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Strange noises at night, people following you into London

As I type a snooper named VF695 is on my network-I have no idea who this is lol- a tory councillor perhaps? I have been experiencing gangstalking since 2006 when there were a number of similar complaints on indymedia. Firstly I experience a noise at night that causes significant discomfort-even waking me up on a number of occasions. Then there is the abuse that I suffer from people throwing their voices at me from a distance into my home. I have considered this could be mental illness but its not. The voices owners are real people and know exactly what they’ve done. (which is abuse a mentally ill man knowing full well his complaints are unlikely to be taken seriously). Sound relays use infrared and can throw sound through glass-there are usually windows around when the abuse happens. Such devices *do* exist as I saw one demonstrated on tv in the 1980’s. Wierdly sometimes the people on the relays have sometimes been friendly-strangely its’ never occurred to those same people to approach me in person. The noise at night occurred after (yes after) I went to the police to complain I was being gangstalked. I note the policewoman I spoke to had an eastern europaen accent. I’ve had people get into my home at night (one of them put something over my crotch in the darkness and the other who had an eastern europaen accent actually kissed me-no I didn’t enjoy it and I don’t like being touched up. It creeps me out. Its actually terrifying) I believe they may have poured chemicals over me on occasion (I had a skin condition- they did it to aggravate it). I would’ve liked to go to the police but it looks like they’re involved (they’ve buzzed me in helicopters at least twice and possibly more for absolutely no good reason). I haven’t had involvement in anything significant since Genoa and have been completely off the scene since 2005. I’ve been harassed (mobbed) in public spaces too. This harassment has had a detrimental effect on my social life. I want to hear from you if you’ve experienced similar, there were some particularly interesting pieces on indymedia in 2006-if any of the people who raised the issue then would like to get together in a non-judgemental space please leave a comment at the end of this piece. I will post E-mail and phone details to follow depending on demand. No trolls plz
I'm based in the uk

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