Collective Automous Anarchy Squat in Athens

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Dear comrades,

We would like to inform you about a social base we just opened in Zoodohou Pigis 119 in Athens. We intent to operate this place to manifest collective autonomous anarchy that will free us from the capitalistic paradigm and to stimulate self organizing with the local community. We intent have communal places where information and creativity are able to be expressed and where self organizing workgroups can flourish. This could include a giftshop, kitchen, information exchange center, library, sitting area, vegetable gardens and host screenings of inspirational movies and whatever else people like to organize as we like to be a labyrinth of possibilities.
Here you are and can be the person you wish to be and exchange inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity, ideas, books and other healthy attributes which enriches the capacity to compassionately share/exchange, build fruitful and trustworthy relationships and explain our anger with the social reality we all face. We don't comply with the principle of property, sexism, patriarchism, racism, statism and authority. Instead we seek to defend and advance collective autonomous anarchy in Exarcheia and broader.
Free of doom scenario's but aware of the peculiar structures we face today we embrace a future in which autonomous networks and open source technology are supported to strive in abundance. Here we are creating trust and compassionate relationships between each-other and give a helping hand to the people in need. A place free of consumerism structures, where there is the freedom to share/exchange and activate each-other.

We are a diverse group of people who see the world as their home. Our shared dream is to extend freedom in ourselves and in the community. Freedom comes together by the expression of our authentic being, our wishes and dreams we carry within our soul. This house is there to offer a space for you to liberate this authenticity and to get inspired by others you will meet here.
The space is organized by people who feel the urge to bring the future right here, right now. We break the habit of hierarchy and contribute to a future of prosperity and abundance. We operate as horizontal/circular based structure where the intellect and creativity of the people involved flow freely. The social base depends on your input equally as it does from it's initiators.
If you like to know more you are very welcome to visit us, call us on or send an email to beingfree[et]riseup[.]net (soon probably spiritcat[et]riseup[.]net). You can also find us online at
There is going to be a benefit party Friday the 6th of May from 14h onwards at Polytechnio where we will present, offer food&drinks, sports&music for and with children, share music and have an open mic for musicians during the afternoon.
Feel welcome!

The future belongs to the ones who claim it!*

e-mail:: homepage:: Wierdensestraat 4-19

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