorism tactics,
Subsequently, the copy-cat cultures, eg China, follow the set of delusions, which represent the, so called, top-level of western thought, and thus, China has already been conquered, since there is not any valid knowledge in the delusional particle-physics, QFT, and string-theory, which exists so as to be developable in any practical manner, other than in its relation to nuclear weaponry, (it is simply the process of the destabilizing by internal conflicts between the ruling-class and its intellectual-class who take their que ’s from the US weaponry-intellectuals)
Note that:
The list of the few categories, which identify the narrow context of products used in the western culture are all based on traditional fixed social contexts, but it is (falsely) proclaimed (by the propaganda-education-police-state system) that things are forever changing, and this change is happening quickly, but the changes are almost entirely about efficiency of trade-action for trading which only large investors can do in the first place, in fact the radio the TV have been around since the 1920’s and the computer (based on logical arrays of switching circuits) since the 1930’s, where the thermal (annealing) processes used for developing P and N types of semi-conductor electrical conducting material, which is now used in circuit board structures for large arrays of elaborate (switching) circuits, were applied in the 1940’s, but this is all classical electromagnetism with extra thermal and optical processes (added), these are the old ideas of the 19th century, which are being applied,
that is, Faraday developed the language of electromagnetism, while Hertz, and mostly, Tesla expanded its context to practical application in regard to controlling electrical signals in electrical circuits,
Tesla was allowed (by the justice system) to be treated in a criminal manner by the investor-class, who then stole Tesla’s ideas for their own selfish profit
(this apparently, is the criminal virtues which A Rand extols in her moral proclamation that “selfishness is great virtue,” but, clearly, it is a virtue only for those who possess impunity for their crimes, where impunity is provided to the ruling class is allowed due to due to the, essential, criminality of English common law, ie which is really the Roman law of property rights and minority-rule (which are arbitrarily determined, and upheld by great violence),
since the US politicians role in the English common law’s “barbarous scheme of society” has always been that of propagandists for the ruling-class,
Thus, the continual trashing of the public, unless some oligarch upholds some form of common decency for the public, eg FDR,
This is the legacy of selfishness, namely, social barbarous-ness by the ruling-class, and its supportive institutions, which leads to: amoral, dishonest, and opportunistic behaviors, which “are the only allowed social behaviors” for the society’s citizenry,

That is, since the empire operates perfectly with the status quo (the present set of social conditions) any truly new ideas are opposed by the authoritarian intellectual-class, since they are absorbed within their formalized meaningless (quantitatively inconsistent) language structures, (in the contest of proving meaningless formal statements about quantities in quantitatively inconsistent formal constructs, where these formal language contests bestow high-social value on the authoritarian contestants, which is the hidden context of society‘s most destructive forms of class-warfare, the intellectual-minions of the ruling-class vs. the equal free-inquiry of those in the public seeking to discern an actual truth, where this arbitrarily defined set of meaningless formal relations upheld by the intellectual-class destroy the relationship between knowledge and new practical creative constructs where new practical creations are what can most change the status quo, and be related to an expanded range of practical creativity, rather than an expanded range of using the same resources in the status quo, where the status quo is carefully maintained by the ruling-class)

(note authoritarian intellectuals, namely, those fake-intellectuals which are in the top academic positions in the institutions, which corral intellectual activity (for the purpose of all careful descriptions of the world’s properties should be used to only serve the interests of the ruling-class), are actually very anti-intellectual, ie they oppose equal free-inquiry, which is required (as Godel’s incompleteness theorem has shown) for the development of measurably descriptive ideas, where precise descriptive languages have great limitations as to the range of true, stable patterns, which such a precise language has the capability to describe)

The crimes of theft and other crimes of aggression (the natural selfish behavior for those who possess impunity) are easiest to perform (with impunity) in a social (propaganda-education) context of confusion and (social) chaos, where the, so called, highest absolute truths of the empire are actually meaningless delusions,
Since (under the cloak of confusion and delusion)
then the propaganda-system can make (is making) language meaningless, and from a meaningless context arbitrary meanings can be selected, and then such manipulations of “truth” are shouted over the propaganda-police-state system (excluding all other use of language), and then used in a legal context,
eg the way the native peoples of the US were stripped of their property by the expanding superior US-European-(Roman) empire,
in this chaos and confusion, the only allowed behaviors for the public are the amoral, dishonest, opportunistic behaviors which define selfish acts (the great virtue defined by A Rand)

The empire is not about superiority of value, or superiority of truth, since this would require equal free-inquiry…,
only a small number of fixed categories define the empire’s actions, and in a very confined and terrorized public,
normal (statistical) curves (applied to a highly confined context for behavior) identify the top percentiles,
…., rather it is about domination and the arbitrariness of the empire’s values within which claims and images are publicized, the main point of the intellectual and legal structure of the thieving aggressive empire is to have the propaganda-system be the first to frame the set of events, which have occurred, so the image can be manipulated and controlled, thus the police-state spy system is mostly about organizing terrorist events based on either the mythological “Manchurian Candidates” or other patsies (of the spy network), then the propaganda can be more easily controlled,
While fear is being created by the state, the, so called, high intellectual standards are being maintained, but both social perceptions (terror and absolute truths) are carefully controlled illusions,
the intellectual efforts are only related (logically confined) to the instruments which support the social power of the ruling-class

One deals constantly with the merchants (espousers) of (authoritative) chaos and confusion in the entire propaganda-education (police-state) system
The media pundits, and newsreaders, and politicians, and the loyal intellectual opposition to paternalism, but opposition is also delivered in authoritative paternalistic contexts,
the highly promoted best-sellers, oh the wonders of “the free market of ideas” (which is not free at all, but rather publishing carefully managed, as information is carefully managed) where there are
those in the media who are effectively comedians of: G Beck, A Coltar, and related D Trump (who is an oligarch so is most likely to use the status quo to benefit himself, note: the Russian leader Putin is also an oligarch (perhaps, also like Trump, a lesser oligarch), thus, concerned primarily for themselves and the interests of the ruling-class)…,
It should be noted that the racism, sexism, and intellectual elitism of the empire and both its ruling-class and their high-paid agents (goons), is arbitrary and non-rational even though the empire proclaims its rational dominance through its (the) narrowly confined dogmas of the intelligencia-class is a natural aspect of a society whose structure is completely arbitrary and/but upheld by great violence, and the actions of these agents (goons) of the empire mainly express dominance over the public by the (paid) agents of the empire a context, which is also the main function of the justice system of the police-state which expresses domination and impunity for the ruling-few
{Note: By being an oligarch Trump can talk and be heard over the media, whereas the governing system is supposed to have laws based on equality and freedom of belief and freedom of expression about knowledge and (practical) creativity not about selfish interests which the large property owning ruling-few express (their selfish interests) and Trump understands and can act within the systems of private-and-government violence of the police-state, since after-all the police-state is really about being the private army of the ruling-class and their lawyers, ie corporations are in control of the communication channels, it is not under a “civilian president” so, in effect he is the only type of person of social power who can enter into the propaganda-education-police-state system in any meaningful way,
he has experienced success within the system,
where (this)
it is the same with the, so called, prize-winning (as prizes are provided to them by the ruling-class) mathematicians and physicists, who have been rewarded for their current authoritarian dogmatic mental condition of believing-deeply-in formalized nonsense
ie formal relations between local operators and general maps (which has a local structure) which act on (an assumed to exist set of) a system’s set-containing coordinates or function-space [or complicated set-structures of containment, eg the many-polynomial function-space structures, of a moduli space (where the moduli space is perhaps best, succinctly, defined as the space of all solutions; which ignores the necessary property of quantitative consistency, which if not present in a math construct then the solution function‘s graphs are unstable shapes, ie the structure contains no type of well-defined… practically useful… and reliably measured… information about the patterns being, so carefully, described in the formal math models), where these, so called, “solution-functions) are attached to each of the points in the containing coordinate (or function-domain) space]
That is, they.., both the oligarchs and the math and physics people…, deeply believe in the formalized “religion” whose authoritarian and dogmatic absolute truth is very narrow and limited and the truth is based on at best partial-truths and built upon: axioms, assumptions contexts interpretations definitions and organization of language, eg for the oligarchs it (this just mentioned descriptive context) is property rights violence and the subsequent proof that they are the superior people on earth, while for the physics and math people it is their supposed absolute measured objective truths, which are consistent with their assumptions but which is more related to the oligarchs viewpoint of their belief “that they are the dominant intellectual-class, who can provide an objective absolute truth to the world,” but both social classes (the oligarchs and the intellectuals who serve the oligarchs) of people ’s belief structures are failing in such obvious ways, the narrowly conceived viewpoints of the oligarchs are destroying the earth and its people, while the intellectuals cannot describe the stable properties of the many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems in a meaningful…, and practically useful…., and quantitatively consistent…, …, descriptive context of set-containment, [namely, these are stable systems, thus, they are forming within controlled and stable contexts of descriptive, measurable, quantitatively consistent, containment structures]
…, but those who have the most heartfelt laugh (those who most enjoy this humor the most), apparently, are the dominant few in the ruling investor-class, and all the people in the public who want to be like the dominant few, with a social attitude of being dominant over everyone else,
which is (an attitude) built into the western mind (of the public; identifying themselves as being like a member of the ruling-class) by the propaganda-education system,
which includes both politics and science (both of these institutional structures are (logically) locked into only being able to serve the needs of the ruling-class (the role of a politician is that of a propagandist)),
Those (progressive) intellectuals in the media, who seriously mis-represent the social context of social criticism, and which should also be seen (interpreted) as comedy
Both “sides” (intellectuals and people-of-action; note oligarchs are grouped with the people-of-action) are always, domineeringly, authoritative (ie both sides are war-like and uncompromising)
since that is the fundamental nature of the media, which is controlled by the ruling-class, ie truth is always carefully considered and carefully peer-reviewed by the finest of people in a society defined by its savage class-warfare based on high-valued intellectual and high moral efforts (the myth that the media always provides the public with an absolute truth),
both sides are Always about confusion and chaos, expressed in an authoritative manner.


All the evil; -isms, or fearful; -anti-isms, in society of the (our) propaganda-led society, are arbitrary, but “natural” attributes of a necessarily expanding militantly aggressive and arbitrarily hierarchical society,
which is based on military-economic designs of aggression
The high-valued institutionally-academic intellectuals, also have as their intellectual foundations the basic ideas of confusion and chaos, eg models of material-interactions and then reducing material-interactions to the scattering-patterns of particle-collisions, which are also based on the arbitrariness of empire (eg the desire of the ruling-class for nuclear weapons, which apparently, may be (partly) motivated by a religious belief in causing Armageddon, which seems to be the war which today‘s Gods, ie the ruling-few, are capable of providing with their deadly war-instruments scenes of utter destruction, supposedly, directed towards the people who displease these paper-gods, who, within society, do possess…, due to English common law…, God-like powers, according to the paper-law, which the US congress makes, where they (the congress) make this paper-law at the request of the god-like ruling-class‘s commands for the propaganda system), which (where, in the true spirit of English common law the justice-police-state-military system) imposes this arbitrariness by violence and intellectual domination by intellectual bullies, who work well with the police-state eg E Teller,
the absurd basis of the, so called, laws of physics (the knowledge which is, supposedly, the basis for the range of practically creative capabilities of the society) ie the pde-models of material-interactions within a context of materialism, and (now) a model of a material-interaction’s reduction to an absurd context wherein the main material-components are unstable elementary-particles with half-lives in the trillionths of seconds (ie in the logical context of materialism they do not exist),
furthermore, where all of these measurable (mathematical) models are locally non-linear, and fundamentally non-commutative, and thus, they are always defined within contexts which are quantitatively inconsistent, so measuring is always unreliable, and there are no stable patterns which can be described in such a context…,
(note: a pattern is simply something to which one can pay attention, and where stable patterns are continuously persistent in time [to always have the same properties, eg the same spectral-properties])
…, and these quantitatively inconsistent descriptive constructs are about unjustified reductions to unstable elementary-particles, which are, subsequently, in these formal (but meaningless) theories, responsible for the small perturbations (determined as [relatively small] thermal averages) of the system’s stable properties,
these perturbations are the thermal averages associated to particle-collisions of a many-many-component thermal system defined at a single-point, and at this point the system’s thermal energy is related to the indefinable vacuum-state, so as to, supposedly, cause minor adjustments (due to small thermal average values, which determine the perturbed affects) to the system’s spectral-orbital-energy state,
there is no descriptive contexts to adjust,
the most central of physical systems is the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems and there are no valid (ie formulate-able and solvable pde-models) descriptions of these systems based on the, so called, laws of physics (which exist), yet these stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems exist at all size scales: ie from nuclei to general atoms to molecules, to living-system (which demonstrate great control over their bodies, a control which has no model), to catalytic chemistry (which in a controlled manner creates molecules, which, in turn, possess amazing properties eg chlorophyll which converts light to chemical energy, hemoglobin which intervenes in the oxidation process associated with burning sugar for energy within animal-cells), as well as the solar-system,

Note: (according to the new context for a new descriptive language, [ie but it is a new language which is refused peer-review, since peer-review only accepts the authority of traditional dogmas of the academic institutions] the solar-system’s stable metric-space shape might very-well also possess electric properties (since it is a stable energy-shape [in space-time] metric-space), which Tesla might have had ideas about using these electric-circuit properties (ie electric-circuit properties of the solar-system and its planets and satellites) for cheap clean energy),

The stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems, as well as catalytic chemistry processes, are all claimed to be systems which are (claimed to be) too complicated to describe, yet they display great amounts of both stability and, thus, being highly controlled systems, thus, locally they would be systems which are: linear, metric-invariant, and globally continuously commutative, and hence quantitatively consistent systems

Appendix II

There is a lot of technical literature which speculates about the properties of proteins,
what the observed properties of proteins are, and
which aspects of these protein properties are important in the nearly infinite amounts of details which are associated to the catalytic chemical (enzyme and protein chemistry) properties of life
(or which aspects of these protein properties, which the, so called, experts speculate to be important),
with fixed ideas about molecular shape and the molecular-component’s relation to the molecule’s functional geometric-chemical context,
this context is the context of physical chemistry (ie wherein rates of particle-collisions determine chemical reaction rates),
enzymes seem to inter-cede and cause chemical properties to come into being which are outside of the ideas of physical chemistry,
the attempts at understanding biochemistry are tied to physical chemistry models, and subsequently, they are related to “almost endless” lists of protein types, and protein categories,
the physical models are rather simple, namely, about molecular shape determined from scattering patterns on protein crystal lattices, and elementary ideas about chemical activity associated to certain regions of a long protein molecule, ie chemical-activity information which is gained from empirical data about physical chemistry,

R C Penner…,
(CIT, ie California bankers Institute of Technology, and its narrow relations to the investment interests of the ruling-investor-class) in an article “Moduli spaces and macromolecules” in April 2016 AMS Bulletin,
…, tries to relate the set of formal math patterns, which are contained in a quantitatively inconsistent descriptive context, eg math properties associated to the math ideas of string-theory, where the ideas which Penner deals with are about “the combinatory properties (systems of line-segments and their connecting vertices)” concerning Riemann surfaces and their graphs (the usual attributes, or elements, of the moduli space [or space of all solutions space]), in turn, being related to sets of (derivative, or matrix; acting on the vector-like line-segments)-connections on graphs, so that the patterns of macromolecules, ie proteins, are to, subsequently (in the just identified [but vague] math context), be compared to (or related to) these math structures, where the details about proteins are about the details of atomic attachment, including the angular attachment of sub-molecules (or molecular sub-components), and atomic order in macromolecules, but the math context (to which protein patterns are being compared) is about Riemann surfaces which are, mostly, non-linear and non-commutative, so they are not stable patterns,
Whereas (in an alternative, or opposing viewpoint)
the issue is (should be) to identify an underlying context of stability, and its subsequent, relation to chemical functioning (or chemical causes),
ie one really needs a model of catalytic chemistry,
(the circular sequences of atoms are toral-component-tubes which function as the (Weyl-angle) folded toral-components of a stable energy-shape)
that is, one should try to consider things about the set of chemical-and-life-form subsystems, which need to be modeled as (eg unified stable shapes) fitting into higher-dimensional structures, which can be used to identify a hidden cause, eg the molecules (within life-forms) need to fit, in a natural manner, into a unified oscillating, or stable energy-generating (math-physical higher-dimensional construct), context, in regard to inter-related sets of stable energy-shapes (and their associated spectral properties), and where these energy-shapes are stable shapes, which can form a (the) stable scaffolding upon which precise geometric-chemical-electromagnetic-functions can be controlled (from within) by structures within the system, but modeled to be higher-dimensional, which is necessary since life-forms have such great control over themselves.
The big and/or long molecules are about an Euclidean geometric context, such as a geometry of linear, or circular, sequences of toral-components, which possess centers of concentric toral-components, ie these are atoms identified along such circular sequences of atoms, that is, (the atoms) are attached to one another so as to form either linear, or circular, sequences of these atomic centers of concentric toral-components, where the circular-ring sequences, in turn, form into concentric-sets of sequential-circular-rings, similar to the concentric rings (or tori) and Weyl-angle folds defined between adjacent toral-components, which identify atomic properties, where these linear and circular sequences of atoms are a model of the (long) molecules, where folds can be defined between the adjacent toral-sequential-(or-circular-sequential)-rings components of the molecule, ie folded by Weyl-angles (which, in turn, (the Weyl-angles) are associated to conjugation classes in the fiber Lie group of a (hyperbolic or Euclidean) metric-space), so that the (linear) sequences of toral-and-ring-components can form shapes, such as linear sequences, ring-sequences of rings which can also be folded by Weyl-angles so as to identify concentric centers, and angular-momentum where angular-moment defined by Weyl-angle folds between the sequential-rings of atoms, where these angular-momentum Weyl-angle folds identify contexts for the concentric sequential-rings associated to energy-degeneracies (and associated to the Weyl-angles of the fiber group), where angular-momentum contexts can alter the over-all molecular sizes and shapes,
That is, the usual atomic fold patterns (associated to the angular momentum properties of atoms) can still be used in regard to these linear or circular sequence segments, which are composed of a sequence of atoms, and which form the (long) molecules, but now these can be related to segments of linear-or-circular-sequences (so as to form linear sequences of circular-rings, where the circular-rings, or molecular-components, are similar to toral-components in atoms) can also be associated with Weyl-angle folds, defined at (or between) certain toral-component positions along the linear (or circular) sequence of toral-and-ring-components, and different concentric rings (composed of atoms) can possess different Weyl-angle folds, so that the circular sequenced rings may encircle the entire system,
In regard to 3-surfaces, whose geometric shape is contained in 4-dimensional Euclidean space, the encircling energy-shapes may also be composed of an oscillating, or energy-generating type of relatively stable energy-shapes, ie material composed of (3-dimensional [or also 5-dimensional]) energy-shapes, so that organized electromagnetic geometric structures, eg rings of current and associated electromagnetic fields, can be caused by the flow of energy within the energy-generating (and/or oscillating) energy-shapes, where such a geometric context can cause material-subsystems to, subsequently, form ordered geometric patterns, as is seen in the beginning stages of embryonic development
That is, for 3-dimensional discrete hyperbolic surfaces their shapes would be contained in 4-dimensional hyperbolic metric-space, and where (thus) the geometry of such a 3-dimensional surface, eg a circular-sequence of atoms, which, in turn, form toral-components (which are folded by Weyl-angles defined between the toral-components, would be in 4-dimensional Euclidean space, where now the metric-invariant local coordinate changes, ie SO(4), there is the relationship that SO(4) = SO(3) x SO(3), so there are two types of 3-dimensional shapes for metric-invariant Euclidean geometry, where this divide of two shapes would be a divide between inert material polyhedrons (with an even-genus) and oscillating material polyhedrons (with an odd-genus), where the polyhedrons share a common 2-plane, and whose (separate) moded-out shapes are contained in 4-dimensional Euclidean-space, but in the context of inert material, ie in the context of materialism, one of the four-dimensions of 4-space disappears in relation to the split-off 3-space which contains inert material, this provides the context of materialism, where only inert material exists, where we are taught to ignore the 4-dimensional 3-shapes of both inert material, and especially, of the oscillating material, where an oscillating material energy-shape fills the 3-space which is orthogonal to the 3-Euclidean space where the materialism of inert material is defined
[note that 2-shapes fit into 3-space]

That is, the 3-shapes whose shapes are contained in (Euclidean) 4-space are of two types: (1) mostly-stable oscillating energy-generating shapes of odd-genus, and inert energy-shapes of even-genus (which model inert stable material energy-shapes), but where the oscillating type of energy-shape is ignored in regard to it being related to any geometric shape (due to the oscillating-energy-shapes being contained in a 3-dimensional metric-space which only shares a 2-dimensional plane with the shapes of inert-material, where this ignoring of what should be the 4th-dimension is causing us to possess a perceptive obsession with the inert material-world) and thus, even the inert 4-dimensional shape is truncated so as to be only in 3-dimensions, and as a result the inert stable energy-shapes (associated to the existence of material and the obsession with the idea of materialism) appear as 2-dimensional surfaces contained in 3-space, where this 3-space is the space occupied by the material 3-shapes (both inert and oscillating) contained in 4-space, but where the material-system upon which our perception is obsessing (or upon which our perception is being focused) is the inert 3-dimensional energy-shape contained in 4-space, but, in particular the material-energy-shape which is the solar-system’s energy-shape and its toral (tube) structure which forms a 2-dimensional (stable) discrete hyperbolic shape (which may be either an odd-genus shape or an even-genus shape) but there are real holes in the (solar-system’s) 2-surface, and contained within the 3-dimensional space…, which, in turn, is contained within the toral-components which possess the 2-dimensional surfaces, of this folded energy-shape…, are the planets, where, in turn, the planets are formed from condensed material,
by being (obsessively perceiving) within such a structure (of condensed material orbiting around a hole in a 2-torus-component of a 3-shape [which is actually contained, as a shape, in 4-space]), so that, the 4th-dimension is lost (it is absorbed in the definition of the oscillating 3-shape, which are contained in 4-space, but these (oscillating) 3-shapes possess a common 2-plane with the 2-toral-shapes which are contained in 3-space, this 2-plane is defined by “the elliptic” (or 2-plane), which the planetary-orbits define in our solar-system.

To re-iterate:
Hypothesize that long molecules follow a mathematically stable descriptive context (identified in the relatively new context for describing the properties of material-systems by means of using stable energy-shapes), of atoms and nuclei (as stable energy-shapes) forming (in a Euclidean, or geometric, context) linear line-segments composed of linear sub-segments whose endpoints are nuclei and/or atoms, so that these (segmented) line-segments form the effective 1-faces of an energy-shape’s fundamental domain, or right-rectangularly-faced polyhedral simplexes, so as to mode-out so as to form an energy-shape of toral-components but the toral-components are segmented toral-rings where Weyl-angle folds can be defined between adjacent (segmented) toral-rings so as to form concentric rings of toral-components, so that the concentric tori can be related to adjacent concentric tori by Weyl-angle folds, which are defined at the juncture of the adjacent toral-components, but the long molecules are composed of segmented linear and circular sequences where between the segments are defined atoms and/or nuclei, where the (usual) 1-dimensional circularly shaped charges fit into the closed hyperbolic coordinate curves…, which in any neighborhood near the distinguished-point of the energy-shape (where all the vertices of the energy-shape’s fundamental-domain meet)…, which are either parallel or perpendicular to the 1-face-geodesics of the energy-shape,
Where (especially, in life-forms, and in regard to catalytic chemistry)
[the mysteries of 4-space; and (in 4-space, either hyperbolic metric-space or a Euclidean metric-space) the mysterious relationship between energy-shapes as stable patterns in time (ie in a hyperbolic metric-space, or equivalently in (constant)-velocity-space) vs. the geometry of relatively separated spatial-positions (usually of material-components) which is an idea contained in Euclidean space,
Euclidean 4-space gets separated by its local metric-invariant properties into two Euclidean 3-spaces wherein, effectively, one of the 3-spaces (contained in 4-space) appears to disappear especially in a context of materialism]
the atoms and nuclei are 3-dimensional stable shapes, but for stable 3-dimensional shapes, ie stable energy-shapes, which are contained in 4-space (4-dimensional hyperbolic metric-space) there are two types of material, namely, inert and oscillating (where the naturally oscillating shapes are energy-generating, relatively stable, shapes) and where in living systems the pre-dominant material composing the living-system would be mostly 3-dimensional oscillating material-shapes, with one particular unifying (relatively) stable oscillating energy-shape identifying the stable geometric context through which the living-system controls itself, where (if the living-form were a 3-dimensional oscillate shape contained in 4-space, then) the relatively-stable (oscillating) energy-shape would be contained in 4-space, but material-interactions (would then be in Euclidean) 4-space, which is divided into two different 3-spaces; one space containing inert material and the other space containing oscillating material, where they share a common 2-plane, and where the oscillating material is not seen in the context of inertial-ly interacting inert material, except in its relation to the set of inert material which is also a part of the living-system, which manifests on the local neighborhoods about a common 2-plane, eg heart-beats manifest on this common 2-plane set,
While inert material can define membranes as sets of molecular line segments which possess a property of polarity (of the line-segment), but these membranes fit energetically into, or in relation to, concentric rings of oscillating material, where the sequential rings of oscillating material are related to one another by different Weyl-angles, where the set of inert material (the membrane) is organized around electromagnetic fields emanating from the common 2-plane, but the oscillating material is not seen by material-interactions, which are primarily defined between inert material (contained in its separate 3-space of inert material)

To summarize**

It is also hypothesized (by Penner) that the, so called, building of proteins…,
(where this is now (2016) assumed to be due to RNA, [as the protein-building-process in living-systems is currently (in dogmatic peer-review journals) being hypothesized])
…, {in the new descriptive context} will be related to energetic resonances defined between the oscillating material and the inert material, where electromagnetic-field relationships can be defined by energy-flows which exist within the oscillating material, wher4e the energy-flows of electric currents can, in turn, generate electromagnetic currents and fields, which can emanate from the common 2-plane,
Note that,
It is better to consider a stable scaffolding, rather than to try to relate the nearly infinite amount of information about protein shapes to a set of math patterns which are contained in a quantitatively inconsistent context, so the vague patterns being described mathematically are unstable, especially, the math patterns which are central to string-theory,
so such a mapping (or correlations between two sets of not well defined patterns) does not provide reliable descriptive information.
On the other hand one could consider Thurston’s model of tinker-toying together the stable discrete hyperbolic shapes so as to be held together by both energy of oscillating stable energy-shapes and bumps of (or on) a toral-component, where the (normally unstable) bumps, which partition the spectral structures (on a torus), which are defined on the toral-component, are maintained with the energy of the energy-generating stable energy-shapes

The usual types of math-physics models which are based on the idea of materialism, and deal with material-interactions, which, in physical chemistry, are to be modeled as random chemical-component collisions and thus only relate to averages for the system’s measured properties

And furthermore, the basic model used in peer-reviewed physics is that of the mythical spherical symmetry for all material fields (and all force-fields reduce to particle-collisions), but this model (of spherical symmetry) cannot be used so as to get past the description of the simple two-body system (or, in general relativity, a 1-body system), and where a perturbed sphere becomes unstable,
the subsequent, ludicrous, string-theory …
(based on unstable elementary-particles and mythological spherical symmetry, where this spherical symmetry is associated to the ideas of gravitational singularities, and whose real purpose is about detonating a mythological gravitational singularity)
…, model of space, with higher-dimensions than the material-world defines, but where these higher-dimensions are to be collapsed down to small, almost point-like, shapes, apparently, defined at each point in space, eg a moduli space, where inside these shapes strings (supposedly) vibrate to, supposedly, cause the unstable elementary-particles to occasionally exist at points in material-space,
Where this model is continued mathematically into an even more absurd model, in which “all the world” is reduced to a single-point, about which there is defined a continuum of neighborhood set structures, ie a scheme (a context which cannot remain logically consistent), which are (apparently) related to algebraic geometry structures, but the math structures are (locally) still non-linear and fundamentally non-commutative, and they are also indefinably random, where indefinable randomness is supposedly randomness which does not need to be related to any underlying stable elementary-event context
All of this context is quantitatively inconsistent and logically inconsistent (eg since there are too many sets in these schemes), where this nonsense only makes sense if the world were really only about chaos and confusion, but there exist many stable system properties

Appendix III

The point of the propaganda-education police-state system…, which is really a means (a way) to organize power within society, which was (originally) developed by the Roman-empire…, is that it is all about maintaining a fixedness of society and a fixedness in regard to what society (the public) is allowed to do, and what society is allowed to think (if new thoughts come forth they are stolen and carefully managed so as to maintain the fixed nature of the social-regimentation, which channels social power to the ruling-class, so that society will remain in a fixed traditional, familiar social context, ie a social-context through which the regimentation of society is organized, and upon which the social power of the ruling class depends. They (the ruling-class) emerged from a fixed arbitrary violent way of doing things, namely, lying and murdering in order to steal their neighbor’s property and social treasures, where, in turn, the Romans built roads and water systems for the new Roman ruling inhabitants of the stolen land,
Where the fixed way of the social order the ruling-class does not want changed, and when intellectual change has occurred, the law of property rights (given to the conquerors) was extended to intellectual property rights (for the ruling-class, (or for those who play along with the ruling-class‘s wants and desires, eg the mass media (so called) artists and (so called) public services, eg the news), so that, under the laws of intellectual-property-rights, the new ideas could be easily stolen, and controlled by the ruling-class,
also placed into fixed categories of practically creative efforts,
inventing communication channels have allowed greater control over the expression of ideas, and the control of thought, (thus, academic philosophers only quote other academic, and thus they are “philosophical” ideas which are allowed to be expressed, philosophies, which are very narrow, and mostly abstractly unintelligible expressions), and thus, control over the range of intelligible expressions and subsequently, a narrowly defined control over the range of practical creativity, which is the militaristic-context of the militaristic minded investor-class, defines the context of regimented fixedness of product (ie the narrow range of types of products (ie almost entirely products which are about the control of communication channels), and the narrow range of the materials, which are used for the production), which in the inertia (of the properties) of big investments, requires fixed regimentation of society (so as to get a profitable return), where the society is regimented around these few categories of narrowly defined ideas of practical creativity, which is allowed by the investor-class within society,
That is, the empire requires that the society remain in a traditional context of fixedness, which is associated to the regimentation of the material-resources, as well as an associated, regimented, set of narrowly technical ideas (technical ideas based-on partial truths), about which the investor class has developed their regimented organization of social control, and social power, for themselves,
And both…
(1) the rent-a-goon structure of society (for both the hidden armies which induce social terror and the class-warfare intellectual-goons), as well as (2) the definition of (particular) ideas as property…, provide a social structure, which is all about the destruction of any new ideas, where the main players in this destruction of new ideas is the (gate-keeper) realm of propaganda, and its police-state (or investor-dominated) expressions,
all the media people will not allow the expression of any new mathematical context, eg concerning the properties of the physical world, which differs from the reduction of material-interactions to particle collisions, and which challenges the descriptive context of geometric description in which traditional authorities are only allowed to follow the local structures (which supposedly capture every detail of a geometric shape, but this is done in a quantitatively inconsistent locally measurable construct) identified by Gauss (or Riemann),
The exclusion of any alternative set of personalities (the personalities and their message must be filtered through the communication channels which are controlled by the ruling-class), to be allowed to use the equipment of the empire, to direct behaviors of the public away from the interests of the investor-class’s interests, eg the Black Panthers, [there was a low-power set of communication channels being considered as an alternative for a community, but the regulations and administration was complicated, and designed so that spy operators would end-up being in charge of administrating these low-power stations]

The perpetuators of this nonsense (eg quantum physics, general relativity based on the geometry of spherical symmetry, and particle-physics (or QFT), etc) are the same people (the intellectual-goon-class) who exclude any alternative ideas, they, apparently, do not understand what string-theory is about (ie it is exclusively about detonating a mythological gravitational singularity) as designed by E Teller, namely, detonating the destruction of the solar-system, and they (the intellectual-goon-class) are not critical of what a measurable description is, they see no limits imposed by the property of stability (of a pattern, eg a geometric-spectral-orbital-physical pattern)

It is clear that the propaganda-education system is entirely an arbitrary set of particular types of expressions, where there is no such thing as a market of ideas, since the propaganda-education-police-state system is the only social influence which creates markets, and these artificially created “markets” are independent of the, so called, public’s (or the, mythological, consumer’s) interests, rather, the public’s interests are molded by the propaganda-education police-state system of fixedness and destruction of anything which is truly new

These high-valued academics are the masters of chaos and confusion,
I believe D Trump and A Coltar as well as T Hartman and B Sanders (even though all of these noted personality-types are in the intellectual-goon-class, and they are all a lot smarter than the, so called, academic “masters of chaos,” eg E Witten and S Hawking (whom are, essentially, the protégés of E Teller, or they are examining the small intellectual legacy of E Teller, who, in turn, was the administrative guide for these academics, whose only obsessive interests were nuclear explosions, eg the highly funded string-theory is about detonating a gravitational singularity), etc,
who are all identified as being “smarter than smart,” and according to the propaganda-education-police-state system…, as well as in the opinions of the ruling-investor-class…., they (the academic intelligencia in the intellectual-goon-class) carry absolute objective-truth in their arbitrary authoritative opinions
(but their viewpoints are restricted to their limited, and far too narrow, domain of a narrow context of descriptive words, which are, mostly, associated to nuclear weapons, whose (logical) word structures, eg assumptions and contexts, are based on partial-truths or fallacies (eg quantitative consistency, in relation to the properties of operators and maps, is unimportant), so that these word structures are not capable of describing the observed stable patterns of existence, this is the context (of a logical word-system’s condition of irrelevance) which Godel’s incompleteness theorem describes, and the proper way in which to resolve this context of their being unable to describe an observed stable pattern, is through the Socratic example of equal free-inquiry wide ranging beliefs in measurable descriptive contexts and its varied relationships to practical creativity, the law is about equality and the collective effort is the equal individual efforts of the public at developing new knowledge and new practically creative contexts, ie in regard to measurable descriptive languages
That is though most people…, but where discussion is (in this police-state age of militarized channeling of all information through very limited communication channels) the apparent typical people are on the few communication channels…, are smarter than the, so called, intelligencia (who, supposedly, bring truth down to civilization from their high-mountain, ie a perch provided to them by the ruling investor-class), nonetheless,
all people defer to the intelligencia-class for an absolute objective truth (but it is a truth which is associated to a very limited range of knowledge), whereas both the knowledge and validity of these people in the intelligencia-class should be deeply challenged, and their actual social-function, as narrowly defined weapons engineers, should also raise great suspicion,
the only media figure who expresses belief in themselves (in regard to knowledge) is Trump (ie all aspects of being human have been beaten-out of us by the propaganda-education-police-state system so that only “the oligarchs” express attributes of actually being human, ie belief in their own knowledge and practically creative capabilities
Yet the propaganda-political system is a total failure of: the media, or PBS, or A Goodman’s, or A Jones’, (both [Goodman and Jones] of whom are vastly superior to the regular propaganda-system, yet they are both getting funds from the propaganda-education-police-state system [since the operating context of this system is money]) and/or the politicians, are all also part of the set of intellectual-goons, who are failing at everything so miserably (because they adhere to such flawed authoritarian descriptive contexts), they (the media) manufacture and then mis-represent both:
I. (news) people’s actions…,
((1) people (in some society, eg country), in a hidden manner, are armed and militarily trained, and then their dis-ingenuous agitations are claimed to define human rights [external wars], (2) the police-state system provides the drugs to the communities and then it claims to be justified in attacking the public concerning drug use by the public [class warfare], ect, etc)
…, and II. (science and math) physical-property’s
(eg all material-interactions reduce to particle-collisions in the, so called, material-world, and the only geometry of any significant relevance is spherical symmetry, this is the context of string-theory and it is only practically related to detonating a, mythological, gravitational singularity),

Note: It needs to be stated, otherwise no one “connects the dots,” this (the discussions over the propaganda-education-police-state system) is neither a civil discussion (it is by no means polite), nor is it a valid intellectual discussion, since Godel’s incompleteness theorem requires that ever new ideas about how to develop and organize a precise descriptive language must be considered, especially, if there are patterns a (the authoritative) precise language…, (cannot describe),
(or peer-review, ie the carefully guarded “absolute-truth about the material-world,” but what such carefully guarded absolute truths of peer-review really are about; is an arbitrary absolute-truth which is related to how the ruling-class wants to use measurable descriptive knowledge for their own selfish narrow purposes, in the military empire, which they [the ruling-investor-class] run, science and math are narrowly confined to weapons and communication systems)
…, cannot describe,

or peer-review is about the carefully guarded “absolute-truth about the material-world,” [as such careful descriptions of the material-world are useful to the empire] that is, peer-review is an illusion about truth, and all the highly touted formal relations being identified (in 90% of peer-review) require more information to process and practically use this information than the real-material-world needs to both process and also to act, in a highly controlled set of actions, ie their formal claims and formal methods are not meaningful representations of the actual world which we experience

the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems are too complicated to describe
(ie these patterns of stable spectral-systems are indescribable in the current authoritative peer-reviewed precise descriptive language)
It (peer-review) is a discussion about arbitrary speculative ideas associated to military instruments, namely big bombs, and any different ideas are excluded, ie it is all about bullying and anti-intellectualism

It (peer-reviewed absolute truth) is as arbitrary as the arbitrary language structures which the empire uses in its class warfare contexts, eg about the roles of sexes, ie sexism, and the, so called, inferior DNA of the other races, ie racism, which are used to justify violent crimes against humanity,
ie peer-review is the apex of arbitrary class-warfare,
it is neither civil, nor is it about an intellectual effort which possesses any meaningful measurable content,
as the, so called, advanced use of quantum statistical methods used to find formulas for risky bets, as supplied by the, so called, (MIT PhD) quants, all failed,
This is because these methods are fundamentally non-commutative and indefinably random, eg the eigenfunction’s graphs are not stable metric-space shapes, so the associated spectral-value is not associated to anything stable (as a face on a dice identifies a stable state), so they are quantitatively inconsistent,
thus, the descriptive context (of these, fake, statistical methods) cannot describe a stable pattern, ie these math methods cannot say anything definitive about business risk, nor can it say anything definitive about the stable spectral properties of quantum systems, (thus, there is no set of wave-functions which the, so called, adjusting properties of particle-physics or QFT can adjust (or perturb))
(note: if they (the so called laws of physics ie pde-models of material-interactions) do work, it means that extreme form of repressions are being used so as to force behaviors into stable contexts, it is not the math which has any validity, rather it is violence upholding arbitrary social structures)
Physical Review, the primary US journal, which is supposed to be, about physics, is now the journal of mathematical speculation which are math properties based on unstable physical properties, where these chaotic, unstable properties which are of greatest interest to the editors of Physical Review, are (almost) exclusively about collision rates for chaotic contexts of explosions, ie it is the speculative math journal of bomb engineering,

While the stable many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems are carefully described (by the peer-reviewed Physical Review) as being too complicated to describe, based on the, so called, laws of physics,

is a statement which ignores the fact that these systems are stable and thus they even form under conditions in which their formation is controlled,
that is, the editors of Physical Review have to be the biggest idiots in the world, and/or they are the protégé’s of E Teller (and thus, even bigger dunces, and devoid of any integrity)
{note it is the social role of these “more intelligent than intelligent” superior-intellectuals (or their main message) is not about any truth they possess, since their truth is a failed truth, but rather that everyone else is stupid compared to them, ie it is a completely uncivil statement of class-warfare, and it is a statement to which Marx would agree, as well as the intellectually-oriented personalities of the propaganda-system, which includes all aspects of funded expressions, where (often) on unfunded web-sites, apparently, a highly paid set of hidden agents express their support for the confusion and the chaos promoted by the ruling-class, so as to oppose any expression of real ideas}
(we, in the western-culture, exist) in a society where the only allowed behavior by the public are; amoral, dishonest, opportunistic behaviors,
wherein (it should be clear that) the academic physics and math people, in their dishonest institutional mannerisms, are terribly confused, but they are provided rules with which they can express their aggressive intellectual bullying behaviors,
they are encouraged to be excited about their quantitatively inconsistent, but formally carefully consistent, but meaningless unstable math and physics patterns, formal math patterns, which are outside of an actual mathematical (quantitative) structure, within which these formal but unstable patterns are supposed to be measurable,
the spy network, though they possess “full spectrum domination,” of which Snowden demonstrated its great capacity for finding all details in the communication system from;
1. talk,
2. To a person’s location in space,
3. to all market transactions,
4. to all books checked-out of the library
(where search engine businesses are rip-offs of library procedures for finding information, so as to form a privately-owned control of information flow, the issue is not providing information rather the issue is about controlling information in a police-state), etc, etc,
Yet (the fully spectral-dominant spy police-state system)
cannot ever stop a continual parade of successful terrorist operations, (conclusion: the spies are planning the terrorist operations for the ruling-class), so as to continually destabilize society.

We are in a society where words are caused (by the propaganda-education police-state system) to possess no meaning, yet institutionally, they are forever “carefully selected,”
Yet (despite all the media lies and meaningless academic proclamations)
all authoritative proclamations of the empire need to be carefully peer-reviewed to make sure that the public is not “lied to” by anyone who might deceive the public about the properties of the material-world

It is an empire of chaos, since the only people who are not confused are the ruling investor-class, who are always at war, both military-economic advancement and vicious destructive class warfare…,
since the empire is not based on anything which is new, so the institutions only need to be functional for certain narrow contexts, that is the empire is fixed and narrow,
…, so in order to be given impunity for their crimes, by the institutions which serve the interests of these rulers, the society needs to be in complete chaos.
Words only function so as to repress the public, they (the words) cannot function so as to interfere with the interests of the ruling-investor-class (because the rulers control all the communication systems), and they (the words) do not need to function so as to build new things,
the empire’s power is based on the status quo (ie the existing state of society, so no new development is needed in order for the empire, and its ruling-class, to maintain its power within society)


Equality is always mis-represented especially, by those who deeply support the ideas of materialism, eg roman law was based on materialism, and in regard to expression where it is claimed that all the liars need to be allowed to talk, this is fine but they can be placed onto a place on the internet where racists sexists bigots and liars can carry on their conversations but at its core is the issue of selfish gain
Whereas there is always the issue that equality is about dividing the material-world into equal parcels, whereas property rights is about dividing the material-world based on violence for selfish purposes
The native American people used the material-world in a harmonious manner so as to provide great abundance in regard to their material-needs
Whereas equality is about knowledge and practical creativity lyrical creativity is fine but it should not be used to oppose: equal belief, equal expression and equal (practical) creativity
The core attribute of humans is their ability to acquire and then use knowledge for various types of (practical) creativity and a human society should be upholding these qualities of being human not selfish materialism and its associated focus on violence, the law needs to nip selfishness and associated violence in the bud, and subsequently, lead people to their natural interest in knowledge and their own creativity

Appendix IV

In the empire’s gloomy valley of its goons, there are no jobs. This is because the ruling-class acquired its social power in the social conditions which already exist, so they want the status quo,
thus, they do not want new knowledge to be developed…, since such new knowledge is a risk to their existing regimented social structure (which is needed for their continuing expansive military assault on the world)…, so the class of intellectual-goons gains their high-social “positions of intellect” by engaging in a vicious class warfare, which, in turn, is defined around a fixed narrow authoritarian set of dogmas, in turn, based on narrow partial-truths, which are associated to certain instruments,
these instruments are nearly always military related instruments (of weapons (bombs) and communication systems), thus, the, so called, truths, which are based on, at best, partial-truths, [so they, eventually, fail to be able to describe observed stable patterns] these partial-truth dogmas come to be very complicated formalisms (with emphasis on deriving a formal truth from the fixed language’s axioms), where the formal relations are non-linear, and in some fundamental way non-commutative, so the quantitative-structures…, upon which the formalisms are built…, is quantitatively inconsistent,
so (this means that)
there is no reliable measuring and there are no stable patterns which can be related to these formal statements, so there is no meaningful new development,
that is, the intellectual-goons destroy knowledge with narrow dogmatic formalisms, which are built around partial-truths, and it (the descriptive knowledge as inconsistent formalisms) destroys any development of new knowledge, and thus, it also destroys the relation of (new) knowledge to any new form of practical creativity,
thus, the intellectual-goons emerge from a vicious form of class warfare, which filters the intellectual-personnel, so as to be those people whom have the greatest motivation to be domineering authoritarian cogs in institutions, eg E Teller and his protégés,
thus it (the empire’s social organizations around knowledge) is about intellectual domination, and about fixing, or destroying, knowledge (where fixed knowledge losses relevance, where this is due to the limitations of pattern-description of a fixed (precise) language, which is a limiting property of a fixed technical language, which was identified by Godel’s incompleteness theorem)
While the other intellectual-goons of the empire (in the propaganda-education-police-state system) are required to worship, and follow, these, so called, top intellectuals, otherwise one is out of the game of being one of the empire’s intellectual-goons,
these intellectual-goons terrorize the public in a similar manner as do the moralistic goons (of the “world of spies”), but it (intellectual-bullying) is done in a direct and open manner, but (whereas) it is built around the social status of the public as being wage-slaves, in a society best characterized by its vicious class warfare, where this comes about, essentially, due to law being based on property rights and minority rule, and thus. the empire is fundamentally based on violence and arbitrariness, where amoral moralizing-goons (of the hidden spies) and anti-intellectual, and dishonest, intellectual-efforts of the revered top paternalistic authorities of the intellectual-goon-class, are (both groups define) the social norms for (goon) behaviors, in the empire’s gloomy valley of the goons,
nuclear weapons are worshipped as mankind’s highest possible intellectual achievement

The ruling-class has designed a social system (has clumsily, by chance, formed a social system) which can only sustain a limited number of people, but its (the ruling-class’s) social power depends on an ever expanding regimented population (society) and/but the social power of the ruling-class also depends on the existing set of fixed relationships of knowledge and resources
(that is, the ruling-class and their intellectually-incapable intellectual-class are incapable of identifying and/or acting within an alternative, which possesses any validity,
“things cannot be any other way,” is their refrain,
this is a statement about their (the ruling-class’s) relationship to violence and their social power, and (their supporting) social institutions, which are based on arbitrariness, and upheld by both violence and intellectual-bullying, and is unrelated to actual possibility of human knowledge or the actual range of human practically creative possibilities)

The cure:
Law needs to be based on equality (not property rights and violence), and this equality must be related to the development of new knowledge, and the development of new practically creative contexts associated to new knowledge.

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