Mass Shootings Big Problem in the United States

Mass shooting have been a big issues in the United States that have brought up controversy for many people.

Research has shown that the United States has the highest mass-shooting rate than any other country. In fact, 88.8 guns per 100 people own one or more guns. Many assume that people commuting mass shootings are doing so due to mental health problems. The research in, “The Math of Mass Shootings,” shows that 820 people have been killed in the last fifty years, and on average, shooters would carry at least three weapons with them (Berkowitz, 2016). In fact, the guns that were used in the mass shootings that have occurred were legally owned. In addition, from the 128 shooters, seventy-one of them committed suicide. Recent research shows in “Behind the Blood,” that between 2006-2011, there were 172 shooting cases (delete?). Also, the highest percentage of killing is due to family issues landing at 53%, while public killings is 15 percent. The Washington Post-ABC News Poll carried out a survey were 46 percent of Americans thought new gun laws should be the priority to prevent shooting, while 47 percent thought the priority is to protect the second amendment.
There are mixed views on gun laws and restrictions but with all the research that has been done in the last fifty years, serious changes need to be done to prevent mass shootings from reoccurring including restrictions on gun ownership.


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