The Culture of Poverty

The cycle of poverty is a continued problem within our world. The worry of work and day to day living expenses plague many individuals. People are having to work more than one job and often in extreme conditions in order to provide for their family. The cycle will continue if we do not seek a solution.

Worldwide, over 3 billion people are living on an average of $2.50 a day. Since the 1960’s, the percent of middle class individuals has gone down by twenty percent and the wealthiest individuals have remained in the top one percent. The wealth gap is growing at a fast rate and more individuals are entering lower socio-economic status due to income inequality. Many individuals are working under billion-dollar CEO’s who play their employees at a low rate and benefit from the difference in pay. This employer-worker exploitation is prevalent, as the ratio from the person who earns the most to employee has become 120:1.
Poverty and poor health intertwine, as individuals living on $2.50 or less a day are unable to afford healthy foods and quality medical care. Working conditions, as well as living conditions can be harsh for poor individuals; especially for those supporting children. In the United States alone, one in three children live in poverty. With children living in poverty, we are continuing the poverty cycle that is almost inescapable. We need a revolution of change for human betterment.


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